Kel-Tec KSG Shotgun Update – BEWARE HOAX SELLERS

Kel-Tec recently released several updates on the production of the highly-anticipated KSG shotgun.

At this point, Kel-Tec has made several small runs of the shotgun, and those units have shipped to various people for testing and evaluation.

Additionally, Kel-Tec is advising that all KSG shotguns being offered for sale on and other locations “…are hoaxes.” Kel-Tec stated that they have not shipped any shotguns that are available for resale, and that any of the people with T&E guns that try to sell them “…will be dealt with on their end.”

Kel-Tec stated they are “confident” they “…will be shipping in full quantities by year’s end as previously anticipated.”

Richard Johnson

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  • SpudGun

    Considering that the RFB and PMR 30 have yet to make it to market in sufficient quantities and that the KSG will probably follow a similar route – should we also include Kel-Tec on the ‘hoax sellers’ list? 😉

  • Ben

    Kel-tec? full quantities? Riiight!

  • Steve

    “Full quantities” meaning they will ship in tiny quantities ensuring you get one after paying up way over MSRP, or by FFL’s reselling to the highest bidder via Gunbroker, just like the RFB and PMR-30.

    Kel-Tec ought to change their name to ‘You can’t have one Tec”.

  • Here is the hoax in question that brought all this about:

    It went for $4,025

  • Walt Lewis

    I have a KSG pre-ordered. After seeing the hoax on gunbroker I contacted Kel-Tec and they indicated release 4th quarter OR 1st quarter of 2012!!

  • I would be very interested in purchasing several of these if they become up for sale…! Keep me informed of future sales, thank you, Robert Lee Vine Jr/Author.

  • Jack

    Saw one of these go for $4200 or something a few weeks ago on GB. That sucks if it’s a hoax.

  • kevin hoffman

    hi all, anyone into cap and ball revolvers? looking for other hobbiests in SoCalif.

  • Derek

    What sights are those on the KSG in the picture?

  • Bill

    Did they ever address the whole issue w/ locking up when the trigger is pressed while pumping?

    I remember a lot of hurf-derfing on the internet about it; but, no word on whether or not they bothered fixing the defect.

  • Komrad

    Kel-Tec makes some good products, but it seems to me that they need to up their production capacity, maybe a few extra molding and CNC machines and they could produce all their newest products in reasonable quantities.
    I’ll wait until it’s common.

  • Rickenbacker

    Hey, that’s the Storm Trooper rifle from Star Wars!

  • Komrad

    actual, those were Sterling SMGs with pretty much no changes

  • ironoreman

    Kel Tec is not any different than any other gun manufacturer.I just bought my first pistol,a cz 75 sp 01.The whole process was worse than buying a car.They don’t know when they can get that one,have never seen that one.All the manufacturers are evidently in no hurry.

  • ironoreman

    Kel Tec is not the only one.

  • ironoreman

    I am in the process of buying my first pistol and was looking at several makes and models.I got the same story if I wanted to order something.It could be 3 weeks or 3 months.Evidently no manufacturers are in a hurry

  • Matt G.

    Iron ore man; if you are trying to order at a gun shop, the my at is your problem. Gun shops are old hat. They can’t keep up with the times anymore. If they don’t have its “sure we can get it some time or other”

    The Internet is here and it is good. Gunbroker, budsgunshop, impactguns, all will get you taken care of faster than any gun store. And you won’t get ripped off as much either.

    • wndrbob

      Great thinking But with out small gunshops you can’t get guns. No transfer agent ( dealer with FFL ) no internet guns. The other great thing is sit you internet purchase on your computer and see how fast it can solve a problem. You need to be more respectful of the little guy for we control your firearms

    • SI

      I have most certainly been ripped off by There are numerous local (Utah) cases of them taking money for pre-orders that never arrive or are drastically increased in price.

  • charles222

    actual, those were Sterling SMGs with pretty much no changes

    The Stormtroopers carried Lewis and MG-34 guns along with Sterlings in ANH; I’m assuming the extras got tired of toting around 30-pound machine guns loaded with blanks, which is why they disappear in TESB and ROTJ. The Rebels also carried modded STG-44s and M16A1s in ROTJ and TESB.

  • Brian

    I ordered a hand gun from and got it in three days with no issues

  • Alexsha


    The sights are the YHM QDS.

  • Sharpshooter76

    My buddy and I were like the very last guys to do a pre order on the KSG at Turners before they stopped taking deposites. We both paid in full. Does this mean we will get our KSG end of year? Also.does paying in full bump us up the waiting list over guys who just left a 30% deposite?

  • Lou M


    “We got the first of the KSGs out before the holidays, but for the most part we’re going to start shipping them steadily now. We didn’t have a stash of them or manage to make thousands in one day, so there’s a backorder on them and I’m sure the first ones going out are probably already claimed, but be patient and we’ll get them out just as fast as we can. Wait time will depend on your dealer, not on us; we’re shipping them every week.

    Unfortunately, we only sell only to the wholesalers, then they to the dealers, so I don’t have any dealer listings. I can only suggest online or the phonebook and calling them to find out if they carry or can order what you’re looking for.

    Kel-Tec CNC

    Attn: Service

    P.O. Box 236009

    Cocoa FL, 32923


    Mon-Fri 8-3p EST or Find us on Facebook under “KelTecWeapons” “

  • Ken

    I just put a KSG on layaway, cost me only $785.00. I also got a used set of Magpul sights for it for $65.00 and ordered a brake and nut removal tool for it for $120.00. The KSG was only on display for 5 hours before it was sold. 🙂

    • Ken

      I forgot to add, the store had it tagged at $899.00, but the manager\saleman is a friend of mine and gave me a deal. Lets just say I buy a lot of stuff. He said that he was offered only one by his wholesaler.
      This was onlt the second KSG that he was able to get his hands on.