XS Sights Range Report

New Jovian Thunderbolt got his gunsmith to install XS Sights on his 1911 Commander and has published a range report.

The rear sight has no notch. Bit of a sway back. You might wander that big front sight around in that shallow saddle and not line it up with the post to make a perfect lollipop. Also, that front sight is BIG. It covers a lot of the target. You aren’t going to aim at a bad guys left eye and decide against that and shift to the right eye when he’s 20 yards away. You know what? I’m not good enough to do that anyway. So the problem the sights present are a bit moot.

Steve Johnson

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  • AK-Adventurer

    That was awfully definative(sarcasm).

    Was that a like ’em or not?

  • jdun1911

    I bought a CD Browning High Power from CDNN for $250 (IIRC) new that came with XS sight. The sight alone cost over $100 so I figure it was a very good deal.

    They are good sights but the problem is that the sight operate differently than a standard normal sight.

  • Thanks for the link, Steve!

  • Rex

    I also bought the CD HP with the XS sights.
    It did not take long for these to become my favorite SD sight package.
    It’s certainly not for target work, but noting else lines up quicker for me than the XS sights. It’s just natural.

  • I posted this comment/reply to NJT’s blog, and wanted to post it here as well:


    There’s better sight choices out there.