FLIR Scout PS-Series PS24 / PS32

On two occasions I have had the opportunity to use FLIR thermal imagine scopes. They are very impressive, but so are their price tags. With a relatively low price of $1,999, the new FLIR Scout PS24 Thermal Camera brings thermal imaging within the reach of many consumers who need thermal capabilities for hunting or for locating lost people or livestock.

Unlike image intensifier night vision technology, which amplifies all the available visible and near-infrared light, thermal imaging system operate exclusively in non-visible infrared electromagnetic radiation. Because we are not able to see infrared radiation, the device instead creates a representation of what it detects and displays it on a small digital screen. The screen resolutions of the consumer models are low. The PS24 and PS32 have a 240×180 and 320×240 pixel screen respectively. You view the screen by looking through the view finder, like an optical scope, or by plugging in another device, for example a TV or computer, into the video output port.

A grazing bovine. Taken in the White Hot palette.

The Scout displays temperature contrast. This means that as long as the object you are trying to locate is of significantly different temperature to the surroundings, it will be immediately obvious. In the White Hot palette white represents the hottest temperatures and black the coolest. The Black Hot palette is the reverse and the InstAlert palette highlights very warm objects, such as people, in red.

What most people don’t realize is that the temperature contrast works just as well during the day as it does at night.

Deer in a forest, also taken in the White Hot palette.
Model Scout PS24
Detector Type 240×180 VOx Microbolometer
Digital Zoom No
USB Port Software Updates/Upgrades/Charging
Video Output NTSC or PAL Composite Video; 9 Hz Refresh Rate
Weight (with battery) 12 oz
Size (L × W × H) 6.70” x 2.31” x 2.44” (172 × 58.7 × 62 mm)
Battery Type Internal Battery/Li-Ion
Battery Life (Operating) 5+ Hours Typical
Range Detect Man-Sized Target ~350 yds
MSRP (Price) $1,999

Steve Johnson

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  • Adam

    I’ve been waiting for this nearly as long as I’ve been waiting for a flying car. Glad to see someone finally come through.

  • Sian

    Now all it needs is a rail mount.

  • This would be great for us dying to get our hands on something like the Trijicon ATWS but affordable

  • howlingcoyote

    Just thing to hunt wild hogs at night in Texas!

  • Andrew

    I don’t know if I’m suppose to be impressed or not at the $2k price point, but I’m disappointed. It’s lower resolution than Gen 1 NV, with a slow update rate ( 9hz :^p ), and likely has a low amount of zoom. If this was $500, or if it was 320×240/24hz, then I’d be excited.

  • charles222

    From the various thermal optics I’ve handled in the military that’s actually decent resolution.

  • Nohi

    I love the price point on this. I am hoping if MSRP is $2K, we can get close to $1500 street pricing. The only thing I don’t care for it a 9hz refresh rate. Unfortunely, FLIR has lowered the refresh rate for civilian sales. They still offer 25-30hz refresh rate for the LEO units.

  • romald

    1999 dollars cheapesst one yett this is good for ocean rescue or criminal activitys we have a lot of crime in hawaii and this is exactly what we need

  • Nohi

    I have seen the First Mate MS-24 for $1700. It is very similar to the PS-24, so I bet you can get one at that price as well.

  • hootie

    another unimpressed reader; what’s the ambient temp at least? at those ranges an ir light and cheap night vision scope would serve and if it’s daylight then opening eyelids would work just as well as a $2,000 gadget

  • Daniel

    I got my ps24 3 weeks ago and had several night fun with it. That thing is amazing. I can detect foxes up to 300 meters, hogs to 400 meters.
    My best hunting stuff in the last years.
    Technical question: does anyone know how to get access to it with a pc? Pressing an button combination on start or so? USB is only charging, but there must be way get this connected.

  • @nohi the lower refresh rate is due to government restrictions, anything more and you would have to get proper documentation from the government if you were traveling outside the US or even just going through airport security. These are great surveillance gadgets too!
    @Daniel the USB cable is only used for charging and installing firmware updates. The scout ps series are designed more as night vision viewers than cameras like their scout ts24 Pro that allows you to capture photos and record video. Your ps24 has a freeze frame feature but doesn’t keep it memory for you to download later.

