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  • What’s not to love? Harley’s trigger control (or lack thereof). 😛

  • Jason

    You mean, apart from having no ear/eye protection on the range? The guy’s funny as a video gamer or airsofter, but when it comes to real guns, you could find better role models.

  • Andrew

    FPS Russia? No thank you

  • Ben

    I hated this video. Exactly not how to represent firearms.

  • Jusuchin (Military Otaku)

    Amusing as it was, I do agree that this was a freaking stupid portrayal of guns. Guns can mix with bacon (see ENDO’s post on bacon cooked via MG3) but not alcohol. Trigger control kinda went out the window huh…and the vodka bottle spoon made me go “enjoy your broken glass bits and bacon”.

    Otherwise, amusing. I just dun watch either too much. Prefer to follow Iraqveteran8888 than FPSRussia.

  • Mr. Fahrenheit

    Kinda’ funny. But am I so old now that I think everyone curses too much?

  • Entropy

    Actually FPSRussia did wear protection at the range. He had it off when he was talking to the camera though.

  • Brian

    He clearly doesn’t know shit about basic gun safety rules (the main guy talking the whole time; I don’t know his name), but that was still funny as hell. Also, did that guy with the aviator sunglasses have a SOG knife? I think he did.

  • Bandito762

    ugh, muzzle discipline

  • S.A.

    What the hell did I just watch?

  • JT

    I wonder how many people register a handgun as an AOW just so that they can add a forward grip like that guy and shoot it like a pdw at the range. You know. For those people who already have a suppressor, an SBR, an SBS, a machinegun/subgun, and just can’t figure out how to spend money on something different.

  • jdun1911

    The video is stupid. Made by a bunch of morons and attention whores.

    They did have hearing and eye protection from what I saw.

  • Lance

    What more do you want guns good food.

  • nicks87

    Funny as hell.

    But ya know, blah, blah, blah…

    Always got to be a party pooper involved when it comes to firearms and humor.

  • FPS

    I honestly tried to teach the EMT guys some gun safety but they had been drinking a little too much already. One said “dont be beech” to me… 🙂

  • The lack of trigger control is disturbing. Had there been an accident, I’m sure they wouldn’t have said “oh, sorry, we were block heads.” It would have definitely gone off accidentally.

  • SnakeRanch

    Don’t tell my wife I’m going out with the guys tonight. What, no baconase?

  • I have to agree. Even a percentage of the lack of muzzle and trigger discipline exhibited here would get you flat-out punched in my group.

  • Rob

    Not even going to watch this, I don’t feel like being angry even as much as I love Epic Mealtime, my love for good muzzle discipline and trigger control trumps it.

  • kvalseth

    This is why nobody likes gun nuts… where’s your guys’ sense of humor? FPSRussia and Epic Meal Time bring a weekly ray of light into my otherwise dull and dreary existence.

  • jdun1911


    How old are you?

    The things they did was stupid. FPSRussia is lucky he didn’t go to jail. He brandish a gun at the drive through. That’s a felony in the USA.

    They are a bunch of children that shouldn’t be playing with firearms. Firearms arms aren’t toys. Firearms safety rule book is written in blood.

    If your existence is so dull and dreary I suggest you go join the US Marine or you country arm force. Make sue to tell them you want to go to the worst hell hole in the world. I guarantee your life will not be dull anymore.

  • Jusuchin (Military Otaku)

    kvalseth: I can see where you’re coming from. Now consider where we’re coming from. This video is seen by massive fanbases. And some aren’t smart enough to realize that FPSRussia and EMT guys probably briefed each other on safety beforehand (I hope to god they did). They’ll end up going ‘GUNS, BACON, ALCOHOL, AND MORE BACON!’

    We enjoy having a good time. But we’re wary of when the good time turns into something potentially stupid. This was dancing on the line. it was amusing, but it made the inner gun nut in me go ‘Danger, Danger, Danger Will Robinson.’ Our inner sensibilities were being trampled on.

