Ewbank custom Shorty AK47 pistols

Last week I asked if a photo of an AK-turned-pistol was real. Apparently it was. A company called Ewbank Manufacturing, of Winslow, AZ, manufacturer a variety of bizarre AK-pistols.

The pistols include many custom made, and tuned, parts to ensure the gun will function. The barrel is so short that when a cartridge is chambered, the bullet will extend almost as far as the gas port. Firing these guns must be an experience!

[ Many thanks to the readers who posted links confirming that the pistol was real ]

Steve Johnson

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  • Rod

    that Draco mini has to be one of the ugliest firearms ever created. LOL. I just started seeing these recently. I plan on doing a regular draco sbr.

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  • JonMac


  • More like Ewwwwbank.

  • JT

    It might not look that terrible if he replaced that deformed mutant of a front grip with a 3-way rail.

    Would a gun like this have any advantages? yeah it’s barely got a barrel, but what sort of energy can you get with a 7.62×39 out of a barrel that small compared to other autos like say, a 50AE, 44mag, etc?

  • Andrew


  • John Doe

    Some people will say “why?” Those people said “why not?”

  • Lance

    Useless and crappy if you want a short AK get a Krinkov but a pistol more like a spray and prey terrorist weapon not used for any practical matter.

  • Buster Charlie

    Well, considering this has maybe a 3.5″ barrel or so, and considering a good portion of that is chamber and not barrel the numbers are probably worse…

    According to a fellow at the XCR forums a 9″ barrel XCR shoots as such:
    Brown Bear 123gr 2073 fps Avg 1,173 ft-lbs
    Winchester White Box 123gr 1904 fps Avg 990 ft-lbs

    Now that’s with a 9″ barrel, with an effective 7″ of rifling, and this gun would have say 1.5″ of rifling so obviously it would be much less.

    Let’s compare that to pistol calibers with 9″ / 3″ barrel and see some trends.

    .357 Magnum 852-982 ft-lbs out of a 9″ and 441-448 ft-lbs out of 3″
    9mm 363-498 ft-lbs out of 9″ and 265-376 ft-lbs out of 3″

    This should give SOME idea of how much 7.62X39 might drop, but considering how rifle powder burns slower I suspect that there will be a point where the specially designed pistol rounds will provide better ballistics out of a short barrel, and obviously in a more compact/ergonomic package.

    (ft-lb data from ballistics by the inch)

    Long story short, it’s a fun toy.

  • Bob Z Moose


  • John Philip

    That forearm looks a bit too foreskin-like for my tastes.

  • ThomasD

    Given the ultra short barrel length there is going to be a substantial amount of powder going off in front of the muzzle. Dirty, loud, and probably near blinding for the shooter if fired at night.

  • Billy

    The accuracy must be hella horrible. Instead 3-5 inch shot groups, you’re getting 3-5 feet shot groups.

  • K!P

    with such a large flash its the perfect celebration weapon, you know to fire in the air when president XXII is replaced (again).

  • Some russian

    Что это за хуита? Таким говном у нас даже дети в песочнице не играют! Эта поделка вызывает только недоумение и смех у русского.