Blackwater USA is Back!

In February 2009, after many scandals, litigation and other PR disasters, Blackwater USA infamously rebranded themselves as Xe Services. We were puzzled when Mossberg announced a range of Blackwater USA branded shotguns. Then last month the situation became clearer when, at E3, a Blackwater videogame was announced for the XBox 360. Whoever owns the Blackwater trademarks1 , clearly have plans to milk it for all its worth.

TFB contributor Richard noticed that their old website is now back online and features the above “IS BACK” image with the Blackwater logo. The site hosts an ecommerce store, not yet fully setup, with product categories for Tactical Gear, Knives, Patches, Clothing, Games, Luggage and even Paintball.

The domain is registered to someone named “BlackWater BlackWater” with a LA address.

Registrant Contact:
   BlackWater BlackWater ()

   308 Catalina Avenue
   Los Angeles, CA 90277

Administrative Contact:
   **BlackWater BlackWater (blackwaterproducts at**
   308 Catalina Avenue
   Los Angeles, CA 90277

Technical Contact:
   **BlackWater BlackWater (blackwaterproducts at**
   308 Catalina Avenue
   Los Angeles, CA 90277

It seems bizarre that a much a sullied brandname is still commercially viable.

Blackwater Mossberg 500 Cruiser

  1. A generically Delaware corporation called PG Investments of Virginia

Steve Johnson

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  • Michael Pham

    Well it remains viable a brandname to many- people generally take Blackwater to be a mercenary band but the majority of what they do is training.

    I more or less think of them as just another company- in their mercenary services they’re hardly the most scurrilous. If we had any qualms with hiring people to do our killing for us (not that that’s what the vast majority of their contracts entail; they mostly protect high value targets) we wouldn’t be hiring them and they wouldn’t be doing it.

    Still, I admit, I don’t exactly have a rosy view of whatever sort of blackwater fanboy apparently exists.

  • SpudGun

    Oh Jebus H. Crispies, I can’t believe this tainted brand is back. However, they are aiming their products at the video game / paintball crowd, who obviously think the Blackwater brand is still ‘cool’.

    Normally, video game plots involve you fighting an evil private army that kills innocent people indiscriminately – I’m sure the irony will be lost completely by the players and developers of the Blackwater game.

  • Cymond

    “It seems bizarre that a much a sullied brandname is still commercially viable.” They’re called ‘mall ninjas’

    Actually, the Blackwater Mossbergs are just variants of their normal product line, and some of the variants are perfectly viable combat/defensive shotguns. I’d personally cover the Blackwater logo, but to each his own.

  • Ramsey

    Maybe Mossberg can release a special limited edition Lon Horouchi model to go with the DEA special and the Blackwater. What a tone deaf company. I love the guns, but the company seems to stand on the wrong side of liberty.

  • Mike

    Prince still owns the rights.

  • Marsh626

    The only people who despise Blackwater are the people who would never buy their products – anti-gun and anti-war leftists.

    Patriot gun owners love Blackwater, the company and the work they did.

    So bringing the name back is like a big middle finger to the PC crowd, which will be great for their business.

  • j

    i love blackwater

  • jaekelopterus

    Hey, people buy Nazi SS memorabilia so why not?

  • Komrad

    I just want to know why.

  • Cam

    The reason their brand is still viable is because the types of people Blackwater labelled gear would be bought by are those Call of Duty playing pimple faced teens who want to either be in the US SPECIAL FORCES OPERATING ALL DAY HOOAH, or in a SUPER BADASS PMC LIKE BLACKWATER YEAH.

    So these kids probably don’t even know of the controversy and the fact that it’s now Xe.

  • Flak

    It feels like the name is less “sullied”, and more “infamous”. Whatever transgressions Blackwater USA committed, they weren’t anything that touched the nerve of an average American. As many people will tell you, being infamous isn’t such a bad thing. Especially when you’re looking to sell paintball gear, I guess.

  • Daniel

    Sullied? I give my whole hearted support to those PMC’s who wore the Blackwater name, and I still support Blackwater to this very day.

  • Lance

    Good the whole attack on Blackwater was by anti-war activists and liberals. The brand name on guns will only egg anti gunners so not a bad move.

  • Pete

    History is very clear regarding mercenary groups and Civilizations:

    -They are nothing but trouble.
    -They are the product of a decadent society that became involved in wars they shouldnt be involved with and now they cant even find enough soldiers to fight those wars properly or even defend their own country.

    The rise of mercenary groups all over the West speaks volumes about the decadence of Western Civilization.

    Dont shoot the messenger…

  • Burst

    Che Guevara T-shirts, anyone?

  • CRCobb

    “It seems bizarre that a much a sullied brandname is still commercially viable.” Badass is cool, even though it’s cool for dark reasons. Not to draw a direct comparison, but not all Mausers with Waffen SS markings are collected because they are collectible.

  • Steven

    It seems bizarre that a much a sullied brandname is still commercially viable.

    Perhaps it really isn’t that sullied? I’m guessing the “right people” who tisk-tisk companies like Xe are not in the market for FPS video games, pump shotguns and other tactical gear.

