Czech Sa Vz. 58 Tactical & Sporter in .223!

Later this year CzechPoint will be importing the venerable Sa vz. 58 rifle chambered in .223. The rifles are manufactured by Czech Small Arms, not Česká Zbrojovka (better known as CZ) who originally manufactured the VZ-58. There are two models. The tactical model has a folding stock or an M4-style stock and forward rails. The sporter model has a fixed “thumbhole” stock.

Vz. 58 Tactical .223 with folding stock.
Vz. 58 Sporter .223
Vz. 58 Sporter Hi-Cap
Model Tactical
Caliber .223 Rem (5.56 x 45 mm)
Capacity 30
Magazine Polymer
Barrel 16.14″
Twist 1:7″
Overall Length (folded/unfolded stock) 27.95″ / 37.20″
Weight (without magazine) 7.37 lbs
MSRP (Price) $1,140.00
Availability October

The Tactical model has a retail price of $1,140, the standard Sporter is $899 and the high capacity Sporter is $999.

[ Many thanks to Andy for emailing me the link. ]

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  • taboracek

    Huh, interesting, this is almost the same price as in the country where this is manufactured. Why the hell, when goods are imported from states it’s getting so expensive, when it’s pretty much the same price the other way around?

    Anyway, I wonder wether it’s going to sale well on the other side of the pond, as I haven’t seen anywone having the .223 version over here. BTW, .223 price is quadruple of the original 7.62×39… And the mags are cheaper then dirt.

  • erwos

    DADDY LIKE!!! What kinda magazines do these take?

  • Bones

    It reminds me of the mythical .223 SKS (rumor is that only a handful of samples made it into the US before the import ban).

    $900 is a bit pricey for my tastes, but I’m looking forward to seeing how these rifles shoot.

  • Mouse

    Thailands official assault rifle is basically a Vz58 chambered in 5.56mm NATO, but theirs accept AR-15 magazines. I wonder when we’ll finally get those?

  • Bill

    STANAG/AR Mags?

  • Nielsen

    Wait, so the only difference between the Sporter and the Sporter Hi-Cap is a larger magazine? Just how does that warrant an extra $100?

  • Lance

    Maybe if they wanted a new gun the Czechs could have done this for there army. I still prefer a 7.62x39mm or 5.45x39mm for a eastern style combat gun. They work better than 5.56mm.

  • NikonMikon

    Man they are insane on the pricing…. the hell? I love the vz58 but seriously…

  • Mouse

    When they get them , all of the rifles only accept a tiny single stack magazine. They have to mil out the receivers to accept the larger double stacked magazines.

  • Vitor

    When people were debating AK vs M16, the Vz.58 was better than both, AK reliability while lighter than the M16.

  • Likvid

    taboracek: These have new receiver (much better finish than original btw) and barrel, you can’t compare their price with old surplus 7,62×39 ones.
    Btw look at entire CZ’s production – even cheaper in USA than in country of origin..
    (well, except CZ 858 I guess..)

    Mouse: Is it something like this? I never saw those thai rifles.

  • NikonMikon

    is it really that much better than the old ones? i prefer the old look a bit more actually… but in 5.56 this is intriguing me. the price is still quite high but if they are better like you say…

  • Lance

    CZ-58 is alot better than that junky 858 in caliber and reliability.

  • Taboracek

    The difference between the semi auto versions is only in the trigger group, and they are indeed varying quality. Don’t know about the 556 version though.