Magnum Research MR9 / MR40 Eagle “Fast Action” Pistol, Walther P99 Clone

Without much fanfare, Magnum Research has been manufacturing a licensed clone of the Walther P99 pistol called the MR “Fast Action” pistol. The polymer frames and steel accessory rail are made by Walther in Germany and shipped to the USA where the slide, barrel and other internal parts are made. It is functionally identical to the Walther P99.

The pistol comes in two varieties, the MR9, chambered in 9mm, and the MR40 chambered in .40 S&W.

The MR Eagle Series from Magnum Research is a joint American/German effort featuring a black polymer frame with integral steel rails imported from Walther in Germany, a 416 stainless steel slide and a 4140 CrMo steel barrel machined in the USA and assembled and shipped from our Pillager, MN factory. The MR Eagle is a striker fire design and is available in two popular calibers, 9mm and the .40 S&W. Additional features include a fully adjustable rear sight for wind- age, three replaceable palm swells for various hand sizes and shooting styles, interchangeable front sight blades of different heights, hammer forged barrel, full Picatinny rail and internal safety devices.

Model MR40
Caliber .40 S&W
Capacity 11+1 Rounds
Trigger DA/SA
Finish Stainless / Polymer
Barrel Length 4.15-inches
Twist RH Rifling 1 in 16″, 6 Groove
Height 5.31-inches
Width 1.28-inches
Length 7.28-inches
Weight Empty 26.4 oz/748 grams
Sights Rear Adjustable for Windage, Front Fixed
MSRP $699

The Eagle Fast Action is not the first Walther P99 licensed clone. S&W manufactured a clone called the SW99, also using imported frames, and Radom manufactures a clone called the P99 RAD for the Polish military.

If you own a Walther P99 or PPQ, MR9 magazines have been tested by a blogger and they apparently work very well in the new Walther PPQ, and so they probably work fine in a P99.

Steve Johnson

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  • armed_partisan

    I can’t believe the P99 has been around so long that there are numerous licensed copies! I remember when it came out, and I was like “COOL! The new James Bond gun has interchangeable backstraps!”

    All I can say for it is “at least it’s not as ugly as the SW99”.

  • Woodroez

    Looking at this gun just makes me uncomfortable. Like, you look at those wavy lines that run along the side of the grip their and instantly you think of the kind of shoes you may find in the mall that don’t specifically have ‘the Swoop’ or three lines somewhere, but it does have an arch or FOUR lines or something. It kinda feels illicit regardless of it being a licensed product.

    That said, I’ve liked Walther’s pistol designs and would like someday to shoot one.

  • Doug

    That’s quite disapointing, I was hoping for something innovating from Magnum Research, not a copy of a “blah” pistol.

  • Bob Z Moose

    Saw this on their site about a year ago. Seems like no one really cared. Never seen them in gun stores and never heard much about them on gun forums. They seem to be going over like the MRI 1911. Didn’t know they made one? That makes two of us.

  • Paul

    I wish my Walther was the only one that had that look.

  • Sorry, I can’t believe this marketing bullshit about German and US manufacture.

    I think it is just another Turkish replica of the P99. At least two companies are manufacturing them in Turkey, and label them with wahetever you pay for.

    • Manufacturer

      I’d hate to burst your bubble, but the slides are manufactured in Minnesota; in fact, the pistol itself is assembled complete in Minnesota.

  • User


  • Adam

    Great. I like it just as much as I liked the S&W when it came out. I suspect I will like the functionally identical (read horrendous) trigger just as much too.

    Shorten the trigger reach and figure out a way to make the trigger pull less terrible, and they might have had something for the legion of small handed shooters wishing for a smaller Glock.

  • Jeff

    is it just me or does anyone think the price tag is a bit high for a walther clone

  • Other Steve

    The P99 is probably one of if not the best handgun I own. COMPLETELY underrated.

    However, the Magnum Research is not exactly identical to any P99. The rail is not like any P99 and the mag release for some odd reason is not larger (Gen3) version, but the original small version (Gen1). I think they really screwed up on the mag release.

    Oh, one other thing they absolutely screwed up on… WTF is with “Baby” Eagle!? I mean, the last one they had (the IMI/Bul/CZ Clone) was called baby eagle, but at least it said “desert eagle” on the gun itself. This one actually has the words “BABY EAGLE” on it. Am I a 12yo girl that thinks baby eagles are cool?

    I will never buy this gun and I LOVE P99s. I’d find a police trade in Walther P99 AS over this any day of the week. Too many poor choices on their part.

  • Jake

    Now wait. This is strange to me.

    The Poles’ clone looks like a second generation gun, with the elongated mag release, different slide serrations and release lever, and a more streamlined grip.

    This one here looks like the SW99, using the old serrations, slide release and even the trigger.

    Why wouldn’t MRI produce the new version? Would Walther not let them?

  • Lance

    Never was a P-99 fan nier was really anyone else in the Law Enforcement/Security/Military world. A Glock Beretta or S&W are far better guns anyway.

    Only 007 was the only P99 fan on the BIG screen anyway. LOL

    • Loadedvoid

      Former military and law enforcement and I wouldn’t rather trust my life to any thing other than my SW99 in .40, and I own the others that you mentioned quite a few of us at the club have a preference for the 99 models and clones. Best pistol I have ever fired though I do wish it came in 10mm.

  • Vyse

    I wonder if they have any plans on releasing a compact version.

    • Manufacturer

      Not as of yet.

  • Mike

    Walther’s P99 MSRP is $825.00

  • Todd

    Why should I buy a clone of the P99 when I can buy the genuine article for less? Walther makes handguns of outstanding quality and their reputation as an innovator is highly regarded. Thank you anyway, but I think I will stick with my original plan to buy a 9mm P99AS and forego the clone-hype.

  • howlingcoyote

    So one gets a popular model and competators copy it. We got the Walther p-99, the S&W 99 and now the MR9. Yawn.
    Why don’t they chamber it in 357 Sig, 38-45, 38 Super, 10mm Auto?

    • Bruce

      10 mm would be so freaking awesome

      • Krei

        Sign me up. Not sure if there would be sufficient room for the longer 10mm cartridge though.

  • Mike

    Who Made The Slides For The SW99? Kahr Does A Lot Of Manufacturing For Other Firms Like NAA. Kahr Owns Magnum Research Now.

  • Anon

    I think the main thing that this (rather bland) clone has going for it is what Walther themselves did with the styling of the PPQ…yikes!

  • ian

    Just bought this a few days ago shoots fantastic comes with 2 mags extra grips and sights too excellent gun for the money

  • me

    So… Walther had some leftover SW99 slides, and needed to make a deal with someone to get them out of the warehouse?

    • Manufacturer

      Actually, the slide are not “leftover”. They are manufactured in Minnesota by the best damn CNC operators in the Midwest. Just wait a couple months until these new slides hit the display. They are a lot tighter than the older ones, I can guarantee you that!

      • RSCamaro

        I just bought the MR9 tonight. I was looking for the Baby D.E.2 and was going to order it, but decided to look at the MR9 again. The mag release, the decocker, and the slide release all are in the right place for me. If I don’t like it (I’m sure I will), I will go and order the steel Baby Eagle 2 and be pleased with that.

  • mikey

    I would have bought the walther or the Mr
    Version but both have a trigger that is suited
    For the hands of a child

  • markpetersonii

    I wonder if I can get a Military and MN resident discount? 😀