Sig 1911 Carry Nitron Review

In YA1911R (“Yet Another 1911 Review”), I take a look at the SIG SAUER 1911CA-45-BSS. If “1911CA-45-BSS” is not catchy enough for you, SIG also calls the pistol the 1911 Carry.

Hmmm…I think I like 1911 Carry better.

This SIG 1911 Carry comes with a Nitron finish, night sights and other features that make this pistol pretty as well as functional. In addition to the range, I may have to find a barbecue at which to test this gun. (more…)

Richard Johnson

An advocate of gun proliferation zones, Richard is a long time shooter, former cop and internet entrepreneur. Among the many places he calls home is


  • Very nice looking gun.

    @Richard awesome photos!

  • Very nice firearm! If I could afford that, I’d own one!

    • davz45

      This a Great review on my pistol! I’ve had mine about aweek now..shot 50 and it’s Fantastic!
      Thank You!

  • JustinR

    If Sig would just produce this gun with a bobtail/rounded frame, I’d be sold!

    • It’s not exactly the same as this one, but the Sig Carry Nightmare has a bobtail frame.

  • SpudGun

    ‘but I can’t imagine how bored I would have to be to enter into an argument for or against the full length guide rods. I’ll leave all that for the Navy SEALs, Delta Force operators and other experts who seem to spend so much time on the gun forums.’ – This really made me chuckle. Kudos. 🙂

    I’m not going to get into the pros and cons of the 1911 platform, but for a pistol that costs $900-$1000 to not function flawlessly with every type of ammo (except suspect handloads) is kind of unforgiveable.

    Despite the Sig not being able to cycle a well known brand of ammo, the reviewer still gave the 1911 Carry ‘two thumbs up’, I wonder what warrants ‘two thumbs down’? – The pistol exploding presumably.

    It is pretty though, and that’s all that really matters to 1911 fans. [/trollbait/]

  • steve

    Overall, a great review. I LOVE the ballistics graphic. Also like that you averaged ten trigger pulls instead of the usual three. You might have included however, three other things: group size, whether the gun has a firing pin block safety system, and what the internals are made of. I honestly don’t want to start a debate about MIM, but in the specific case of these guns, it is important because when the first Sig 1911s came out, they were all steel and that was unique for the price range. I wonder, is that still the case?

  • Raph84

    Not liking the click to continue reading. One of my favorite things about this blog was I didn’t have to open things in new tabs…I feel like “continue reading after the jump” is the new “and now a word from our sponsors” for the internets

  • I enjoy the fact that your review delves into the pistol whipping applicability of the firearm.

  • Jay

    Nica addition to the 1911 family. Im not to impressed with the rosewood grip. My favorite is still the para ordnance 1911

  • Caleb

    Not to nitpick, but if the 1911 commander and glock 19 are in the same category of ‘nearly full sized’, it bears pointing out that the glock 17 (the 19’s big brother) is also a decent amount smaller dimensionally than the commander.

  • Highvoltage4u

    Very nice review! Have you had the chance to review the Sig Scorpion? I would think it should be close in comparison other than the finish. Thank you for your thorough analysis of this fine piece of craftsmanship.

  • Highvoltage4u

    Thank you again

  • If it failed to function with the Fiocchi rounds, how can you say it was “a flawless performer”? Given how finicky some 1911s are known to be, it seems like a “flawless” 1911 would function reliably with any commercial round.

  • Brian

    Huh…I wonder why the Fiocchi didn’t work very well.

    • SamM

      Fiocchi ammunition in my experience seems to be loaded too long for many handguns. I’ve had quite the trouble with their .380 ammo. I think that is probably why a round with the exact same bullet as one that fed fine doesn’t feed properly. The pistol most likely is not ammo sensitive as someone suggested.

  • Martin (M)

    Good review. The only thing I’d waver on is that magazine not being more flush. We are talking about a CC gun here. It’s already a full frame, which is what I prefer, but I’d be concerned about that little bit of extra length. I’d have to handle it to see for sure, but otherwise, it sure looks top notch.

