Army buys 10,000 more Trijicon TA31RCO-M150 ACOGs

From the press release …

Wixom, MI – Trijicon, Inc., global provider of innovative Brilliant Aiming Solutions™ for hunters, shooters, military and law enforcement personnel, is pleased to announce that the U.S. Army has commissioned an additional 10,000 TA31RCO-M150 Rifle Combat Optics to fill its TACOM IDIQ contract. The Army-designated TA31RCO-M150 is known by many simply as the 4×32 ACOG (Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight®.)

The fixed 4-power M150 sight differs from ACOG units supplied to the U.S. Marine Corps in that its external windage and elevation adjusters allow the unit to be fully waterproof to an astounding 11 meters, even without its turret caps in place. This proven durability is one reason why the ACOG was awarded the Army’s demanding M150 contract.

This new order is in addition to existing 43,000 M150s already ordered through TACOM IDIQ contract, as well as the original IDIQ contract from the U.S. Army for 135,000 M150 units, placed in 2007.

Steve Johnson

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  • dillon

    Can public buy these if so how much?

  • Mobious

    Goes to further prove the economic crisis only hurts the average guy, or for this matter, doesn’t hurt the military guys at all~
    The major investors and individuals tied in with all of this with strive with the war economy even if nations themselves lose their economic strength.

  • Sid

    In urban environments, it is a blessing. I have not served with a unit that had pure field (long range) needs or use of the ACOG. But in our last deployment, we had a few per squad in tight urban settings. It was used almost exclusively for target detection and threat analysis.

    My only wish is that we got a better price in volume sales. I cannot justify the price, but it is what the market will bear.

  • nodland762

    If it keeps those boys alive im happy but my brothers in the marines so he’s not getting that exact model

  • charles222

    Dang, nice. From what I’ve seen the Army is very good about pushing these to the actual forces that can utilize them-SOCOM, Cav Scouts, and Infantry soldiers. Taken in those terms 10,000 is alot.

  • ecurbCO

    Wait, so the army needs waterproof scopes, but… the [i]marines[/i] don’t?

  • Hank

    I would love to see a pile of ten thousand ACOG sights. Just because.

  • The Army did their homework on this one,that is a very efficient scope.

  • Lance

    The ACOG is probably the best combat scopes for a an Assault rifle in the whole world. The fact is they army is buying more M-150s more proof the M-4 is here to stay since the M-150 is specifically calibrated for the M-4. The ACOG is getting more use now over the Aim Point COMP4 which was all the rage in Iraq.

  • Raoul O’Shaughnessy

    I wonder if they’ll make ’em leave off the pro-Jesus markings that they discovered were on all those scopes.

  • zincorium

    Do the bible passages still come engraved for free?

  • jdun1911


    Yes the public can buy them. In USA not sure in other countries because of optic export restrictions.

    There was a US Army captain that got busted for shipping Eotech to Japan for Japanese’s Airsoft guys. He bought 10 or so from Optic Planet and export it to Japan without State Department approval. Don’t know what happen to the case tho. Hell, you can’t even export a cheap $5 optic made in China without going to jail.

    Cost around $1500, basically almost twice as much as a low end AR15. Not sure how much the Army gets them tho. Probably a lot less.

  • Nater

    No, they no longer have the Jesus crap on them. I really didn’t mind, but given the choice I’d rather not have the Biblical references. I certainly don’t have a need for them.

    That said, I don’t think the ACOG is the best general purpose rifle optic anymore. I think that distinction goes to the Elcan SpecterDR. 1x/1.5x or 4x/6x. They only come calibrated for 5.56x45mm and 7.62x51mm, no 6.8mm SPC or .50 BMG SpecterDRs.

    @dillon Yes, you can buy it. It’s the TA31RCO-M150CP. You can also buy the Marine Corps’ ACOGs, one is calibrated for the M16A4 and the other for the M4. The list price is $1,698 but they can be had online for hundreds less.

  • cc19

    I picked up one this exact model for my AR. Replaced the screw on mount with a throw-lever type from ARMS. Very well-built and accurate optic, but not cheap ($1400 on avg). Maintains zero whenever I’ve had to remove it too. They eye relief isn’t so hot though; you need your eyes about an inch or so away to get the whole picture. Probably as designed though.

