ATI Black Mamba AR-15 with 37mm Flare Launcher Combo

ATI is selling a .223 AR-15 / 37mm flare launcher combo. At $999.95 it is not a bad deal for a whole lot of tacti-cool fun. The AR-15 is pretty basic M4-style rifle with quadrail handguard.

I took photos of the below ATI / B&B launchers at SHOT Show …

Survival Mate Launcher
Extreme Duty Top Break
Old School

About the B&D Launchers …

B&D launchers are made of 6061 aircraft grade aluminum and 4140 hardened steel. They can handle 37mm ammunition including flares, smoke and pyrotechnic rounds for civilian use and batons, CS gas, rubber pellets and other less-than-lethal options for law enforcement and military.

The launchers in the B&D product lineup include:

  • The Original, the Top Break Launcher, or TBL, comes in a number of possible configurations. Standard is a 12” barrel with a full-length upper Picatinny rail, and a 1x Red/Green dot laser sight. The TBL is a single action/exposed hammer launcher available with solid poly rifle style or telescoping stocks, horizontal or vertical foregrip, and 12” or 16” barrel length. Wood stocks are also available as an option. (B&DT12RSH, B&DT16RSH, B&DT16TSV, B&DT16RSV, B&DT16TSH, B&DT12TSH, B&DT12WSW and B&DT16WSW)

  • The Survival Mate Launcher, or SML, is the pistol configuration 37mm launcher, offered in 6” and 12” barrel lengths. The latter comes equipped with a vertical foregrip. (B&DSML6 and B&DSML12)

  • The Extreme Duty Top Break, or ExD-37, caters to law enforcement and military and is intended to function consistently with training tactics; it is DAO with an internal hammer and approximately a 15 lb. trigger pull and available in 12” and 16” lengths, both with a custom aluminum vertical foregrip. (B&DE12CSV and B&DE16CSV)

  • The Under Barrel Launcher, or UBL, is the B&D recreation of the M-203. It has a 12” barrel with a full-length upper Picatinny rail for attachment to a Picatinny rail-equipped AR-15 style weapon such as the AT-15, distributed by ATI. (B&DUBL37)

Steve Johnson

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  • I’d love to have one with the wood stock, just to see the looks at the range when I pull it out.

  • erwos

    I’ve looked at grabbing a used Spike’s launcher, but when the hell would I ever shoot a 37mm flare? Ever?

  • SpudGun

    An evil black rifle with a flare launcher attachment and the words ‘Death Incarnate’ written into the advertising – it’s almost as if ATI want an Assault Weapons Ban.

    Aside from having no desire to strap a heavy flare gun to my rifle or pretending I’m in the Special Forces, this would only be useful to LEO, but I can imagine the PR disaster if an officer responded to a situation with one of these in his hands.

    Not for me.

  • gunslinger


  • jon

    is that legal without a nfa permit

  • Huey

    I should have copyrighted that name, used it “in print” for my rifle a year ago….

  • Jeff

    Spike’s tactical launchers are much cheaper at around 300$

  • Jeff

    Sorry, just woke up and didn’t read carefully, with the AR, that IS a great deal O.o

  • Nater

    Who would buy a 37mm launcher? I can see the utility for perhaps law enforcement, but for everyone else… It’ll just make you look like an idiot.

  • MeAgain

    I just don’t see the appeal of a flare launcher for civilian use. If it launches CS and other rounds I suppose I can see the possible appeal for law enforcement but as a civilian I just can’t see why anyone would want this ungainly piece of tacticool junk on the bottom of a weapon.
    Don’t get me wrong. If you want it then buy it. I’m not advocating a ban but if I saw someone show up with these at the range I’d look at them like I would if they showed up in a ghillie suit and facepaint.

  • Flounder

    Until it comes in 40mm with a crate of 40mm HE rounds this is still just a toy… Do these actually sell?

  • Komrad

    Looks very cool, but I have no need for a whole AR-15.
    Any info on how much the launcher costs by itself?

  • Raoul O’Shaughnessy

    Right now there’s a buncha guys at ATF sitting around a desk going “Seriously, we’ve gotta figure out a way these things can’t get imported…….”

    The secondary market for 12ga-to-37mm, 26.5mm-to-37mm, and similar adapters will along shortly.

  • Theodoric

    So it’s an expensive AR-15 with a toy stuck under it?

  • jdun1911

    Spike sell 37mm flare launcher for AR15. Didn’t know they cost $300+.

