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  • jdun1911

    It is one of the best survival rifle out there.

  • SpudGun

    Never fired the Papoose, but a friend of mine had an AR-7 back in the day and he absolutely loved it. From a practical standpoint, it’s light, easy to carry, simple to assemble / disassemble and the ammo is cheap and plentiful.

    However, it’s biggest benefit is that you can pretend to be a CIA sniper on a covert mission against the Rooskis, even though you’re just shooting at old Coke cans in your back yard. 🙂

  • Tam

    What’s not to like? It’s cheap, it’s reliable, and I just leave the stainless steel one in its little takedown case in the trunk of the car without worry about it rusting or anything, because you never know when you might want a .22 rifle…

  • skipsul

    Nice model. I’ve got the big brother Marlin Model 60 which is just excellent.

  • Derek

    I love my Papoose. I had a shoe repair place sew some high strength webbing with some D rings on the outside of the case, which allows me to carry in the case dissembled across my back with the rifle sling that goes on the gun. It is almost completely unnoticeable and comfortable to carry like that, although it is small enough to easily fit in a day pack.

    Mine has a Simmons scope on it. The case is roomy enough to hold plenty of ammo and mags, and I also have some fire starting material and some other survival stuff in there.

    Even if you use the wrench to tighten the barrel nut, you will probably have to re-tighten if you are putting a lot of rounds through it. I’ve had it loosen up before, and I could figure out why my shots started walking down the target.

    Remington subsonic rounds feed perfectly, and are more quiet then most air rifles.

    I am going camping tomorrow, and my Papoose fits easily into areas under the storage area in our SUV. My kids are way too young to take this out and plink, but it is a very nice piece of gear to have along.

    It is one of my favorites, although I’m going to have to check for corrosion, which seems a bit weird on stainless steel? I guess I did through a couple of desiccant packets in there for that reason.

  • Beaumont

    It’s a winner for its intended purpose. Nearly as compact as the vaunted AR-7, and MUCH more functional. They are surprisingly accurate, possibly due to the barrel being free to vibrate. I find it best to not hold the barrel or rest it on anything, but rather hold the fore-end (such as it is). In fact, now that I consider it, a Magpul AFG might be handy, mounted just forward of the magazine.

  • JD

    I know what me feels though. I have owned all the black rifles (FS2000, various AR’s, G3 & CETME, various AK’s, etc…) but I still love my dirt cheap $80 some odd dollar Mosin Nagant M91/30. It is just fun.

  • texasplinker

    glad to see i am not the only one given to shooting in sandals. i catch an undue amount of crap for that.

  • JamesF

    My favorite gun by far is my Beretta NEOS .22 carbine. It’s very short – as short as my AUG – since it has a 16″ barrel and you load the magazines into the grip (it started life as a pistol after all) and it’s also very light. Accuracy was good with a 1-4x scope, but I switched to a cheap and light red dot for general range fun.

  • John Smothers

    A single shot survival rifle is a joke, in the lower 48 states. you will not need a gun to shoot food, you will need it to defend yourself, from people, dog packs, or rabid animals. Finishing off a fleeing cripple, or just “catching up” to a rabbit or squirrel, (which has been slowed down by a fence or other obstacle), is quite feasible with an autoloader, but not a single shot. It makes a lot more sense, tho, to have an M4 and a .22 conversion unit, so that you have a lot more power, range and penetration than any .22lr can offer, when and if you need such.

    • Steve

      John Smothers…Obviously you aren’t very familiar with the Marlin Model 70PSS. This is a semi-automatic .22 that can be equipped with 10 round mag, and scope, and still be taken down. I love mine, and have never had an issue with it. Very light, fits in a small package, and easily tucked away for when you need it. Keep it in the Marlin Case, and this little guy floats. Much easier to carry and store than your suggestions. Try one out sometime, you just might like it!

  • Cynergyzed

    I love mine, it does maintain zero ..after I messed around a bit with how tight the barrel had to be. I have it with me when I go mountain biking, I cover some rough terrain, and I would not want to get stuck out in the middle of the mountain without it. I also have a Marlin model 60, they are both great .22’s.

  • I miss my papoos, I have been looking for a replacement for about 6 months, prefer the wooden stock, dont know why??? lol , i know the stainless benefits, at this point would buy either or. Anyone know where to look????? Please.