Turn a Ruger 10/22 into a H&K G36

Archangel has been advertising their Ruger 10/22 stock system that turns a Ruger 10/22 into a rifle that has a distinct resemblance to the H&K G36.

As you can see in the photo, the conversion kit provides a magazine, folding stock, magazine, rail system and sights. No gunsmithing is required. The MSRP is $199.

Steve Johnson

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  • Other Steve

    The title should be “Be a big poser by getting fake magazine G36 Look”.

    For one, there is nothing wrong with the 10/22 so stop trying to make it something it is not.

    Two, if you ignore one, and absolutely must have a G36 look-alike, PLEASE for effs-sake make the magazine real. Imo, the only way this would have been decent is if they got it to take black dog / AR-15 22 conversion magazines. These are just fake blocks that hold the standard 10 round rotary.

    No thanks.

    • David/Sharpie

      This is another case of “if you like it, buy it” and “if you don’t, then don’t!!!”

      And this mag is a less curves version of the Butler creek, looks like an MP5 mag without the case on it.

      I kinda like it, but too expensive for just a stock, rather buy another 10/22 and a ton of ammo (In Canada they go for almost $300)

  • Matt G.

    That is really cool.

  • Cbec


  • tomaso

    obviously i need a tinfoil hat…you guys are tracking my thoughts…i just searched this stock..not for the 10/22 which is very cool…but for its companion stock for the Ruger Mini 14/30…Spartan stock makes the Ruger look like an ACR…which is REALLY COOL. just not positive it has hit production..or ever will.

  • Wow, that is a pretty cool piece of kit.

  • Brian P.

    Would it still be stuck using .22 LR?

  • howlingcoyote

    it would be interesting if there was a conversion to fire 5mm Rem. Mag. and 25 Stevens.
    Anybody listening? How about a semi-auto or even a lever action in either cartridge.

  • Heckler of the Koch

    The incredibly tacticool (and incredibly actually cool) G36K platform…
    converted from an economy class rifle…
    that shoots cheap .22LR ammunition.

    Excuse me, I have to go roll around my floor in ecstatic seizures for about half an hour.

  • ComradeCole

    This is pretty cool. I wonder how long it’ll be till Umarex releases a.22 G36 platform. Actually I wonder why they haven’t, seeing as how the have the H&K license.

  • dave

    Wasn’t this supposed to come out back in March?

  • Junkball

    That’s pretty cool. Wish the magazine was a high cap though

  • Zander

    I’ve seen this advert running in American Handgunner for some time now but I have yet to see the kit on the Archangel website, so I question its accuracy.

  • jdun1911

    Is it out? I want one.

    I got a new 5.56 suppressor coming in on September or October. I might put the suppressor for looks. Bought it in June but from what I read in the forums it might take six months for approval. Hopefully not.

  • KEN

    Lawsuit commencing in 3…2….1…Lol! Sorry, could not help myself.

  • Andrew

    so… any wagers on how long before H&K files a lawsuit?

  • Jeff

    For some reason, my first thoughts were: this is gonna be great for low budget movie directors. Then I thought, oh right, they have airsoft!!!
    Something about dressing up my gun I don’t like though

  • oooohhhh dang that looks nice 😀 doesnt look too legal for California tho xD i had been thinking about getting the kinker plinker kit for mine for a while, but this ones only 50 bucks more and looks ALOT better 🙂

  • Andy from CT

    Now if they could only offer the same thing for the SR 556….;)

  • El Freddio

    HK lawsuit pending 1…2…3

  • Máté

    Looks great, but is it licensed/legal for the manufacturer?

  • Hrachya Hayrapetyan

    Nice conversion ! Make your old ugly Ruger 10/22 look like modern assault rifle (HK G36) … and still shoot dirt cheap .22LR ammo ! Must be very popular among young men !