    • Racklefratz

      No need to use the Sig magazines if you don’t like them. Good alternatives like Metalform are out there, and they’re every bit as good as anything Sig provides. I also don’t care for the protrusion of mags that extend past the grip base.

  • tomaso

    Just wondering how its “flawless performer”? it failed multiple times with one type of ammunition….which to me says its ammo sensitive….

    all so I’m not sure if you have the equipment but i would suggest having electronic measurement gauge next time…that way you can figure out whats going on when rounds wont feed…..too long? too wide?…???

    …1911’s have a design flaw that ever one of them cant seem to over come….the feed ramp is too steep…iv read about extractors being an issue in some designs..but for defensive rounds that ramp is troublesome.

    But i understand the love affair with them…they are pure joy in the hand…i just cant see how one can have “UTMOST” confidence in such a firearm to use in the “Gravest Extreme.” circumstances because for HALF the price you can get a firearm that will carry almost twice the capacity in 2thirds the weight….and will shoot ALL styles of ammunition in .45

    Top rate review..if not bias towards 1911’s…5th paragraph could of been left out..realy if you don’t care what people think of what length guide rod it has…then don’t say anything…….but i really like when performance data is included in what ammunition is used….that takes time..and is done very are ALL the photos.

  • ap

    MIM parts, meh.

  • howlingcoyote

    How about one in 38 Super and 10mm Auto?

  • Oswald Bastable

    Must get some of those nice wood grips- or make them- one day…

  • Chief45 – Doug

    I have the Stainless Carry 1911 and love it. Individual officer pricing direct from Sig was $856.00.

  • Cymond

    Thank you for the ‘Continue Reading’ link. The reviews tend to be very long, and not everyone wants to read every review. Some people even get a little touchy about 1911 reviews. Hence, it’s nice to be able to easily scroll past an uninteresting review on the main page.

    “I feel like “continue reading after the jump” is the new “and now a word from our sponsors” for the internets” Except that there aren’t any extra ads after the jump.

    The Sig seems nice, but I’m put off by a few features like the full-size, steel frame. It could save about half a pound with an aluminum frame. Regarding the guide rod: reliability is highly debated between the different guide rod systems, but the GI system is definitely more convenient to take down.

  • nicks87



    another 1911?


    100 years old?

    Yeah, what hasnt been said about the 1911?

  • nicks87


    I agree 100%

    1911s are just.. so… tired.

  • cm smith

    I’ve only recently noticed that the external extractor Sig 1911’s also have …something… in the normal internal extractor position at the rear of the slide. That’s visible in the photo currently showing above. What is it?

  • subase

    Commenting on pistol whipping, another useful feature of the 1911 is that it can be used as an improvised hammer, for tent pegs and such.

  • Andy from CT


    1911’s are so tired? I didn’t realize the dozens of manufacturers that make 1911’s are in the business of losing money to these boring pistols.

    @spudgun A good friend’s wife has a G30 that for some inexplicable reason hates Wolf. Loves, loves, LOVES everything else. But I guess you’re saying her Glock shouldn’t get two thumbs up either if it were reviewed.

    In summation, 1911 haters are amusing.

  • tomaso

    Andy..point one..your wifes friend’s glock has an issue..return to factory..they should and MOST commonly eat anything. unlike 1911’s which owners seem to “know” and accept that thier choice of pistols are sensitive to ammunition…which is fine….1911 owners are very profeciant at clearing jams…unlike glock owners that when a miss fire happens they look at thier pistols and mutter “ that a jam?…now what am i to do…is their a 1911 shooter around..he will know what to do” = ) JK..

    Now you are correct that most NON 1911 shooters get a bit of kick out of these kind of reviews..because 1911’s seem to be judged on a sliding scale..what i mean is “if” glock sold the manafacturing rights to 30 diferent companys and every one of them for the “most” part had issues with amunition…they would ALL be concidered junk! But its ok for a BRAND NEW weapon that is basicly a 100yr old design to have teething issues as long as it’s a 1911.

