Glock 1911 : Real or Fake?

Fake. Definitely fake.

Not that they are likely to ever product a 1911, but if they did it would have a polymer frame and be called the G40 (the newest model Glock pistol is the G39 and hatever it may be, the next is expected to be called the G40).

[ Many thanks to wizemanful for emailing me the photo. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • Rob

    Fake. I can tell from the pixels and from seeing quite a few shops in my time.

  • Bob Z Moose

    Can’t tell if it’s ‘shopped or if it’s just a really good custom job. Looks really cool either way…

  • subase

    The only way the above is possible if Glock somehow figured out a way to make polymer look like steel.

  • aubrey

    That looks very much like a sig 1911 XO

  • armed_partisan

    OMG! That’s FUNNY!

  • michael

    it does look nice.

  • Please, please, please be real….

    I would like one, but i hope their no polymer.

  • gLuck

    It’s real.

  • SpudGun

    Lolz! This is hilarious, the obvious culmination of two such iconic brands must be a wet dream to some people. The ergos of the 1911 and the reliability of the Glock producing a firearm much greater then the sum of it’s parts.

    However, after watching ‘The Expendables’, combining all of your favorite things into one package doesn’t always equate to quality.

  • While that one is fake, how long before someone is inspired to make one?

  • Paracelsus

    Every gun nut should recognize hand & sleeve as belonging to Ken Lunde’s father at Shot Show 2010. Gun is an Ed Brown Molon Labe Special. See here for the original picture:

  • Nick Pacific

    I wouldn’t mindd a polymer single stack, or a double stack that took glock mags. Of course then the grip angle would be all whacked out, but it’s not like the 356 other companies making 1911 clones have it perfect either.

  • MarkM

    $429 retail.

    Aww, cmon, I know some of you would carry it just to be “that guy” at the range. I would. The G41 Concealed Commander would be a major seller.

    They should field a competition team. Imagine the headline and photos of winning major matches with a plastic 1911. Todd Jarrett with an evil smile leering over a closeup view with all the slide markings.

    This one peek presold 50,000. Every Glock owner with a chunk of change burning in his pocket would open carry it whenever he could. No Texas barbecue would be safe. The homeowner would need to add doorcheckers on loan from the TSA to enforce a “Steel only” dress code.

    “I’ll never buy Tupperware!” would be as truthful as a NY politician claiming he never tweeted personal photos. Yeaahh, sure.

    Glock now has a seriously presold market to deny getting out of this. Talk about a market test. Distributors coming to Glock with orders of 1,000 units are really no laughing matter. The whole kink is it would take minimum 24 months to ship once Gaston signs off.

  • Michael
  • Andrew

    The Glock VS 1911 discussion is forever chambered. Meet the G40.

  • aeronathan

    Well that’s 7 different levels of firearms blasphemy…

  • ThomasD

    Whoever did that certainly did a nice job (photo shop or otherwise.) But they really should have added a Glock trigger safety lever (even if entirely cosmetic) for full effect.

  • Squidpuppy

    Rather nice ‘shop effort. From what I’ve been able to find elsewhere on the web, this is from an Ed Brown Molon Labe 1911 promo shot. Fun pic, though.

  • Lance

    Wish it was real!

  • Bandito762

    Doesn’t look uncomfortable enough to be a glock.

  • If they made one, I would buy it. That’s the only way I’d own a Glock. It has a very good operating system and functionality, but it just doesn’t fit my hand. Glock makes a 1911, I’ll own a Glock.

  • Nicks87

    I almost had an aneurysm…

    What about that Glock assault rifle?

  • Cymond

    They’d need to square up some of those curves if it were real.

  • Cam

    Reminds me of the obscene amounts of HK 1911 skins for Counter-Strike: Source. Some people would reskin the Desert Eagle to look like a 1911 that looks very similar to the one above, just with HK trademarks, for some reason.

  • My comments, verbatim:

    Oh, that’s just terrible
    (right-click, save image…)

  • There were two companies I thought would never produce a 1911 copy: Ruger and Glock … and see where that got me.

  • Komrad

    I’m not surprised Ruger did. They’re getting into markets that they’ve never been in before (striker fired pistols, ARs, hi-cap mags, scout rifles).

  • Jeremiah

    @SPQR, Lol.

    I think a glock 1911 would be awesome! It would end the “glock vs 1911” debate forever. My only question is, who wins if glock makes a 1911? The 1911 guys? Or the glock fanboys?

  • Nicks87


    Only way I’d ever buy another 1911 is if it were made by Glock.

    Go figure.

  • subase

    The only thing the 1911 really has going for it is the trigger. So what’s left for Glock is to provide an overhauled better trigger.

  • @Nicks87: That’s why there are so many different anythings. Food, the way food is prepared, firearms, operating systems, motorcycles, cars, name it. I prefer this, you’d rather have that. Long live difference!

  • kelly

    who would do that to a perfectly good 1911


    Definitely FAKE. You can tell its been photoshopped. What ever gun brand this really is, you can see that they are also advertising this gun in Stainless; per the poster in the rear. I dont think Glock would do a stainless one.

  • Nicks87


    I think everybody wins, lol!

  • WKMcCall

    A total photoshopped fake.

    1). The glock logo at the front, part of the “k” has been cloned out and corrected by mouse.

    2). Hot pixels around the 1911

    3). The “A” on Austria; the bottom part has been cloned out.

    4). the Glock logo on the grip isn’t on the correct horizontal plane in relation to the pistol’s slant.

  • i own almost all the glock pistols and i think they are tho most reliable pistols out there. my model 22 has 30,000 rounds put through it witl the factory barrel and it still knocks nails. I think a 1911 glock would be awsome i would buy one for sure.

  • Rob Roy

    I Don’t know Real or Fake without putting my hands on one. I’m sure that will be some time yet if they are truly Real. I know typical GUNSMITH answer, Right? After smithing 30+yrs I’ve seen it ALL!! My questions are 1) 70 or 80 series? 2) Hows that typical GLOCK trigger working for ya? Lastly if it is a FAKE than why is CHEEPER THAN DIRT advertising it? You’ll be seeing me on an ON CAMERA Job Interview With Will Haydon of SON”S OF GUNS soon. For now check out my U-Tube audition tape for TOP SHOT season 5. Under SSG Kinney. Hope to see ya on either one. Rob Roy. “SHOOT STRAIGHT AND BE SAFE”. I will buy one of these and test the HELL out of it rest assured if they truely are real…. LA’S FULL METAL JACKET–Later.

  • missnu

    RIP, wizemanful. Life isn’t the same without you.


    This is a bad azz gun if glock did come out with this gun there would be a waiting list for years to come. this would be a good weapon for the older vet and the new skool.can u image a glock with some engraved black wood grips with the lifted glock logo. yeah buddy toes just curled thinking about it.GLOCK and the 1911 are 2 of the best guns every built and combining these 2 guns glock would take over.someone at glock needs to makemine aqnd alot of people dream come true.

  • brett

    real….april 1 2012 they came out…

  • Boredgimp

    This is a SIg Sauer 1911 Taccops photo-shopped from the looks of it or a real gun either way i want it.

  • So when this comes out will it be the first 1911 to actually work or the first Glock to actually not?