  • chrispy

    Even if I were planning on buying a Mossberg product in the future, this and the DEA model have changed my mind. Remington is looking better and better…

  • Iraq Ninja

    Pete, you sadly mistaken.

    Last month I finished up over seven years as a security contractor in Iraq. I was one of the few who saw the beginning and the end.

    Though I worked for a different company, I often worked along side BW while they were in Iraq. On April 15th, 2005, they helped save my ass on route Irish. Their teams would often come to the aid of our teams that were in trouble.

    Today’s contractors have little in common with Mercs of ages past. I know, not because of what I read in a history book, but because I lived it.

    Don’t shoot the operator…

  • fmonk

    Odd. Google maps turns up a residence. Anyone looking to buy from the site should be careful.

  • charles222

    Yeah, because *this* guy is just totally an anti-gun, anti-war librul. I guess I’m just spying on the enemy, right?

    We had a lovely incident in southern Baghdad in 2005 where a British PMC engaged an Iraqi Army checkpoint that had been extant for months, apparently out of blatant incompetence. All these guys do is make life more difficult for actual soldiers.

  • Bob Z Moose

    I’m seeing a lot of FPS hating out there. I love FPS’s, but have nothing but absolutely despise Blackwater. I thought the BW guns were silly to begin with. The Mossberg was nothing more than a 500 Crusier with a breaching barrel and the P226 and Sig 1911 BW’s just had the logo on them. Stupid…

  • jdun1911

    The only people that think Blackwater is bad are the liberals. The liberal medias did a great job making them look back.

    Blackwater is a powerful brand before their name change and still is within the community. Militaries around the world still send their people to train in blackwater/Xe.

    People throw around word mercenary with Blackwater and now SS, IMO stupid. Brainwashed by the liberal media to a point that they can’t think for themselves. To lazy to find the truth.

    Blackwater is a PSD/training company. Protective Security Detail is a fancy phase meaning body/security guards. The majority of their employee came from the US military. A lot of them had combat experience. A lot of them came from Special Operation. Most are former Navy Seal or in support of Seal operations. The founder of Blackwater Erik Prince, is a former Navy Seal, Team 8 IIRC. He saw a lot of combat.

    Because Blackwater had so many experience combat people, with so much links to the US military, and a short drive to the largest Naval/Military complex in the world, they were the first to be called up when the US government needed help. They didn’t go to the government/military. The government/military came to them.

    Their job was to protect/guard buildings and to protect/guard people so they can do their work. It free up a lot of front line military personnel to fight the insurgents. That was their primary purpose in Iraq.

  • subase

    If they want to win the public back, then all Blackwater needs to do is throw some money at a few video game developers and get their Blackwater contractors in a cool FPS game.

    And military contractors exist due to the lack of political will to wage war, and so costs in the form of american soldiers deaths need to distorted so voters can feel less bad.

  • SpudGun

    I’m not going to get into a flame war or take the troll bait and I’m sad that some regular posters who should know better are letting their emotions rule their brains.

    Blackwater has been charged with everything from killing a lot of innocent people to illegal gun running and has only avoided prosecution because the State Department stepped in and absolved them of their crimes. This is not ‘anti-gun, anti-war, liberal media bias’, this is fact.

    If you believe that heavily armed men that are allowed to kill with impunity and ignore both the rules of engagement and the rule of law should be celebrated, then we have different concepts of what constitutes patriotism.

  • fmonk


    You speak the truth, but people will always believe what they want to believe. That’s why we, as a collective, never learn from history… partially why we’re in a war that even our own soldiers don’t want to be (geez, I just had a deja vu moment).

  • sal

    So is the current Blackwater USA related to Xe in any way?

  • jdun1911


    You have no idea of what you’re talking about.

    There were casualties and unfortunately innocent civilians was used as human shield or caught in the cross fire. That happen in any war.

    Bad apples? Yeah but so did the US military, any military. Mistake were made? Yes but so does every organizations that was base there. The difference is that the liberal media brainwashed the general public into thinking that Blackwater was the bad guy and not the terrorists that used innocent people to kill others.

    It remind me of a guy that was taken by terrorists and force to drive the car full of bombs to a US compound. You know what he did. He stop the car and blow himself up and terrorist behind him before reaching gate. He saved a lot of Americans.

    It also reminds me of terrorists using kids and babies as human shields and bombers.


    There is no distorting of American death. Any American death in a war zone will be reported.

    Blackwater/Xe does not care about what the general public thinks. They do not care about winning back the heart and mind of liberal Americans.

    They got a lot of Special Operators/Police/Military/etc around the world training in their compound. That’s their customer base. And these organizations paying good money for the training.

  • Pinas

    “The only people who despise Blackwater are the people who would never buy their products – anti-gun and anti-war leftists.

    Patriot gun owners love Blackwater, the company and the work they did.

    So bringing the name back is like a big middle finger to the PC crowd, which will be great for their business.”

    Right on!

    Welcome back and long live!!!

    • V

      I wonder if they are going to employ me back into the game, no one pays as well as Blackwater usa. Still can’t believe that we’re suffering £600/day in doing high risk security.

      Please come back to the industry Mr. Prince