Sentry Safe Home Defense Center HDC11E

Rarely do gun storage solutions excite me. As a kid I grew up with the romantic notion that one day I would be hanging my guns above the fireplace, next to oversized deer antlers, for all to see and admire. For most, if not all, of us city dwellers this is no longer a safe or practical way to store our firearm collection. Despite my deep inner physiological dislike to having to store guns inside safes, I was pleasantly surprised when I saw a video (embedded below) about the SentrySafe Home Defense Center, a safe with many nifty features.

Sentry Safe Home Defense Center HDC11E

The HDC is designed to store one pistol and one long gun (rifle or shotgun), specifically for home/personal defense. Most people would install this type of safe in their bedroom. The corner design allows it to be tucked away, but still be accessible quickly in an emergency. The pistol and rifle/shotgun are presented so that they can be stored loaded and drawn quickly. The pistol holder can be rotated so that both left and right handed shooters can draw it with the correct hand.

Pistol compartment

It has an electronic lock. The combination is entered on four buttons. If the electronics completely fail, the lock can be opened with key. In the event of a nuclear EMP bomb you will still have access to your guns 😉

Combination buttons and storage tray.

A nice touch is a storage tray on the top of the safe for storing things like your holster, car keys and spare magazines.

The below video was shot by Chris Burget, of at SHOT Show …

Model HDC11E
Exterior Dimensions 54.4” x 11.1” x 12”
Interior Dimensions 46.8” x 8.8” x 8.8”
Capacity 2.1 Cu. Ft. / 58.6 liters
Weight 112 lbs.

The Home Defense Center goes on sale in September. No word on pricing at this time.

Steve Johnson

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  • SpudGun

    I had a similar dream but except of having the guns above the fireplace, I wanted a secret spy room behind a false wall with hundreds of guns lining the walls and bathed in cool lighting like in the movies. The reality is that I have a big, ugly gun safe in the basement that would’t look out of place in a 1940s bank heist.

    As for the Sentry Safe, I like the idea of having an easily accessible safe in the bedroom but it will come down to size and cost and in my personal case, closet space. If priced right, I would seriously consider getting one.

  • Jim

    I sincerely hope no one will plan on accessing this thing while in a terrified, sleepy haze as someone breaks in. That’s a recipe for disaster.

  • Don

    I think this is just the ticket for particular living scenarios. If I had roommates or kids I’d be VERY interested in something like this in addition to my large storage safe.


  • Huey

    I like….

  • Erwos

    Price is going to be an issue, but huge kudos to Sentry on providing a way to securely store a long gun in a bedroom for home defense. Only complaint is that the rack for the long gun might be a bit too high for carbines and tactical shotguns. (Incidentally, a major complaint about my own safe, too.)

  • Michael

    Be careful, some keyed locks like that can be defeated by a heated ball point pen. . .

    • Bill Tacohe

      What made the pen so angry?

  • Kyle

    I’ve been eagerly awaiting these since SHOT show. They had a tabletop model as well meant for handguns. Glad to see they are coming soonish.

  • I love it! If you get pricing info I’d sure like to know.

  • Not bad, but not exactly “chick approved.” It looks like a safe, which is fine in the basement, but not so good in the boudoir. I feel weird suggesting it, but I think they should make designer editions.

    Will your wife actually let you put one in your bedroom? Will it make your new “girlfriend” run away?

  • I’ll have one when it hits the market. Already have a similar lock box for the g19 so this will be the perfect addition for the m6a2. Rumor is retail will be $399.00 and is suppose to be out in early spring. “Will your wife actually let you put one in your bedroom? Will it make your new “girlfriend” run away?” Suburban lol. Us carpenters will veneer it.

  • subase

    Yep they need to team up with ikea and make it look like a weird plastic euro storage container of sorts. Or at least offer some plastic pillar shells of marble and wood.

  • J.K.

    Great idea; not so great quality. I’ve owned a Sentry fire safe for a year before returning it to my local membership warehouse store after it’s locking lugs wouldn’t lock anymore. I was wary about its quality from the onset. Went to a local security safe shop, and lo and behold, the exact same safe sat among their other safes, it’s thin outer metal cover pried open with a simple flat head screwdriver and it’s internals accessed to open the safe door. The store owner said this took 15 mins to force open. Needless to say, I won’t be buying any Sentry products in the future, nor do I recommend them.

  • Albatross01

    For those who are not new to gun safes, what would be a reasonable price for this safe? And what would this product compare to Sentry Safes G0135 5 Gun Safe?

  • Albatross01

    Can someone please who has purchased this safe give us some reviews? Do the wall mounts keep the safe secure and sturdy or would it be easy to rip out from the wall when mounted? Would love to hear some first hand experience. Thanks!