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  • Mr. Fahrenheit

    Damn Muppet zombies. They’re a bring problem in S. Texas, too.

  • Other Steve

    Everyone involved in this from Mossberg to the reviewer should be absolutely embarrassed.

  • Massoud

    This isn’t worthy of inclusion in this blog.

  • SpudGun

    There is so much wrong with this demonstration that I don’t know where to start, but here goes nonetheless –

    1. Zombies, by their very definition, are already dead
    2. Slow and clumsy to cycle, not ideal against multiple zombies
    3. Only being able to fire from the hip makes it fairly useless and is a piss poor choice for headshots
    4. Calling yourself ‘Big Daddy’ outside of a prison environment is really creepy (it’s creepy inside a prison environment, but understandable)
    5. Mossberg using the marketing position that it makes an ideal zombie killer – last I checked, zombies don’t actually exist. Still, I look forward to Mossy’s new .375 Unicorn hunting rifle.

    Maybe it’s all just a bit of fun and I’m deconstructing the video / shotgun too seriously. Next time I’m at the range and some guy with a self imposed nickname starts firing his gimmicky shotgun from the hip whilst shouting ‘hoo-rah!’, maybe I won’t move 5 lanes down. Then again, maybe I will.

  • B

    I prefer my zombie killer – – much nicer to shoot with the Knoxx Spec Ops stock on it.

  • Tony Williams

    What a Hokey load of crap!

  • Houston

    I just can’t see that as anything more than a gimmick, to be honest.

  • have the exact same mossberg with the breacher barrel, thought this thing was gonna be fully auto or sumthin xD but still pretty cool mod for the grip 😀 cool vid

  • Axel Nordberg

    “an zombie killer”

    More like “A zombie killer”

    sry to be nitpicking. Love the blog!

  • Hrachya Hayrapetyan

    This is one of the most useless accessories for a firearm I’ve ever seen !!! What’s the advantage against conventional forearms???….Oh yes , sure ..if you gonna fight zombies, then this must be your weapon of choice 🙂

  • Hrachya Hayrapetyan

    This must be “the king of plinking” 🙂 , because I think for no other use it’ll be good – neither for military use, nor for LEOs , nor for home defense. Oooops I again forgot about zombie fighting 🙂

  • dan

    can someone explain to me the point of this?

  • JMosesB


  • Lamante

    I got a “Chainsaw” last month. it is definitely an attention grabber at the range. Shooting from the hip is very comfortable. Because of the design fast reloading takes practice (Been working out the kinks using snap caps.). I’ve added a 6-shell side saddle and a 15-round blackhawk shotgun sling.

    Overall it’s a keeper, the price is right (around $450 – $500), ammo is cheap (although I have a special surprise shells for unwanted guests)

    The downside: wish I had another one, but they are in short supply

  • JMosesB


  • Jakes

    Hi, anybody knows what holster he is using for his Glock? Thanks!

  • Netforce

    Awesome job modifying the shotgun. Maybe it’s just me but that holding position looks more tiring than normal shotgun holding position.

  • Robert

    An zombie?

  • masher

    Looks like old man Hoffman got out of the dementia ward again, but this time grabbed a shotgun on his way out.

    Get the darts so we can put him down again.

  • gunslinger

    somehow i don’t think that’s the way the weapon was “designed” to be held. i thought it was more of “at the hip” much like a chainsaw is held.

    i can see why he’d have problems hitting targets…

  • Andrew

    @Jake – Its a Blackhawk CQC Serpa holster.

    Link –,1145,1410.htm

  • Lamante

    Hoffman is holding it way too high, but it takes practice firing from the hip accurately.

  • jdun1911

    Doesn’t anyone shoot guns for fun anymore?

  • Massoud

    His holster is a Serpa. Get one.

    This shotgun has the same usefulness of a KG-99 or a semi auto Mac-10. None. It’s just kinda silly. It’s the kind of gun that makes Charles Schumer drool.

    Wait a minute, on second thought, I’ll take a dozen! Chuck sucks.

  • Bob Z Moose

    Gimmics can be fun!… or just look really stupid. The choice is yours.

  • Bob Z Moose

    Posted my last comment without even look at the vid, so I just have to amend my earlier one.

    1. This video is proof that anyone can do video editing/creation on a Mac. God help us all.

    2. There is some use to the chainsaw grip. It seems like it would help reduce recoil and the YouTube worthy faceslap that some people get with pistol grip shotties. The trade-off: forget aiming!

  • porter

    Am I the only one who thinks it looks like he’d putting significantly more effort into aiming with this monstrosity than you would with a conventional pump gun? Just give me a M240 on a steadycam rig.

  • Cymond

    Yes, the video is atrocious, but the shotgun is … interesting. The Chainsaw appeals to mall ninjas, but I believe it has a real use, too. I suspect the funky chainsaw grip may be useful when breaching locks/doors. It would make it easier to hold the gun away from the body in case of ricochets from birdshot (not every PD uses specialty breaching rounds) or flying lock debris.

    I still shoot for fun, but I can’t justify a gimmicky shotgun just for fun when I could buy a practical shotgun and have just as much fun.

  • dan

    theres tacti-cool then theres tacti-gay this is the second one

  • Lamante

    To each his own, as long at it goes boom when the trigger is pulled, the job gets done. All that really matters is walking away from the dog fight.

  • JT

    This could be a useful idea…with some modification

    Have it so that it folds back onto the receiver, then clicks forward in place when needed. remove the left side of the chainsaw grip so that it’s only connected on the right side. Then, sell it as the Just-In-Case shotgun. Problem with the current Just in Case shotgun is that it’s not useful for anything other than it’s classic purpose, being stuck un-aimed out of a patrol car window.

