AK (Arsenal 106UR) Short Barreled Rifle in .300 AAC BLK

At least for me there is something oddly poetic about a modern AK-47 derivative converted to use modern version of the original AK-47 round, the .300 AAC BLK. This Arsenal SLR-106U was rechambered by Troy Sellars, the owner of In Range C2 Inc. of Kodak, TN. With the AAC 762-SDN-6 suppressor it functions perfectly with supersonic or subsonic ammunition.

Photos from John Hollister at AAC Blog.

Steve Johnson

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  • ecurb

    So, will this actually cycle using subsonic with an energy of 500 foot-pounds?

  • Jim J

    How much for the Conversion?

  • Komrad

    This gun makes me want to move somewhere where I can own a suppressor.

  • Chucky

    I suppoes the Russians did it first when they made their AK to fire 5.45×39. Would be funny if they made an AR to fire it too.

  • Flounder

    LMAO!!! It was my understanding that 300 BLK was created to duplicate 7.62×39 ballistics when shot supersonic…. Don’t get me wrong I like it it just seems… redundant to me.

  • Axel Nordberg

    “ecurb, yes! The suppressor could be helping with that (keeping pressure higher for longer)”

    I don’t get it, either the bullet is traveling at just below the speed of sound or it isn’t regardless of the pressure that drives it.

    I don’t see the point in this, but it does look awesome and if you want to, why not.

    Just a little backwards, this is like converting a .223 AR to 5.45 russian, only the 5.45 russian is super expensive and hard to find.

  • Lance

    Rather get it 7.62×39 alot more economical and you can get 7.62mm suppressed ammo alot cheaper than this wildcat caliber.

  • David


    5.45 AR-15 clones are somewhat popular because the 5.45 is indeed easy and cheap to find. As I understand it, it works a little better in shorter barrels than the 5.56, too. I suggest you check out Smith & Wesson’s 5.45×39 ar-15. I think LWRC did a 5.45, and so did Spikes Tactical. 14 cents per round is pretty cheap in my opinion, even if it is surplus. Look around, you can still find spam cans of this stuff and buy it by the crate.

    I don’t see the point of the 300 blackout for the AK-action unless you just really neeeeeed to have a very very quiet AK. For me anyway, it seems superfluous. Eccentric shooters who like to reload and have some extra cash burning a hole in their pocket would like this, I think.

  • garyny

    Pretty sure smith and wesson made one, dont qoute me though, id like to have an ar in either that or the 5.7 just for the heck of it

  • Some Guy

    “only the 5.45 russian is super expensive and hard to find.”

    BZZZT, not correct, unless you mean “in a situation where” – because it’s cheap.

    This is about flexibility – subsonic and supersonic – and I was wondering about a conversion of this type 10 years ago in the .300 Whisper. 🙂 You can go 220 grain subsonic to 125 grain supersonic for different applications only by changing out a magazine… what’s not to love?

  • Splodge


    The pressure increase from the suppressor has nothing to do with driving the bullet, and everything to do with cycling the action.

    A subsonic with only 500lbs/ft of energy will likely struggle to eject and chamber a new round. The suppressor keeps the pressure in the system higher for longer, meaning it cycles better.

  • tcba_joe

    I love it!

    Also, I believe that 300 BLK works ballistically better in short bbls than 7.62×39 in the same length bbls.

  • Andy from West Haven

    Love those mags. What brand are they?

  • Moose

    Yes, “David” and “Some Guy”, Axel likened this situation to a hypothetical one where the owner of a firearm chooses to convert it from a normal, widely used, cheaper caliber, to a new, rare, expensive one that is not at all ballistically different, but is also without much advantage that the first round did not have, making ammo costs and obtainment much more difficult for no real purpose. He was making commentary on how he feels that the caliber swap is unnecessary given the lack of advantage and extra cost of the .300 BLK.

  • rsilvers

    “Rather get it 7.62×39 alot more economical and you can get 7.62mm suppressed ammo alot cheaper than this wildcat caliber.”

    Actually subsonic 7.62x39mm is much more expensive than 300 AAC BLACKOUT. And this is not a wildcat – this is a SAAMI standard cartridge.

    • patrickw

      And subsonic 7.62×39 does not reliably cycle the action…. unless you want to change out the recoil spring/guide rod assembly when you change ammo types.

      The only downside to this setup I see is that you lose a lot….

      More expensive magazines, a less stable platform (meaning it is inherently less accurate), more action noise compared to an AR15, brass will wear faster due to ejection mechanisms (ie it rams back onto a fixed ejector at velocity (IMPACT) compared to a spring loaded plunger that is always in contact) and the charging handle (Most AKs the charging handle will dent casings), and the slight uptick in weight, longer reload times (more movement/actions necessary), and frankly a package that would likely result to be more expensive than building an AR15. AK trigger mechanisms are not known for nice trigger pulls nor is it possible to get one nearly as nice as some of the AR15 trigger options.

      The upside I see is the potential for more reliable subsonic performance with less than desirable powder selection.

      This is more of a ‘hey look at this unique, and in it’s own way awesome’ SBR.

  • Zander

    Axel Nordberg I would like to know where you get your information that 5.45×39 is more expensive than 5.56. At AIM Surplus a 2000 round case of 5.56 Wolf 55grn FMJ’s is $359 while 2 spam cans of 5.45×39 (totalling 2160 rounds) is only $259.90.

  • Chris

    If you have a spare 5.56 ak + ar mags and 300 blk ammo, why not. An ak in 300 blk using ar mags and suppressed is very attractive, at least to me.

  • loopydupe

    A storage compartment for the suppressor inside of the stock would make that an even slicker little package.

  • Jenkem Jones

    I’ll come back when they make it in 30 Remington AR.