U.S. Marine Corps branded airsoft guns

Crosman has entered into a “strategic licensing agreement with the U.S. Marine Corps for the design, manufacture, distribution and marketing of U.S. Marine Corps branded airsoft products.” (marketing speak for licensing/endorsement deal). Crosman is no stranger to licensing popular brand names. Remington and Marlin branded air guns are, for example, actually made by Crosman.

Airsoft is a popular sport/game played by potential USMC recruits (teenage boys). It makes perfect sense for the USMC to put their name and insignia on airsoft guns.

Steve Johnson

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  • NikonMikon


  • Mike

    Crosman? Way to insult the USMC. All they do is ordering cheap junk from China, putting it in colorful boxes with “Crosman” on them and selling for four times the price (even Cybergun, considered a bunch of soulless, money-grubbing Frenchmen, revised their prices to levels that actually guarantee a sale).

  • Gregor

    Wow, after all those airsoft receivers with Marines, SEALs and whatever logos, they now officially sell their “brand” to an airsoft manufactor? And I’m pretty sure that the Crosman airsofts wont get better when sticking a Marines logo to them. Just look what they’ve done with their Remington license so far: http://www.crosman.com/airsoft/remington

  • jdun1911

    Don’t know why so many hate for airsoft. The avg airsoft/paintball people shoot more rounds in one outing than most gun in their lifetime.

    Airsoft and paintball are great training tools.

    • jdun1911, I have an airsoft gun and have on a few occastions participated in games. It is a lot of fun, and much cheaper and less messy than paintball.

  • jdun1911

    Sigh I failed at proof reading again. I blame it on the public school system.

    “The avg airsoft/paintball people shoot more rounds in one outing than most gun in their lifetime.”

    So be.

    The avg airsoft/paintball people shoot more rounds in one outing than most gun owers in their lifetime.

  • jdun1911

    There needs to be an edit button.

    So be = should be. Blame that on work and the public school system.

  • Mono

    lol my airsh*t gun has the USMC insignia on it, it’s very popular in airsoft to avoid using trademarks like Colt and such.

  • KJJ

    Well, this sounds like a good recruiting plan, but serious airsofters will not buy guns from Crosman (known as a cheap company that produces low quality airsoft guns), so they will probably not get much recognition from the all out, $1000+ spending players who treat airsoft like real warfare – although most of those guys are men in their 20s or 30s 🙂

  • Llewelyn

    What mike is saying is that the Crossman company is notorious for making low-quality airsoft and that the USMC could of made a nuch better choice in manufacturer, such as Jing Going or Tokyo Marui, both of whom offer better quality products.

  • fmonk

    Hm, what’s next? Dodge ball?

  • Tyrone Alfonso

    forget insulting, this is simply a bad idea.

  • Komrad

    I don’t airsoft so I can’t speak for the airsoft guns, the the pellet and bb guns Crosman makes are pretty good. My old 1377c pistol has taken more chipmunks and 13 line ground squirrels than any other airgun I own.

  • Leonardo

    I’m a serious airsofter and i can tell you that no serious player would even knowledge the guns existence, brand or no brand.

  • Sebastian

    You can get good quality replicas for less than $1000, only idiots pay that much for a single replica.

    Crosman is still a joke airsoft wise.

  • Mobious

    “U.S. Marine Corps: training and support by China”

  • Higgs

    The US Army has or had an Official licensed Paintball gun for sale. So the the Jarheads arent the first.

  • Llewellyn – not making. They’re buying the cheapest Chinese junk available, plastic gearboxes, screw holes all over the right side, shooting ten feet, sideways, for a week until the internals disintegrate. Then they put it into their colorful boxes and sell for 400% of the price one would pay buying from the shops in Hong Kong. Also, Chinese companies aren’t all that eager in contacting anyone, as airsoft manufacture is illegal in China – don’t expect JG to build themselves a distribution network anywhere. And they’d slap an USMC logo on their M4s anyway, if they wanted to or were contracted to. Tokyo Marui on the other hand is focused on domestic market in Japan – yes, they do export, but their airsoft replicas are designed with Japanese law and tastes in mind.

    Also, Steve – what I meant is the fact that USMC agreed to have their logos put on useless, badly made and overpriced things. I’m an airsofter too and pretty “famous” at that – five years ago I was known for getting some exclusive info about the emerging Chinese manufacturers. I was the one to show the photos of Chinese M60 AEG prototype first and give people a heads-up that the Chinese FN FAL AEGs were coming way before they hit the shelves.

  • Chucky

    Crosman U.S. Marine Corps: made in China. Kinda leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

  • ragnarok220

    Airsoft manufacture is perfectly legal in China.

  • Anon

    Who, in the Marine Corps, has the right to sell the name?

  • How does a branch of the US gov’t have a brand?
    And since we all are forced to pay for it why can’t anyone use the “brand”?