    This way, it’s a lot better than shooting it from the hip and it still maintains its portability and compactness. If you had the choice and didn’t have to stow it way, it’s pretty pointless over a stocked gun though.

  • jack

    does this yahoo have a keeper?This is an example of why demented geezers shouldn’t be allowed to pack heat and 4 wheel.

  • Jacob

    A gun you can’t aim is just an over-engineered noisemaker and club. If there were a way to fold it away, and it were used like Cymond mentioned as an option for breaching, maybe. I’d rather spend my scarce funds on a foregrip that houses a tactical light though.

  • Jim

    There are wine snobs, coffee snobs, even cigar snobs…And here are the gun snobs! This looks like a unique, fun (is that allowed?) firearm. Bring it, snobs..LOL.

  • Lewis

    What a load of ‘Hoorah”.
    Gimmic if ever I saw. I like mine the way it is. It fits inside my tennis-racket bag nicely and zips shut.
    This is something for Hollywood. It adds thickness and height by about five inches on each and for what? looks?
    With the conventional stock, you have one hand in front of the other and as such, is easier to aim in the dark. You can see in this vidio that he is trying to look under his hand to aim.
    Hope Mossberg didn’t pay the designers too much.

  • Uncle Dave

    I have read some interesting comments so far. It is hard to disagree with those on both sides. I own one of these along with many other guns. Yes it is fun, yet Hollywoodish. Yes the design does impeed the ability to conceal (relitively), and aim via the forward white dot site. Yes, the “chainsaw” grip does offer a great counter recoil system.
    Ask yourself 2 things:
    What was the intended use of this weapon and what am I using it for?
    In home defense and close quarters combat, aim can be determined as more “hip shot” than thoughtful sighting.
    This is a pistol grip, short barreled shotgun with one purpose which is blasting home intruders back to HELL.
    HOORAH gun snobs!

  • gregg

    I just picked one up this morning.The thing is a BLAST and easy to aim with accuracy with some practice!!!!!! You guys making stupid comments about it should try it before you knock it…..Don’t EVEN consider breaking into anyones house who has one and knows how to use it!

  • chry300sler

    The way he handled it was a joke. It’s a hip shooter. To me, it would be great for killing boredom and that’s about it. I will stick with my 590a1. More rounds and more versitale.

  • 1. In response to the naysayers, this accessory is actually quite useful for those with motor neuron disease or peripheral extremity weakness who would still like to use a 12GA in home defense.

    2. As one who represents wounded warriors in PEB cases on a daily basis, I can tell you for a fact that several of my clients have purchased this weapon and are quite satisifed with it. Based upon their input, I purchased one last week.

    3. While it would be great to have it as a fold away accessory into the receiver, it can simply be removed if one does not like it and you still have a classic Mossberg.

    4. However, for persons with disabilities, this is a very useful accessory. As one who personally suffers from a left-side neurologic deficit, I enjoy this feature.

    5. Then again, I enjoy the compatability of my lightweight 4lb Kel-Tec Sub2000 carbine with my Glock 19 and many here will disparage these weapons as well. However, each of the weapons allows those who wish to defend their homes with an affordable, low impact way of doing so.

  • MaryElizabeth

    As a beginning shotgun owner, I have the Maverick.

    Would this attachment make it easier for women to reload after firing, faster than trying to pump it? Say…if you were up against a bear…

    Just wondering…

  • Check out this Mossberg Chainsaw with overkill accessories:


  • I can’t believe the sheer number of clueless idiots, touting themselves as self proclaimed experts, on here bashing a damn good, purpose driven firearm, along with mocking Mossberg, one of the best shotgun makers in the world, who proudly still make their products right here in the USA.

    I really don’t care about what people who haven’t shot this beast have to say…this is made for 2 things…breaching doorways and close quarters defense….and it does those tasks very well. It’s not made for quail or dove hunting…it’s made for that 0 dark thirty situation with limited maneuverability, little or no light source or time to accurately aim…like when 1 or more criminals are coming through the front or back door, or down the hallway towards you and your family with ill intent. I would not want to be trying to maneuver a full barreled and stocked shotgun in a tight space and/or in the dark and run the risk of it going off inadvertantly. You pansy elites can say what you like, but this is a Mossberg 500 Home and Defense Weapon, and yes they proudly put their name on it, and I think you will have a hard time finding criminals that have survived an encounter via the recieving end to back up your completely inaccurate and inappropriate rants.

    I just purchased one of them and took it out to try it out….yes hip firing requires alot of practice, but is quite effective. I’m mounting a relote switched laser/light combo onto the included accesory rail which will make it complete for it’s task. What an absolute blast to shoot from the hip…no sore shoulder and quite manageable…anyone, and I mean anyone, with proper training and practice could handle this weapon responsibly and safely. I’m a 20+ yr Army combat vet, and will back up my statements here with complete confidence.

  • TXPlt

    As a very close quarters HD gun this is awesome. I use 3rds of #4 buck followed by 00 magnum buck. Recoil is stout but managable.

    The gun’s size is ideal for close quarter maneuvering and FEELS right–and the muzzle can also be used as a weapon or club if necessary. To the naysayers with practice the gun will pattern well at 5 and 7 yards from the hip which is what the gun is designed for. It is no problem keeping shots mid-torso on a silohette. Although few naturally “point from the hip well a light and boresighted green laser on the rails will naturally center the shot on the target. If you don’t like the chainsaw mount take it off and keep the rails; but the chainsaw gives an option of handing which is useful while moving thru a house.

    I suggest those knocking it TRY it in a close quarters situation–for a low light home defense gun when equiped with light/laser it is awesome.