  • Daniel

    @Kings Flir Scout
    yes it is correct, that you can not save videos or photos with the PS24, because it has not function in it. BUT: on the bottom side are 4 pins for a “hot shoe” like the H-Series from Flir. One pair is for charging the cam and one pair is for the TV (analogue) output. I put a wire with videosignal + and – to it and got the picture to my TV. (GREAT!!!!!) Next step was to buy a cheap DVR Media-Recorder with AV-IN. Got it for 50$ and now I can save videos and photos.
    I do not have a hotshoe for the PS-series now. So I will ask flir to get one, because the preparation is there. Only the shoe is missing.

    • Wade


      Is the video output to your tv smooth or choppy? Is the refresh rate still 9Hz via the hotshoe video output, as it is with the built-in viewfinder display?


      • Hi,
        the video output is still 9Hz. But meanwhile I think its fine for me. I use my unit now for 6 month up to two times a week and it is a big help.


    • jfarrant

      I designed a hot shoe if anyone’s interested. Check it out at

  • Real World Gear

    It’s great to see the price drop on Thermal Imagers, I can remember when they were $15K minimum. I may have to update our night vision buyers guide. A FLIR scout complimented with an iGen would make for a very practical package. Use the Scout for detection and the iGen for Identification.

  • We just got in a bunch of these FLIR units in. They are priced at $1999.99 and by far worth it.

  • Hub

    Hi all
    i have a hot shoe for the scout ps/24/32 Reach me via e- mail

    • hi, i have a flir scout ps24 model, and im been looking for a hotshoe that would fit this particular model, could you please tell me were you purchased
      your hotshoe and from were? thanks.


    • Hi Hub,
      I’m very interested in the hot shoe. Can you please make me an offer for it?

      Thank you…Daniel (firebirder(at)

    • Guy Giroux

      Hub: I’d love to get the hot shoe from you or from who you recommend. Does it have contact points for the four contacts on the bottom of the PS 24, 32? Thanks

    • marc

      Could you tell me where to buy the hot shoe for the Ms 32

  • Hi everyone,

    I recently purchased a flir scout ps24 model, i was wondering if any of you always wanted to have a zoom feature added to the flir scout ps24 model, i know the flir scout ps32 model has 2x zoom function, but the ps24 model dosen’t have any zoom at all, and for the price of the flir ps32 model is way to expensive to afford, so i done some research and i have found a lens that can be added to your flir scout ps models, it works really great for me, this lens is a 3x afocal germanium lens available from various websites online, the price range is still high, but well worth it, only cost me about $1,099.00 and if you have a flir scout ps32 model with the 3x afocal germanium lens added together, you would have a total of 5x zoom capability! this is a perfect combination that i wouldn’t want to miss out on!!!


    • The PS32 is only a thousand dollars more mate. Why buy a two grand unit and a thousand dollar 3rd party lens when the higher rez unit with zoom is the same price?

      I use the size up from this, their TS series, which has the same size sensor as the PS32 and it is substantially clearer and brighter. The only limitation of the TS is that instead of a pocket size unit they’re more like an SLR camera kind of size.

      Not as nice for backpacking I’m afraid.

    • Carabine

      Jacob, can you tell as how you fixe this lens on the Flir ?

  • First off, I’m not going to pay three thousand dollars for a ps32 model that has only a 2x digital zoom, when the picture will be blurred when you use a 2x digital zoom vs optical zoom, by the way, my third party lens is a 3x optical zoom lens, which sees farther and clearer than 2x digital zoom, the only difference is the microbolometer detector array size, but the picture quality on the ps24 model and 3x lens combined is well worth it!

    • Igor

      Hi Jacob
      I spend a lot of time trying to find 3x magnifier for my Flir PS32
      I will really appreciate if you you send me send me a link where you bought
      3x afocal germanium lens for your device and how you connect it. I believe that many people will be interested


      • Daniel

        Hi Igor,
        have a look on and search for the item numer 190640678529.

        Best regards…Daniel