  • Van the Handcannon Man

    This is certainly on my “Totally realistic stuff-wishlist”
    Even if it is just a flimsy gimmick

    Don’t forget the link to their website: http://www.archangelmanufacturing.com

  • SoulTown

    Didn’t HK sue bunch of airsoft manufacturers? I sense a lawsuit…

  • Chucky

    Wow! 200 bucks?!? Might be an airsoft gun that’s been messed around with at that price. And I wonder what H&K says about this.

  • Andrew

    Like someone said previously in the .22 MP44 post,
    “You can do anything with a .22 in a cheap airsoft shell”
    Although this does looks pretty cool.

  • Máté

    This guy did it with an airsoft G36: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NL5kmhb9Rs4

  • Frankie

    Archangel: Because you don’t suck and we don’t hate you

  • Daniel

    Well I know what I am buying when they start shipping.

  • prettypete

    I guess, to each, his/her own. Why dress up a 10/22 to look like a g-36? Maybe for cheap target practice for g-36 equipped fellas, movie props, for poor fellas whose country laws limit gun ownership to .22 LR (egads), or just for plain, old, fun. I just wonder how much it costs. But if it approaches or surpasses the price of a 10/22, count me out. I’d rather get another rifle for the cost. But then again, to those who will buy this conversion: Enjoy and Happy Shooting!

  • erwos

    I have the original ProMag Archangel kit. Some thoughts on it:
    1. It’s reasonably sturdy. I think it can survive some abuse.
    2. It doesn’t require much fitting, just hitting it with a blowdryer to soften it up is plenty.
    3. It looks reasonably sexy, and can be easily modified to quad rail.
    4. The biggest problem with it is that you’ve got to basically disassemble the whole thing to clean your 10/22 in detail. That sucks, a lot. OTOH, just hitting the chamber, bolt face, and barrel is generally enough – the rest of the gun doesn’t get too dirty.
    5. It doesn’t require gunsmithing, sure, but your average newbie isn’t going to be able to get the irons off without help. (Ask me how I know!)

    The biggest problem that ProMag has with the Archangel kits now is that you can assemble a “for real” polymer AR-15 at close to the same price point. Observe:
    1. Chiappa upper: $270
    2. Plumcrazy Composite Lower w/ blowback hammer: $120
    3. Rear MBUS: $50

    1. Marauder Kit: $155
    2. 10/22: $210

    Don’t get me wrong, they’re not quite equivalent, but my guess is that most end users would be far happier with the AR-15 than the Archangel kits. Also, there is the not-so-small problem of magazines: the Chiappa can eat BD mags, which are everywhere, but ProMag doesn’t even seem to sell Marauder magazines.

  • mike

    sooooo, two magazines?

  • gunslinger

    ooohhhh tacti-cool. it doesn’t look that bad. I may have to investigate some more. although you can get a 10/22 for less than 200 bucks, i don’t know if spending another 200 for a new stock is the wisest thing to do…

    oh well

  • Ian

    I have one of these, and after very minor modifications it works great, a little bit tight to install on my 10/22 with tactical solutions barrel.

    The mag did not feed from the factory, but after a very informative conversation with the engineer that designed the magazine ( I actually received a personal call back from him ) and about 2 minutes with an xacto knife and its 100%. He offered to send me a new mag, or have me just try to fix mine, I went with the fix and am happy.

    Is it tacticool? Yep. Is it an authentic g36 clone? Nope. But for the $133 I paid for it, I am happy. It scratches the g36 clone itch well enough without spending 3-4k making up an SL8 to be one.

    • Tim

      I’m assuming I’m having the same magazine problem that you did… Where did you start as far as phone calls? Did you go straight to Archangel?

  • Ian

    Also, it is not a 10 round magazine, it is a high cap mag that fits within that casing, it can be used with or without the casing.

  • Cbec
  • Lance

    Looks fun now if we can get a semi auto G-36 imported.

  • Burst

    Find a way to fill up that magazine with .22s, and I’d consider it a worthwhile purchase.

  • jdun1911

    Heckler of the Koch,

    Anyone into 10/22 can tell you that 10/22 aren’t “economy class rifle”. I have seen customized 10/22 that are worth well over 5,000.

