Magpul PMAG 40 Rounder is dead

In 2010 the Magpul catalog featured a new 40 round version of the PMAG. It was to sell for $22.95. Sadly it never went on sale and does not appear in the Magpul 2011 catalog.

PMAG 40 Maglevel (in rifle) and PMAG 20

Another product that did not make it to market was the PMG 5|10|15. These were replaced with packs of round limiters that can be installed by the user.

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  • Tom

    What happened to the MagPul Quad Mag that Sure-Fire beat them to.. MagPul could certainly beat them on price..

  • Ray

    I wonder if this is due to them filling government contracts first. I know my government (UK) made a massive order at some point this year.

    • Ray, quite possibly. If they make an EMAG (export) version of the PMAG 40, it could be popular with marines using the M27 IAR.

  • Lance

    40rd mags are pretty bulky and long so no one outside civilian shooters use them 30 are the max you want in length and any higher capacity a drum will do better so no surprise here.

  • Canthros

    Maybe it’s just pining for the fjords, like a few of their other projects.

  • charles222

    Well, that sucks.

  • Bill

    On a different note, the MOE+ grip has been in the queue forever (>1.5 years). I hope that doesn’t suffer the same fate.

  • Leo Atrox

    Has this been confirmed by Magpul? They (sort of) recently changed policy from announcing upcoming products to not announcing products until they are able to set a date to ship to dealers. Is it possible that these products were simply dropped from the catalog because they still don’t know when they’ll be able to deliver them, and they don’t want to answer the “when will this be out” questions that forced them to change policy in the first place?

  • armed_partisan

    If they come out with a quad stack, then a 40 rounder would just be a waste of money for them to build a mold for, so that makes perfect sense to me. Also, a glue-in round limiter makes a lot more economic sense as well.

  • hardmack

    But in typical Military fashion the upper echlon banned ALL polymer magazines… EMAG or not in theater.

  • Andrew

    It is almost as if they hated money.

  • Andrew

    Steve I heard the M27 isn’t compatible with the PMAG. I don’t know if it is the same deal with the EMAG though.

  • Stephen Garza

    Ever since the Surefire 60-round magazine, the Magpul PMAG 40 proved obsolete. I hope the PMAG comes up with a 60 rounder.

  • Magpul needs to be really careful with this vaporware. They don’t want to be like Microsoft where products are announced but never sold. Especially since they have an Apple-like following in the gun world.

    I know in some cases I have gotten tired of waiting. I had an example this weekend where I bought a 5.11 sling because the Magpul sling was MIA.

  • Nandor

    The lack of 10 round pmags is saddening for AWB states like NY. The county DA here has made it her mission to go after people and gun stores that convert hi-caps to lower, or post-ban guns to compliant ones, stating that the gun or magazine had to have come from the manufacturer that way, making countless enthusiasts into felons.

  • William C.

    Perhaps they’ve switched all effort to the EMAG? Those work just fine in the M16/M4 series too, correct?

  • Matt G.

    Perhaps they decided why do a long double stack 40 if they are developing a short quad stack 50… I certainly hope they bring those out ASAP.

  • Pale Horse

    With all due respect, I’m calling BS on this one, just because it wasn’t in the 2011 catalog means nothing, I will take back the above “BS” when Magpul confirms.

  • JIM J

    Dont really see any benefit to it in the Military world, the extra length would hinder firing from the prone, wouldnt fit in mag pouches, harder to find effective placment on you gear plus you usually dont fire off 30 or 40 rounds at time leaving mucho time to reload with standard mags. Not to mention the PMAGS have proven to be no more reliable then the standard 30 round mags with an anti tilt follower, kind of pointless.

  • Lance

    Mame a 60rnder more logical

  • Rijoenpial


    if the M27 magwell is similar to the HK416 (all seem to indicate it is), then the EMAG is the polymer mag for M27! The EMAG was done specifically for the HK416, the SCAR 16, the Beretta ARX-160, etc… Namely, european weapons…

    I don’t know if this has anything to do with the Military ban of the EMAGs (the timing seems to indicate so) or if Magpul went forth with this design because their quad-stack mag was still vaporware (and still is) or just to compete with Surefire’s high-capacity mags, but the truth is that I would rather use a lighter mag for high capacity than a metal one which will weigh a ton for the M27 IAR operators!

    Having said this though, I believe the IAR operators should be able to use anything at their disposal to get the job done and with as light weight as possible! The ARMATAC or Beta C mags are more difficult to carry than long 40-round one, even if they could reach to your chin! LOL That would be better than the predicted 22 (!!) standard USGI 30-round mags!!!

    I hope that Magpul is just biting her time, and that they will eventually release it to anyone in the civilian market that wishes to purchase it! Not tomention that they need to compete with Surefire as well!

    For the military, well… I think (I hope) the M27 issues will be adressed in due time, especially the MAGAZINE issue (I personally believe that the 22 mag thing clearly shows how much thought process took place before greenlighting this weapon!)…


  • Ned Flanders

    Well THAT suck-diddly-ucks!

  • The PMag 40 is NOT Dead!

    It has been delayed due to us concentrating other magazine related projects. That said we are committed to bringing it to market in the future.

    It does not appear in the 2011 Catalog because we tried only to feature items that were actually for sale. We even explain this on page two in the intro under he banner “Now Shipping”. Even then the MOE + and MS3 had to be delayed.

    The Quad stack mag was only ever published in a patent application as required by law. It is an unannounced product and we are not discussing it at this time.

    Trust me, we really love releasing products but only when they are up to the standards we set for Magpul. you should see releases pick up before the end of the year however.

  • Chris

    Thanks to Magpul for clearing this up. The rampant speculation customers and blogs have surrounding their products is why they stopped talking about anything in the future.

  • Matt G.

    Right Chris, because the best way to stop rampant speculation and guessing is to never say anything, cause that makes perfect sense./sarcasm

    Magpul is quiet about new products for the same reason any other company is, To build hype and anticipation.

    They could easily just say “hey, guys, were going to try and develope a quad stack pmag. It’s going to take a while, because we want to get it right, and make sure it provides to same diehard reliability of our regular pmags. If we can’t make the design work reliably, we will can it. We understand our costumers will not accept an inferior product, so were not going to release one. This will take time, months, maybe years, we will keep you updated and let you know when a release date is closer.”

    Or they could say “hey, guys, we filed a patent for a quad stck design because we want to bring it to market sometime in the future. We are not actively developing the design at the moment, as we are busy with other projects. We will keep you updated and let you know when we start Pershing the design further.”

    I took me about 5 minutes to right both of those statements. I’m sure magpul has someone with 5 minutes to spare between showing up at work and going home. With short, simple releases like that any company could easily keep it’s customer fan base updated. The only thing we could “rampantly speculate” about would be what fancy colors the stuff would come in.

    I’m not Condeming the practice if product secrecy and hype. I understand why companies want customers chomping at the bit for there next product. But as said customer i find the practice highly annoying.

  • kenny c

    i would like to say that magpul does what they can.
    if they were the kind of company that went for quantity and speed, over quality and reliability, they would be like every other cheap accessory manufacturer out there. magpul is an amazing company with amazing, game changing ideas and concepts. cut them some slack. and i sorta disagree with all the people hating on the 40 round mag idea… a 40 rounder for 23 bucks??? im sure lots of people would like one just for fun. or to have as a mag thats always in a home defense weapon or something.
    in my opinion and as ive been told by others, good stuff is worth waiting for.

  • giomav

    I’ve tried EMAG on ARX160 and they don’t fit it! I had to modify them seriously! and now when magazine is empty the breechblock doesn’t remain open!

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