Ruger No. 1 Stainless Light Sporter .250 Savage

Lipsey & Ruger are producing a limited edition of the Ruger No. 1 chambered in the .250-3000 Savage.

From the press release …

Lipsey’s LLC, a leading nation-wide firearms distributor, is pleased to announce the fifth installment of the popular K1A Series of Ruger Number 1 rifles. This edition is chambered in the classic 250 Savage cartridge and features a 22” light weight stainless steel barrel with sights and a walnut stock. Only 250 of these much anticipated Number 1’s will be produced. “Collectors and shooters have flocked to this series of rifles and I believe the 250 Savage will be the most sought after version yet” said Lipsey’s National Sales Manager, Garrett Prather.

[Hat Tip: DRTV]

Steve Johnson

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  • j

    what is the .250-3000?
    i can’t find it on midwayusa

    • terry

      250-3000 or the other name 250 savage as it was introduced in or around 1912 in the savage 99 lever action rifle. it is the first comercial cal. to reach 3000 feet per second.

  • Bob Z Moose


  • Komrad

    Ruger No. 1’s are beautiful guns
    cool to see them in another caliber, even if it is a very limited run

  • howlingcoyote

    Midway has brass and loaded ammo for sale. Although reloading is much cheaper.
    The 250 Savage came out in 1912 in the Savage model 99 lever action rifle.
    The military should have “adopted” the 250 Savage in WW2. If they had done so, it would probably still be in use today and not the 223 Rem.
    One of the best hunting cartridges for North America (but not heavy enough for bear or moose).
    Nice to see Ruger pick it up, although I’d like to see it in their Model 77. Maybe Browning will chamber it in their lever action.