  • Diana

    When i saw this I said to my husband shall we get two for home defense. Only joking I have my public defender and he has his 1911. Just imagine the looks at the shooting range.

    Here is the serious question. How does the law enforcement compete with this on the street?

    Where i live if i walked into a store laid down the cash filled out the paper work and passed the clearance from the state the info from my drivers license matches what they have. i could walk out, with this in hand. I don’t want my rights violated but i don’t want a mental ill person or temporally insane person waiving it around my neighborhood or any one else’s.

  • Nadnerbus

    As nifty as it looks, its just an imitation of the real thing because we can’t buy a true M203. Sort of like getting airsoft because you live in a country that bans all real semi auto sporters. But mixing a toy with a real rifle just seems childish. An under-barrel shotgun on the other hand…

  • Woodroez

    While I love the look of the wooden stock one and have always wanted to shoot the thumper, I don’t think I would get this. Just going to weird places legally with items like these. Not insinuating they are illegal because they are just flare launchers, but a cop sees something like this in your house and you’re going to get some interesting reactions.

    If you need a flare launcher, just find an old H&K 37mm flare pistol from an army surplus store or the 12ga. pistol from Wal-Mart. Preferably the 12 since they’re made in blaze orange.

  • Woodroez

    ack, quick correction: the HK surplus guns are 26.5mm, but the point stands.

  • Andy from CT

    @Diana You are in the wrong place to be hinting that gun aficionados should not be able to own hi capacity semi auto rifles. I have to assume that’s what you’re talking about because the flare launcher attached to the one being discussed fires less-than-lethal rounds. Take that away and it’s an AR. You know, like many police are familiar with.

    Your question is how do they compete? By using a shotgun or their own AR from their police cruiser.

    Seriously, this is not the forum to tell us “this gun is okay but this one isn’t”

    Please leave those kind of opinions at the door. I’m sure that your comment is going to cause a deluge of responses (if it hasn’t already).

    Thank you.

  • michael

    looks really cool i must admit. But over here in Oz the launcher is not the problem, its the AR we cant have. i love my country but also hate it at the same time.

  • gunslinger


    check out red jacket firearms. will down there has a game changer by mounting a shotgun under an AR. it’s a saiga! called a keymaster, i think

    or the kac masterkey, which is a remington 870 mounted under an ar…

    as for the “legality” of those, would they be considered a SBS under NFA guidelines? does having one and attaching it to an “black rifle” constitute any illegal gun manufacturing?

  • MeAgain

    What is law enforcement competing with on the street? The AR or the flare launcher? The police already have AR’s or other rifles in many depts. If AR’s the issue the only thing that makes them more deadly than hunting rifles across the country is the magazine capacity. That’s it. Black plastic and pistol grips add nothing to a bullet’s effectiveness. I suspect that you already knew this and are referring to the flare launcher.
    As for the flare launcher, what do the police have to compete with? It’s a flare launcher that looks like a grenade launcher. You can’t buy CS (tear gas) rounds for it and as a civilian you can only buy flares. What do the polices have to compete with? Flares?
    It’s just more tacticool junk for the media to distort and mall ninjas to drool over.

  • Riceball

    I suppose these would be useful for hunting out in the boonies and if you get lost you have a handy dandy flare launcher with you to (hopefully) draw attention to your position. Alternately, it might work for when shooting while boating too; same deal as with the hunting scenario, your run out of gas and/or get lost you have your handy dandy flare launcher to signal for help with.

  • Bryan S

    Wow, so many poor comments on this. I dont have one, or plan on buying one, but the “only the cops should have it” and “no need for civilians” is how we got the AWB and ’68 ban.

    Granted for the most part they are silly without the proper ammo, and that ammo is highly restricted (and just boring out to 40mm wont work, the HE grenades need a certain amount of spin in order to arm, IIRC), these are just a silly toy for those with disposable income.

    But isnt that what most FA weapons and .50 rifles that you same people will droll over are as well?

  • Pedro C.P.

    I can see SOME “usefulness” of a flare to a hunter, you know if you’re lost, need rescue and whatnot. But a conventional pistol launcher would do the job without being too much a cumbersome thing.
    This, on the other hand, is stupidity. Nothing more than fap material for mall ninjas. Unless you’re fighting flammable zombies, zombies that only become flammable for a short time after being shot multiple times.

  • Nater


    It’s an SBS by law, you can have one but you need to pay the $200 tax stamp. Unless you live in a state that has laws against an SBS.