    1911…are great …i will own one someday (Springfield full rail)…when i have the extra cash and i want a “weapon” thats fun to shoot at the range…like my Swiss K31 straight pull rifle…which is a GREAT rifle…but not in the same class as my MAK90 as a defensive tool.

  • SpudGun

    @Andy from CT

    Even though I don’t like Glocks (ugly uncomfortable bricks), I know they’re a smidgeon more reliable then most 1911s.

    As for people wanting to put Wolf ammo through their beloved and expensive firearms, then that is a totally different argument altogether.

    I don’t hate 1911s, I just don’t think they’re the be all and end all of the handgun world.

  • Nicks87

    @Andy from CT

    Manufacturers are making money off of 1911s because of internet people like YOU who have seen to many movies and buy into all the BS about how Delta operators and spec-ops guys prefer the 1911 over all other handguns.

    Sorry but I would rather spend my hard earned money on a more practical weapon like a Glock, FNH or H&K. Reliablility, mag capacity, weight, durability, value and of course accuracy are qualities I look for when it comes to weapons.

    And anyone who uses wolf ammo is amusing to me. Unless its being fired out of a surplus plinker like an AK or some other just for fun gun.

    Try putting that wolf ammo through a 1911! Lol!

  • Brian

    @SpudGun: Glocks? More reliable than most 1911s? By what standard are you comparing Glocks with 1911s? Last I checked, 1911s were considered one of the most reliable handgun designs around. I know not all 1911s are created equal, but they’re generally VERY good guns. No offense to the Glock fans out there, but I hate Glocks, along with any other polymer-framed handguns. Seriously, I’m not trying to start a fight here, but Glocks are virtually garbage, if you ask me. If you like them, I respect that, especially if it saves your life, or someone else’s. I’ll stick with steel or aluminum frames, myself.

  • Ed

    Excellent! Plenty of useful detail and super photos. Thanks
    I have a new stainless carry on layaway at the exceptional price of $770.74 OTD well below the leo price I was expecting.

  • Wow… such hate for 1911s.

    1911 haters must be liberals because they can’t stand an alternative viewpoint. And because while no one asked them to click on this story and rant about their pet hate, they need to scream it out loud anyway.

    The author wrote a great review, about a gun…. Why spoil it with your comments?

    Love Guns, Not Hate.

    • I’m pretty liberal (pro-choice, pro-gay marriage, tax the rich more, etc. I’m even an agnostic! WHOA!) and I happen to love the 1911. Hell, I celebrated it’s Centennial with a range day and all my liberal buddies with their 1911’s.

      Don’t ruin a good gun view with your political spin. If someone doesn’t like the 1911 platform, then it’s their loss. If they don’t like guns, then maybe they’ve just bought into a culture of fear. Fear that isn’t helped at all by being called out with bi-partisan musings.

      And to everyone that says they wish they could afford a 1911, save up until you can. Get a good one. Yes, it’s a lot of money, but it’s an investment. This is a gun that could potentially outlive its owner. A great gun to pass on to the kids, grand kids, so on and so forth.

      • Scott

        Thank you! I do not understand why gun loving people assume all other gun loving individuals are republicans or that they know what all liberals think. Politics is ripping us apart as Americans. Let’s enjoy our common ground and not slam a wedge into it by injecting politics. The support for gun control on either side of the aisle is so weak that not a single gun controlling law has been passed during this administration. Correct me if I am wrong. Happy shooting!

      • supergun

        It saved a lot of GI’s asses.

    • supergun

      The 1911 is the most beautiful 45 ever made. It is a Legend. It is like a Harley Davidson. Of course you do have some odd balls out there that don’t like either. Go figure.