    I did find the video funny. Just, it seemed to trample on every firearms handling rules I grew up with you know?

    FPS: How long it took you to clean the stroganoff off the gun? XD

  • JM

    FPS Russia is insanely awesome. I have no problem with someone being an idiot with a gun, as long as everyone in harm’s way is there with consent.

    I’m not in the least worried about anti-gun stigma derived from people hurting themselves – it’s the morons that hurt bystanders that need to be berated.

    This is just entertainment.

  • Chris

    It isn’t FPS Russia’s responsibility to teach the masses about firearm safety. Personal responsibility is supposed to account for that. His videos are entertaining, and succeed in that purpose. His videos have no significant impact on attitudes towards firearms or firearm safety of the general public and will have no impact on the number of accidental firearm related deaths. Show me the data if otherwise.

    Don’t like it, don’t watch it. Easy.

  • Brian

    Just as I realize that the things that I watch in the movies aren’t actual representations of reality, so do I recognize that a video like this is strictly for entertainment. No right thinking person would watch this and think that it was an appropriate way to handle firearms (or eat). That said, if they are not right thinking, then nothing will help them escape Darwin’s grasp, anyway.

    I laughed…..

  • Ivan

    These guys suck, this video suck, what a shame…
    “Made by a bunch of morons and attention whores.”(c) enough said.

  • Brian P.

    Ah, crap, this is gonna get confusing…. There’s another Brian here now. XD I guess I’ll change my display name to include my last initial.

  • Veridical Driver

    You people complaining about muzzle control realize that this is a work of fiction, correct?

    Or do you think it is real when people get shot in movies?

  • Works of fiction do not involve real firearms. Hang around the firearm community long enough and you will find that there is not a lot of leeway for doing stupid things. I agree, up to this point most of the things I’ve seen from FPS Russia has entertained me. This crossed lines that I didn’t find humorous.

  • Veridical Driver

    Works of fiction most certainly involve real firearms? Do you think they film Hollywood movies with toy guns?

    There are safety procedures that are done off camera on movie sets to make sure firearms are handled safetly… Yet still look “dangerous” on camera. I don’t know what safety procedures where used in this case, but neither do you, so you really aren’t qualified to judge.

  • Zack R.

    This video was the best part of my day, mainly cause Im deployed.

  • chris

    he is completely stupid he has people out there that genuinely look up to him and he has the responsibility of showing proper safety and by breaking the law and breaking every safety rule he’s not helping now kids might think it’s ok to have ununcased firearm under 21 and wave in public is ok when really it’s a class 4 felony he is braindead and needs to realize that safety is more important than fame he might finally realize this when his stupid ass shot something because his vast “knowledge” of safety it’s people like him that bring a bad name to respectable gun owners

  • j

    I hate fps russia. He shows all the fags guns. Then when I go to school all the fags think they know about guns.

  • Brian P.

    It wasn’t so much the muzzle control that bothered me, as much as it was the trigger control. The guy had his finger on the trigger, while he was pointing it around and talking.

  • Veridical Driver

    I watched that ‘Saving Private Ryan’ movie… totally awful muzzle control and trigger control during the whole D-Day scene, they where pointing guns at each other while having their finger on the trigger and everything! Someone really needs to teach the people who made that film about firearm safety!

  • Brian P.

    @Veridical Driver: It’s not just people who made the film who need a lesson in firearm safety. Everyone should know.

  • Whind Soull

    Just playing devil’s advocate here, but…

    How do you know FPSR didn’t remove the Desert Eagle’s firing pin before filming? You don’t. And if he did, I’m fine with the EMT guys waving it around and keeping their fingers on the trigger all they don’t–the weapon isn’t capable of firing.

    My point is, you’re judging them without having been there. It’s entirely possible that this video was filmed in a completely safe manner.

    Also, he didn’t point a pistol at the drive-through worker: it was the microphone box where you order, not the pick-up window.