Archive: July, 2011


Cremated Ashes as Ammunition

I’m not quite sure what to make of this. A company called “Holy Smoke, LLC” claims to offer the unique service of loading ammunition with human remains (ashes) contained in either the shot cup or sealed in the bullet/projectile. The website does not [Read More…]


Century Arms G1 (FN FAL) Review

NOTE: This product review was made possible by  To get up-to-date information on where to find Century rifles for sale, please visit The Century Arms G-1 is a copy of the Fn-Fal that uses surplus parts from metric versions as well as [Read More…]



An ARFCOM readers S&W M&P15T suffered an incredible catastrophic failure, probably the worst I have seen. NVCapCop reports … My S&W M&P15T was destroyed today with an epic Kaboom (catastrophic failure). I did not suffer any major physical injuries [Read More…]


Sculptures made from Guns and Ammo

Artist Al Farrow created sculptures of religious building from gun parts and ammunition. I think they look awesome, but I am guessing that the artist created them to spark controversy. Win the new Springfield Armory XD-9 Mod.2 TFB's first ever gun giveaway.