    People buy 10/22 not because it cost $200. People buy 10/22 because it is second only to AR15 when it comes to customizations.

    Other Steve,

    There nothing wrong with stock 10/22. However people buy 10/22 for customization. The 10/22 is one of the best selling rifle because of how easy to customize and large third party support.

    Brian P.,

    Yes it still used .22lr. There nothing wrong with .22lr. As a rule of thumb you can tell an experience gun owner that been there and done that by his love and respect for the .22lr cartridge.

    The .22lr is by far my favorite cartridge. It was the first cartridge I shot when I was young and I never stop using it since.


    Yeah I did some research on it over the weekend. It came out in Match and sold out immediately. The market range is between $135-$160.


    10/22 gun smithing is pretty easy. No specialized tools are needed. Can take it apart and back together within minutes.

    Brownell has free web videos on gunsmithing. However, their website still suck.

    10/22 gunsmithing video.

  • Burt Gummer

    Maybe Archangel will make a FN SCAR kit for the 10/22 next 😀

  • BILL in CAPS

    Why a 10/22? It’s reliable and plentiful. People mod 10/22s anyway so why not a shell to house it?

    Lawsuit – could be that they’re just making the shell and not the actual firearm like GSG for the Gen 1 version of their GSG-5.

  • Brian P.

    @jdun1911: Well, I may not be an experienced gun owner, but I seriously doubt I’ll ever appreciate the .22 LR. It may still hold the potential to seriously harm, or kill someone, but I still consider it a pea shooter’s round. I could see, .22 Magnum, maybe, but not the .22 LR. I don’t even like .223 Remington or 5.56mm NATO.

  • jdun1911

    Brian P.,

    And your comments shows that you’re not an experience gun owner. You don’t used .22lr for self-defense unless it’s the only thing that is available to you. People shoot .22lr because it is fun. That’s the difference between a person that have a lifetime of experience with firearms and a person posting on the internet.

    Experienced gunowers already have more guns in different calibers in their collection than they ever need. My gun budget is 2-4 guns every year and that include NFA items. I know a person that buy at least one firearm every month and his favorite caliber is .22lr. I know a old timer that inherit a firearms collection made up of a lot of full auto guns from his father. What does he shoot the most? .22lr.

    You don’t shoot .22lr for self defense. You shoot it because it is fun.

  • Cymond


    This kit is perfectly legal for Cali because it’s a rimfire. Cali’s ‘assault’ rifle law specifically refers to centerfire rifles. Hence, rimfires are exempt. You still have to stick to 10 rounds magazines, though.

    Note: handguns have different regulations in Cali than rifles. A Ruger MkIII with threaded barrel is an assault weapon, regardless of the fact that it’s a rimfire.

  • Raoul O’Shaughnessy

    “Looks fun now if we can get a semi auto G-36 imported.”

    Lance, there are G36E “semi-auto only” guns in the country but, I am told, HK purposefully made sure they were on the same receivers as the full auto so even though they are semiauto-only, they have to transfer as Class III dealer/LE only. Saw a bunch in Idaho this spring at a dealer who traded them in from some police dept. Very cool guns.

  • Brian P.

    @jdun1911: Yes, I know that. Unfortunately, I’ve been flat broke, and haven’t been able to buy a decent gun. I’ve fired a few in the past, and my family has an old Marlin goose gun; and a Ruger 9mm handgun for home defense. Until I can find a job (which I’ve had no luck getting), I will remain without a gun. And yes, I understand that people like to shoot .22 LR guns for fun. I’m not looking to shoot for fun, though. I am looking to buy guns and ammo for defense, which makes .22 LR impractical for me.

  • Joey

    Some of you really underestimate the lethality .22lr. I own 2 AR’s a DI bushy and sig 516 PS both in .223 and 2 .40 glocks.

