Wolf Ammo 7.62x54R Extra Match

Wolf Ammo announced a new 7.62x54R cartridge for 2011.  The new load is called Extra Match, and Wolf claims it is “one of the most accurate 7.62x54R rounds in the world.”

The load uses a 200 gr FMJ bullet with a muzzle velocity of 2435 fps.  The case is brass, and is promoted as “reloadable.”  However, the primers are Berdan primers.  If you reload in the United States, make sure you have a source of Berdan primers, as the Boxer primers are incompatible.

Richard Johnson

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  • gunslinger

    somehow, i don’t see how wolf and match go together.

  • Raoul O’Shaughnessy

    Not sure how hard it is to have “one of the most accurate 7.62x54R rounds in the world” when the overwhelming majority of 7.62x54R rounds in the world are Third-World manufactured military offerings. Stack it up against some Lapua and Norma and then tell me how accurate it is.

  • Lance

    The ammo seems too hot for a Mosin Nagant But those who own Dragonovs this is great for sniper matches.

  • Bryan S

    It would be nice to get a good hollow point or soft point for hunting in that case.

  • Crabula

    It’s about time. A lot of PSL owners are going to be pretty stoked about this!

  • zack991

    I would never trust Wolf ammo to be match grade. I will test their claim if given the chance.

  • armed_partisan

    If it’s in the “Wolf Gold” line, then it’s actually Prvi Partizan, and they use Boxer primers. All of the Prvi Partizan stuff is very good in my experience. They’re easily one of my favorite ammo makers.

  • drew

    I wonder how long until they come out with some 149 GR for the people with PSL’s

  • JMD

    I don’t really understand why manufacturers keep making 7.62x54mmR ammo with 200 grain bullets. Most of the guns that use that cartridge are designed to use bullets in the 150 grain range, and some like the PSL can’t use anything except that. It may be called “Extra Match”, but I have a hard time believing it’ll be particularly accurate in rifles with twist rates that can’t stabilize a bullet that heavy.

  • howlingcoyote

    Just the round to hunt wild hogs with in Texas!

  • Maxpwr

    A 200 grain bullet is going to be great. Perfect for the Finnish M39 which used a round similar to this.

  • Nathaniel

    1:10 or 1:9 (Mosin Nagant twist) should be just fine for this sort of ammo. Mosin Nagants were originally designed for bullets this heavy, and to my knowledge, they were never rebored for a different rifling twist.

  • Nathaniel
  • Cymond

    I don’t know about the 7.62x54r loads, but the Wolf 22lr ultra match is reported to be excellent.