Turn a HK-33 into a StG 44

Prexis are manufacturing a conversion kit to convert a H&K HK-33 rifle into a StG 44-esque clone, chambered in the original 8mm “Kurz” (7.92x33mm) cartridge.

The $560 kit provides barrel, front-sight, charging handle, handguard, bolt head and instructions for modifying the bolt carrier and HK-33 magazines. To put the kit together a HK33 flat1 receiver ($150 – $200), HK33 parts kit ($300 – $400) and AK rear sight & block ($30 – $40) are required. This puts the total cost of the build in the $1000 – $1150 range. Not cheap.

A cheaper option for gun nuts craving the famous StG-44 will be the .22 LR ATI StG 44 rifle, although the rifle is not yet on sale.

[Hat Tip: Casatic]

  1. A flat receiver is literally a receiver that is flat, in other words, one that is not yet stamped. 

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  • Aurelien

    Looks more like the STG-45, basis of the CAEM 1950 which became the CETME/G3 rifle.

    So basically, it’s reverse evolution.

  • Andrew

    Oh god its hideous. What will bubba do next?

  • Mark

    It certainly looks more like a StG 45(M).

  • I agree, the round forend looks much like the Mauser Stg.45(M), which is the grand-dad of the HK line of roller-dealyed weapons

  • Anton

    I would recommend these guys for real awesomeness:


    Íf you don’t want any of the guns on that site, it means you’re not really into guns. 😛

  • Ray

    That thing is an abomination and an insult to both H&K and the StG44. Nuke it from orbit, it’s the only way to be sure!

  • Gage

    That thing looks ugly. I don’t see why anyone would by it.

  • Leonard

    I know about one German manufacturer that makes StG 44 clones (also in 7,92 mm×33) called Sport-Systeme Dittrich (see http://www.ssd-weapon.com/web_en/produkte_en.htm ). Dunno if they ship to the US though (or wheter import restrictions apply).
    I’m also pretty sure there are other companies making these kind of “remakes”

  • snmp

    In fact, Mauser prototype “Gerat 06H” for the Sturmgeweh 45 project by Mauser Or STG45 (M).

  • JonMac

    Yep, Stg 45 (M) / Gerat 06 lookey-likey.

  • charles222

    To be fair, 1100 dollars is about what a good fancy AR goes for nowadays (if you’re content with plastic handguards and so on, anyway). And this is actually unique-looking, so I’d say it’s worth it.

  • mike

    Why wouldnt you make it in 7.62x39mm and just go for the look. Ammo for this is gonna cost a fortune!

  • John Smith.

    I would say and MKb42(W)… Walther made the prototype… It hand an annular piston drive and was rejected due to the thermal expansion problems of the barrel, piston and receiver…

  • Lance

    Looks fun but 7.92×33 is so hard to fine your better off with a 22LR copy or stick with 5.56mm NATO.

  • zincorium

    That honestly looks more like something you’d find for sale in the khyber pass or rural phillipines.

  • alex

    or you can buy a nice replica from sport systeme dittrich

  • Komrad

    being in 7.82 kurz is cool, everything else is not
    now, if someone made a better conversion kit that actually looked like it, maybe it would be cool
    but that just looks like a bad copy

  • Joe

    Market must be purdy shitty. HK33s? where do you get one?

    They should’ve opted for the G3/HK/PTR-91

  • At least two errors here:

    * It’s a simulation of a prototype weapon, the StG 45(M). According to Wikipedia, parts for 30 rifles were available by the war’s end. After the war, engineers involved in this project went on to develop the Cetme;

    * In this case, the receiver blank *has been stamped*. However, it is not a tube, it has to bent to form the receiver and various additional holes drilled (and heat treated).

    It would be awesome in some kind of alternative-history movie!

  • Aurelien

    Joe : I don’t know if it’s available in the US, but in Europe there are HK33 copys made by MKEK available.

  • jim

    Title is wrong. Prexis offers a kit to turn a HK-33 parts kit into a StG45. See Prexis’s website. They also offer a complete parts kit to resemble a StG44 in 223. Prexis calls it an AR44.