  • Erik

    “The ACOG is probably the best combat scopes for a an Assault rifle in the whole world. The fact is they army is buying more M-150s more proof the M-4 is here to stay since the M-150 is specifically calibrated for the M-4. The ACOG is getting more use now over the Aim Point COMP4 which was all the rage in Iraq.”

    Because of the longer range for engagements I’d expect. The Comp M4 isn’t magnified.

  • Lance

    @ Nater

    The insult you where saying was a model ID number on Trijicon products. I preferred it since for religious solders it was morale booster and it ticked sticker atheists and Taliban lover off.

    @ Jdun1911

    They are good scopes I got a USMC RCO-A4 ECOS model ACOG on a 20 inch AR and you cant miss with it. ACOGS are great.

    Even copies ive seen shoot really well.

  • subase

    Nope blessing by Jesus now costs extra.

  • Nater

    @Lance Considering that as many as 30% of people aged 18-30 are atheist, agnostic, or otherwise not religious it’s not a wise long-term business decision. The days of 80% of this country being Christian (in name only) are coming to an end.

    I don’t see how a serial number referencing this fairy tale or that in the Bible would be a moral booster. Most wouldn’t even notice, those that did probably wouldn’t think twice about it. Might as well hand out lucky rabbit’s feet or make a MRE with a grilled cheese sandwich upon which the image of Mary is seared into the bread.

    I’m, obviously, not a believer but it really doesn’t bother me that they put this crap in their serial numbers. They are, after all, Trijicon’s serial numbers. They can do as they wish.

    • JamesD

      And that makes the other 70% what?

      • Nater


  • Lance

    This is off topic but most US Army and USAF recruits are Christian by every poll.

  • Mobious

    @ Lance

    That could be, but lately more and more claim to be part of some other religions, even some forms of paganism, with special priests or whatever tagging along. But the real “issue” with the serial numbers is the government not wanting to get into the mess of having any religion involved in the war. They don’t want people calling this, God forbid, a crusade! LOL, if they didn’t make a fuss about it then few would know anyway…

    And as for scopes the ACOG makes an AR smexy, but I go for the Elcan for it’s far more durable structure, different magnification rates, and longer eye relief and wider visible range.

  • Nater

    I don’t know too many non-religious people that are bothered by this. They just see it as mildly amusing and rather stupid. I do know a few Christians, ones that go to church more than the usual Easter and Christmas routine, that were very upset about this. Slaying bodies and Christian belief being generally incompatible with each other.

    I do find it funny that Muslims would get upset about it, or at least the angle at which they were upset with it. I don’t think Christians would get particularly upset over Jews wielding King David guns. Jesus is fairly important in the Islamic religion and their Jesus mythology is not particularly different than that of Christianity.

  • jdun1911


    “I don’t see how a serial number referencing this fairy tale or that in the Bible would be a moral booster.”

    Fact is, it is a moral booster because unlike you they not atheist. And like Lance mention the vast majority of the troops are Christians.

  • Raoul O’Shaughnessy

    The issue with the bible verses on the scopes is pretty simple – the Muslim zealots try to portray the US involvement over there as a crusade, an attack by one religion against another. The US, naturally, says that this isnt the case and that the conflict is not a religious one. Add into the mix rifles that sport optics with biblical verses encoded into them – PR win for the Muslims. They can point to these scopes and lecture/recruit to their followers , using sort of thing, as evidence that it really *is* a holy war with both sides being spurred on by religion.

  • charles222

    That’s a pile of horseshit about the bible quotes “boosting morale”. You know what boosts the morale of the majority of 17 to 30 year old males in the country? Porn, hookers, and booze. Nobody in my platoon even knew those were bible quotes until this story broke.

  • Nater

    Thank you Charles, couldn’t have said it better myself. I say we provide only the best Phuket whores to our war fighters.

    • charles222

      You’re welcome Nater.

    • mosinman

      nater , there isnt any reason to be insulting towards christians, its fine if you dont believe, but why go around throwing insults?

  • Mahler

    No-one in my unit realized those were Bible verses until the story broke and no-one carried afterwards (we have a few very vocal athiests that also didn’t care). I did like my ACOG that was issued but wish they would adopt a better mount than the thumb screw setup. Throughout deployments, despite using lock tight, some Marines would have their ACOG start to loosen up or in some rare cases fall off. So worst case you lose your ACOG entirely and it seems best case your scope is going to be loose.

  • MOG

    Not particularly religious, but, I would take all the help I could get, divine or not.