  • jpg

    i Love 1911s but do your home work befor buying one if not you may be dissapointed because no matter what is said they do jam alot unless u use fmj.And do not buy a colt unless u dont shoot it. Glocks are more reliable than 1911s as mutch as it hurts to say.

    • Brian P.

      I’m sure a lot of good quality 1911s function just fine with hollow points. Otherwise, why else would they come so highly recommended for home defense and personal protection purposes? Besides, wouldn’t polishing the ramp and other internals help prevent issues?

  • My first time on here and my stomach still hurts from laughing at all the inane comments. Almost all auto loading pistols jam at one time or another. I carry a Sig full size for duty, no problems. However, they do require a break-in period I believe. A friend who is a police Capt. carries a Glock and that also jams from time to time.
    If it is mechainical in nature…at some time it will fail. Although we have our favorites, one .45 handgun is not totally superior to another. To believe that is simply a uneducated and baseless comment.
    I have S&W, Para, Sig and Colt handguns and they are all good handguns.
    I don’t own a Glock, but I also don’t feel the need to bash them just because I don’t have one. Shot em, cleaned em, just don’t own one. Are they the end all and be all? How does one pronounce tomatoe? HNY!

  • for me there is no such firearm whether it is a 1911, glock , hk or whatsoever that is reliable out of the box. well, this is only my personal opinion and i dont want to hurt feelings of other people.. i have been a competitive shooter since 1984 and i haven/t experience yet a firearm which has all the “must be” features” which we individually hoped to have.

    • R. Weaver

      I have been a competitive shooter off and on for quite awhile myself. Deployments to some real “garden spots” in Asia and Latin America prevented me from continuous competition. And, while I certainly respect your opinion, the term “reliable” has a much different meaning for me. To me, reliable means I can feed my sidearm just about anything that’s available at any given time, in any given place and when I pull the trigger, it goes bang and hits what/who I’m shooting at somewhere near center of mass. If I have my own ammo, I’m a bit more precise about my shot placement…

  • First off, thank you for a very nicely done review.

    Second, the comments here are amusing. I especially love the comments that think of the 100 year old design as being “tired”. How many things can these folks mention that was designed a century ago and yet still work so well today?

  • Nick

    I have the Nitron Rail, basically the same gun, just with a rail and in 5″. When I bought it (not long ago) I shot about 400 rounds of 230 FMJ Fiocchi and haven’t had one single failure.

    This last weekend I shot in a few hours 300 of my own reloads using 230 plated (not FMJ) bullets and a mix of cases. Not one single failure.

    I’ve never tried hollow points but actually I want to try some today (if the range sells any). I also have semi wadcutter bullets that I will reload and will try them soon.

    • Nick,

      I have the same 1911R, 5″ and have fired a lot of 185 grain SWC and have not had a single FTF or malfunction. I generally shoot 230 grain hardball but just a heads up that 185 grain semi wad cutters had no problems.

      • Nick

        Thanks, Miles, good to know about the SWC.

        I just shot the first hollow points through my 1911 and had zero problems. I used Fiocchi XTPHP 230 gr and Speer LE Gold Dot 230 gr.

        Now I started thinking about getting another Sig 1911… I guess I’m sick… If I get another 1911 I probably should get another brand, but I really love those Sigs. And then a P220…

  • Dustin

    I have had the pleasure to own a SIG 1911. It was the Scorpion 5″. My first 1911 and non polymer gun too. Superb weapon. I used it as a ccw weapon with a Galco King Tuk holster and LOVED IT!!! I fed it all different kinds of ammo to find which one worked best. I never had any ftf or fte. Gun was more accurate than any other handgun I have had. The external extractor and hogue g10 grips were the biggest selling point for me. I will always love a Glock 21 but there is something special about the look and feel of a 1911 in my opinion. Thanks

  • JimD

    Be advised the Sig 1911 being reviewed has REDWOOD grips, not ROSEWOOD grips.

    • Sorry JimD, but I have this gun, and they are rosewood, definitely not redwood grips.