    But I also own a Sig 522 and S&W MP15 22 both are tactical .22’s and even though I mostly use em for practice and economy of ammo etc.. I wouldn’t hesitate to use either in a self defense situation, just make sure you’re using decent quality ammo like cci mini mags or superX etc.. Sure a .22 revolver would be iffy but a tactical .22? LOL! 25+ rapid fire rounds of high velocity .22lr would ruin anyone’s day. 😉

    Back on topic. To all the haters of this facade. If you’re a huge G36 fan (like I am) and until HK or whoever makes an official G36 civilian version? Then you’re either stuck with the expensive SL8 conversion route or you buy an airsoft replica. So that in mind this is a pretty cool and it’s a real firearm and imo a very very cheap alternative to the real thing.

  • FOD

    finally found one and put it on today… haven’t been to the range yet but here are my initial thoughts…

    This is a heavy duty kit. It is well put engineered and should withstand abuse.

    It’s heavy.

    It looks awesome.

    It took a few hours to put together.

    I dread having to take it apart for cleaning…

    but it’s heavy and it looks awesome.

  • David

    Sorry, but I could get another 10/22 for the price of the stock and another $50, or buy eleventy thousand rounds of ammo and shoot until my teeth fall out.

  • Brian P.

    @Joey: I have a friend back in Maryland who once had a stray .22 LR bullet literally bounce off his pant leg. Sure, you could kill someone with it if you’re close enough and shoot them enough and/or in the right place, but compared to other rounds, it’s lethality is garbage. I could possibly see using .22 WMR, if you don’t have any better choice, as it is supposedly better than .380 ACP.

  • Joey

    @Brian P.

    What does that prove? Nothing at all. You don’t describe the conditions at all. Was it a pistol, rifle, barrel length, bullet grains, type of bullet, wind, distance I mean the list would be endless. You have proven nothing..

    When I was in Bundeswehr on peacekeeper missions in Kosovo back in the early 2000’s. Ive seen a lot of surprising hits or lucky misses etc. Involving 5.45 and 7.62 rounds. But obviously they were all under rare circumstances or conditions.

    And I still have friends in the army who or were are in Afghanistan they and even the yanks have hit bad guys dead center with a 5.56 rounds and they didn’t drop. Though most of those were from rifles with the shorter 14.5 inch barrels like the m4 carbine etc, but like ive said all along size it depends on the circumstances.

    I now work in LE and Ive seen many cases of deaths and serious injuries from airgun pellets to full size rifles calibers and everything in between. So I think your .22 lethality is garbage statement quite laughable and a bit insulting to those who were on the recieving end of a .22

    A quote from yourself:
    @jdun1911: Well, I may not be an experienced gun owner, but I seriously doubt I’ll ever appreciate the .22 LR. It may still hold the potential to seriously harm, or kill someone, but I still consider it a pea shooter’s round. I could see, .22 Magnum, maybe, but not the .22 LR. I don’t even like .223 Remington or 5.56mm NATO.

    Where do you get you assumptions from? Sounds like forums, movie and video games. You even think the .223 is underpowered “sigh” what you going into combat or something?It sounds like you don’t even own a firearm. IMHO Everyone of you’re “very obvious ” inexperience should take a safety and shooting course.

    Lastly..Look you have you’re opinions and I have mine Im not going to get into some debate with some stranger over the internet. So this will be my last reply. If you live by the bigger is better theory they hey knock yourself out.

    But I’d rather have a .22 at the moment, instead of having nothing at all, while responding to a blog, posting about wanting only to get a bigger gun. 😉

    No one is saying use a .22 for self defense, all we’re saying is do not underestimate it or anything that can be fired,flung or even thrown at you.

    • Fiddlers Green

      I agree Joey. I have shot almost every caliber, and owned MANY firearms, and the .22LR is still my favorite. It is a competent caliber that is very underestimated and unappreciated with most youth and several adults. I regularly shoot at my local range with an unmoded 10/22 at ranges surpassing the 5.56 and 7.62 crowd and paralleling most long range shooters. I am currently working on my 350 yard shot using CCI stingers, adding a new pock marked surface to my propane tank. My point is, if my accuracy is that fine, at that range, WITH such severe sapping of velocity, how potent of a round would the 22 be in competent hands at 50 yards? Deadly potent. Did to mention target re-acquisition due to reduced recoil. It is no wonder it is called the most neglected caliber when it comes to lethatlity.