  • KJJ

    I didn’t mean that serious people spend 1 grand for a single gun, what I meant is that serious airsofters are willing to go all out, buying primary and secondary guns, tactical vests, airsoft grenades, expensive sights, etc., spending thousands of dollars overall.

    Of course, you can get a very good airsoft setup for significantly less than $1000, I personally like the Classic Army’s full metal blowback guns (I’m all about the realism), which sell for $300-$500.

  • Lance

    They will charge more just to have a USMC stamped on the rifle. But air soft is a great trainer and is fun for kids to play with…. Safely.

  • Crosman has a division called GameFace Airsoft where they market and sell several AEGs and GBB pistols under distribution agreements with Classic Army and KWC. I would imagine the products from their new MarinesAirsoft division will be sourced from an expansion of these agreements.

  • Seems like Crosman is one of the largest manufactures for electric airsoft rifles, spring airsoft rifles, spring airsoft pistols, and BB guns.

  • AJ

    jdun1911 wrote:

    Don’t know why so many hate for airsoft. The avg airsoft/paintball people shoot more rounds in one outing than most gun in their lifetime.

    [That’s an unfair comparison, they aren’t shooting “rounds”, they are shooting little plastic balls.]

  • Gerald

    I’m all for. It does not cost the USMC anything and puts more money into their budget. Frankly, if the USMC wants to sell “United States Marine Corps”™ Branded socks, beer and condoms, I’d support that too. More money for the soldiers.

  • “Airsoft manufacture is perfectly legal in China.”
    Then how do you explain mold confiscations, factory shutdowns, manager arrests and shipments seized by customs? We’re talking about Red China here, not Taiwan where everything is indeed legal.

    KJJ – CA guns with blowback? Did I miss the memo? ’cause I kinda lost the interest in rifles after I got my M733, I’m more of a handgun guy.

  • RMCFrank

    I’m gonna have to side with Steve on this one. Almost every branch of every military of every western country has a brand that only a few select companies are allowed to put on their products. Just think about the the US Army star-in-a-square logo: brand!

  • DW

    @ mike
    CA has a line of EBB (Electric Blowback ), and it’s been there for quite a while now.
    All airsoft manufacturing are illegal in China EXCEPT two companies: APS and RealSword. APS is licenced by their government; while Realsword is owned by Polytech(Norinco), and is “allegedly” located in Hong Kong.

  • ragnarok220

    “Airsoft manufacture is perfectly legal in China.”
    Then how do you explain mold confiscations, factory shutdowns, manager arrests and shipments seized by customs? We’re talking about Red China here, not Taiwan where everything is indeed legal.
    Because in order to manufacture Airsoft guns, you need to have export license.

  • Fox

    Honestly? I know Crossman is one of the few American airsoft companies but, seriously, CROSSMAN? I sure hope they just rebrand from CA or another quality company (I, a airsofter myself, would happily pay a higher price for a USMC Branded KWA M4A1 then just buying a KWA M4). Still, if they go for low-end guns for the rebrand, they are just going to be trashing their name.

  • Black Dog

    I don’t think they are going to try to sell more of their own products, but now that they have the licence to use the USMC logo manufacturers like G&P can’t use the logo on their receivers any more or they have to pay.

    They going to try to getmoney out of lawsuits I guess… More a cybergun strategy…

  • Carlos

    I am a passionate and dedicated airsofter. I played paintball for a few years and found out about airsoft then quickly found Airsoft is much cheaper then paintball and is actually much more fun then paintball.
    I also have friends and family of the corps. That being said, I think that this is an excellent idea. However choosing the manufacturer that they did is a poor choice. As mentioned before crossman is known for their low quality merchandise, despite the fact they have had their moments with certaint models.
    I think the idea of the corps choosing to license weapons in their name is an excellent recruiting idea. Airsoft has proven to be a great way to train young men and women for the military. As well as keeping those currently in the service in top shape. Also from meeting and playing along side all sorts of special forces individuals who have been in actually combat have told me Airsoft is therapeutic for them. Sense they can fire on an individual and not hurt them. Which is a major plus of course.
    I hate to bash a company but the USMC should choose a higher quality and American manufactuer to better attract the community.

  • Nick

    Who cares? Magpul has their trademark on M4’s as well as Stag Arms, Barrett, Daniel Defence, Gemtech, Double Star, JP, Noveske, PWS, Knight’s, Armalight, Wilson Combat, and many others. Let’s face it the marines don’t make their own guns so why should they have their own trademark? Now before all you “Semper Fi fellows” go ape**** on me I think it’s pretty cool you can have the decal on your airsoft gun, if anything it brings attention to the marines. Now with that out of the way this news is pretty cool because crossman happens to make the worst airsoft guns on the earth. Oh and for all those whinning about “Army and Navy trade marks” why don’t you take a look at the G&G Seal M4/M16 body

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