    I don’t think hanging a Saiga off the front end of the AR is a ‘game changer’. It’ll just add a lot of weight and bulk to a carbine. If I had to mount a shotgun on an AR, I’d go with a lighter design like the KAC Masterkey or the M26. If I wanted to carry a Saiga for ballistic breaching, I’d carry a little one separately. It’s a great breaching platform, but it’s a full-sized weapon on it’s own. Not something most people would want on their rifle.

  • Nater


    Legit machine guns are collectors items as well. There are many collectors that would like to own a SAW or a M240B/G but aren’t legally allowed to. .50 caliber rifles have their place in long range rifle competition.

    I’m also sure that if belt-fed machine guns and fully automatic carbines were easier to obtain, you’d see more competitions based around them. 3-gun would be pretty interesting with full-auto only stages.

    I agree that people should be able to won a 37mm flare launcher posing as a grenade launcher if they so choose, I just question their taste and though processes.

  • Diana

    To all the Firearm Blogers,My sincerest apologies I did not intend to upset any one. I live near Pittsburgh, about a year ago a man lost his sanity he was in our military, When the police arrived he took out his AR and 3 police family’s lost there husband,son,father. Please, that is what needs fixed. We own several SKS, along with many others.
    As for the flare launcher more of a toy to play with and not a serious threat in comparson. I am not saying to ban any firearm of any sort.

    PS my husband agreed with you. and i was told to open mouth and change feet.

    • Gunrunner1

      This is called Psy-ops. Not a very good version, but then it only has to be close enough for government work. Notice foreign diction, lack of specific information necessary to confirm the story, attempts to ingratiate, etc. This is intended to lower morale. A poor job, but multiply by tens of thousands and they would have some effect.

  • SpudGun

    @Bryan S –

    My argument isn’t about the practicality. There are lots of ‘frivilous’ guns on the market which I wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole. But if I squint hard enough, I can see some real world use for them. Though if I saw a hunter roll up with what looked like a grenade launcher under his rifle, I would have some very grave concerns.

    My concern is with the overall marketing of this ‘system’ including using the word ‘death’ in the advertising. It is irresponsible and will only fuel the arguments of anti-gunners. Nobody wants a ban and this kind of Mall Ninjary just tars all of us with the same brush.

    Besides, Black Mamba sounds like a dildo. 😉

  • El Freddio


    It’ll end up like that Spearmint Rhino/Chippa Rhino law suit 😛

  • gunslinger

    I was unsure if the “under rifle” shotgun would be an SBS or AOW. then, i was unsure if actually “mounting” it to another firearm would constitute “making” a firearm that was NFA defined to be a “no-no”

    as for the “gamechanger” comment, it was a joke. look into the show Sons of Guns on Discovery. It’s about a gunshop that makes well.. guns. The store owner claims all new builds would be “gamechangers” such as a breaching shotgun mounted under an AR.

    and as with the internet, many have come out to just laugh at the show due to it’s “off the wall” perception of firearm manufacturing. watch and judge for yourself.

  • Nater


    Sarcasm frequently gets lost on the internet. I see that you were making fun of the show, I understand. Three M16s on a single mount for no reason? Game changer.

    I never really thought about it being an AOW, because it’s a shotgun with a barrel of less than 18″. I suppose they might be able to hit you with both the SBS and AOW tax stamps.

  • -Right now there’s a buncha guys at ATF sitting around a desk going “Seriously, we’ve gotta figure out a way these things can’t get imported…….”-

    The Black Mamba is 100% made in the USA by the way.

    Under barrel launchers alone have a suggested retail price of $429.00.

  • jamezb

    Ah listen to all the gun banners in our midst. Oh, it looks SCARY!- It’s no good for HUNTING..WELL CONGRADULATIONS… That is the same reason Feinstein and her ilk want to ban your semiautomatic rifles. You just vindicated her argument if you believe that reasoning. THIS IS A DAMNED FIREWORKS LAUNCHER. iT LAUNCHES SMOKE, PARACHUTE FLARES AND STAR SHELLS. It is the fancy equivilent of those cardboard tube mortars from the Forth of July. 37mm underbarrel launchers and stand-alone launchers have been sold, with ATF approval, since the 1980’s, CHILDREN, If you aren’t old enough to remember. The reason you don’t see them anymore is interest waned in a bulky 200+$ device good for not much more than ringing in the new year!! ANYTIME you agree with the opposition, You abandon the cause!!