    • jon

      strongly agree with joey. i own multiple firearms and the 22 is by far funnest for me,friends,girls,and kids to shoot.also a 22 can be leathal with one shot it dose not matter what caliber or how many shots it holds its where they were hit because i could almost 100% gaurentee that one shot from my 22 would make the biggest person in your town fall. not that thats what i would ever do but it would very well happen

  • Brian P.

    @Joey: First of all, I don’t know about the barrel length, type of gun, distance, etc. I said what my friend told me, and I hadn’t thought to inquire about the details.

    Secondly, you’re misunderstanding me. I’m not saying a .22 LR or .223 can’t kill someone. The human body is both fragile AND very durable at the same time. We can die very easily, but we can also go through hell and back, and come back alive. Hell, there have been people who’ve gotten shot/stabbed in the head and lived, whereas others have been killed in a single shot from numerous calibers. That does not change my opinion on the .22 LR or .223, though. I hate both of them, and the only reason the 5.56x45mm NATO ever got adopted was because the truth was stretched about its effectiveness. It is an inadequate round. No, I am not getting this from forums, movies, or video games. I’m getting this from my own research I’ve done online, and from asking personal friends of mine who DO have guns, and who DO know more about them than I do. I do NOT appreciate you insulting my intelligence, and I do NOT need a firearms safety course.

    I’m done arguing about this. I don’t like .22’s, and that’s not going to change. The .223 is highly unreliable, and is inadequate for its purpose. I’m going to unsubscribe from this entry so I don’t get any more emails about this crap.

    • Alaska

      Here’s a funny story about the “lethality” of the .22; one of the largest Alaskan Brown bears on record was taken with a snub-nosed .22 revolver. Now personally, I’d never get close enough to a brownie to shoot it with a .22, but make no mistake, the “insignificant” little .22 is lethal (and it’s an Alaskan Brown Bear record holder). The big plus to the .22 is that its both fun to shoot and highly affordable, and that’s really what non-hunting shooting is all about.

      The .223 is a great little round, for small game and paper targets; as a combat round it’s terrible. Is it not lethal? Yes, it very certainly is, but as we encountered in Vietnam, it was prone to being deflected by leaves, twigs, rain, etc. That’s why most of us preferred the M1, the M14, or the AK-47; in that terrain, the Mossberg 500 was a far superior weapon to the M-16. While it was a somewhat effective round during Desert Storm, our M-16s were not; they did not deal well with the sand of the Arabian Peninsula, but that’s a different issue. 😉

    • Henry

      Brian, let me get this straight. You don’t even own a firearm? You really should not be posting here buddy. Yea, a .224 caliber projectile (22-250, 223, etc) is a little light, but its what I hunt predators with and it does a fine job putting em down with minimal pelt damage.

  • Steve Rowe

    Funny .22 story-

    My Dad was haveing an argument w/ a local pig farmer about the power of a .22. The farmer felt a .22 was more like a “spitball”. My Dad bet him one of his pigs, that he could drop the pig w/ one single .22 shot. We ate pig for weeks…free!

  • ken robinson

    lets put it this way i have a ar 15 223 dropped a 8 point buck @ 550 yards. i also have a 22 lr and let me tell you 1 0r 2 cci stingers to the head and you want hurt anyone else. wana bet ??

  • CM

    Just to jump in. I found this thread today because im going to be picking up a 10/22 today. And the only reason is fun and cost. Went shooting with a friend a couple weeks ago took my .40 and 200 rounds which cost $65. He brought his 10/22 and 500 rounds which cost him $20. All i could think of as we were shooting was how much it was costing me. So we spent most of our time shooting his.

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