LOKI MOE AR-15 Carbine

Loki Weapon Systems have released their own MOE carbine. Magpul MOE gear is so popular that it makes sense for manufacturers to offer a rifle with Magpul parts already added, saving the consumer from having to buy stocks, grips, sights & hanguagrd that they do not want.

It can be ordered with Black (pictured above), Flat Dark Earth or OD Green Magpul MOE furniture.

The rifle features …

  • 16-inch Nitrided 4150 1:8 twist barrel with M4 extension
  • Hand stoned and creep adjusted 4.5-5lb single stage trigger
  • NiB (nickel boron) coated Bolt Carrier Group
  • M4 flat top Upper
  • A2 front sight post
  • Mid-length gas system for smoother recoil
  • Magpul MOE mid-length handguard, accepts rail sections
  • Magpul MBUS rear flip sight
  • Magpul MOE adjustable stock with strong A-design and rubber butt pad
  • Magpul MOE pistol grip, accepts MIAD storage cores
  • Ships with a lockable hard case, and a 30-round black PMAG
  • Life Time LOKI Limited Warranty

The price is $1099.

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • Pliskin

    Loki makes a fine product and really stands out from the many companies building ARs today. I can see them getting real big but right now most people never heard of them. That being said I dont own one of their rifles just yet but know people who do. I just built my first AR a few months ago and wanted to do it myself but my next AR will be a billet LOKI no doubt.

    BTW i’m not friends with or related to anyone at LWS, I just believe in their brand, not a paid spokes person or anything lol.

  • charles222

    Dang, sexy-lookin rifle. Nice price too…and you gotta dig the Norse reference in the company name, although some guy who gave birth to an eight-legged horse might not be the best business logo. :p

  • Adam

    Mid-length gas, NiB BCG, 1:8 twist, 4.5-5lb trigger and Magpul gear. Looks like someone found the sweet spot.

  • Ramsey

    I have not been pricing M4 stuff lately, but that looks like a nice piece of kit for the price.

  • DukeNukedEm

    Is Loki a good to go brand?

  • MeAgain

    No chrome lined bore and chamber? I’d prefer the chrome over the nitrided barrel.

  • Lance

    Another AR-15 carbine on the market. Big deal everyone makes one. I do like the magpul furniture in it though.

  • jdun1911

    The 1:8 barrel will get some interest. Not often do you see companies offer 1:8 twist. Most of the time you have gunsmith install it or you have to yourself.

  • brandon

    Looks good, and is priced right. I’ve read ARFCOM posts that 16″ middies don’t like underpowered steelcase ammo, so make sure you have enough cash leftover for some brass

  • MeAgain

    I’ve got a 16″ BCM Midlength. I’ve had no issues with any steel cased ammo yet and have tried Wolf, Brown Bear, Silver Bear and even Tula. No issues with any of them yet.

  • subase

    Gotta admit this is pretty sweet. You got the nitrided barrel, equivalent if not superior to chrome, and the nickel boron bolt, lubeless operation. The strong fixed front sight is great, triangular forearm you can add rails as you see fit, and it’s even got a cool name.

  • Bill

    Could it be that 1:8 is the next black? There are very few 1:8 barrel uppers out there. I see this in 18″ barrels. The swing had been from 1:9 to 1:7 and maybe now 1:8.


  • Burnzy8

    I’d like to ask MeAgain as to why he would prefer a chrome barrel and chamber? Is there a reason other than cost? One of the reasons the ACR was delayed and that it cost about 1k more than originally stated was because of the nitrided parts. If anybody else has a reason other than cost, I’d like to hear your opinion as to why? Thanks.

  • Sandy

    I’m thinking about getting this as my first centerfire rifle. If I’m going to be using it for plinking and home defense, what changes would be most useful? Right now I’m thinking about adding a flashlight and leaving it at that.

    Also, do any companies make side folding stocks that are compatible with an unmodified AR-15?

    Thanks for writing this blog Steve. I started reading it when I first became interested in firearms a few years ago and have learned a ton from it.

    • Sandy, yes, some do but they require very different internal parts and so are not *technically* AR-15. The AR-15 design, with its buffer tube that extends backwards, does not really allow folding stocks.

      A flashlight is a good idea for home defense.

  • Anton

    I would go for something German build as it’s probably cheaper. I live in the Netherlands and when you do get money to spend on a rifle, you have to make a good choice because you’re stuck with it. You have to proof you shoot it at a club at least once a week.

  • whodyzzzz

    MeAgainon 25 Jun 2011 at 4:29 am link comment
    No chrome lined bore and chamber? Iā€™d prefer the chrome over the nitrided barrel.
    Why ?? Nitriding is a surface conversion process, not a coating like hard chrome.

    Its major benefit to the user is that as a conversion process, the barrel (or other part) can be milled to final dimension and then nitrided without any significant change in dimension. Hard chrome, in contrast, requires that a barrel be made oversized to accommodate the thickness of chrome. This can reduce accuracy if the thickness of plating is not absolutely perfect.

    From the manufacturer’s perspective nitriding is potentially simpler and cheaper than hard chrome, with obvious benefits.

  • me

    Its nice seeing more Manufacturers are splitting the difference on twist rates with regular setups. Used to be just SPR’s that you saw 1:8 with. BCM I noticed also has a selection of 16″ and 14.5″ barrels with 1:8.

    As Adam said, Im thinking these guys have hit it on the head pretty close as far as a nice setup.

  • I don’t know much about this company but at this price I’m sure that whatever may have to be changed can be. I’m not completely sold but I will look into this company. But I must say that at this price I am almost sold.

  • Sandy

    Thanks Steve. That’s a shame though. I guess it doesn’t matter much for the military, but for civilian use portability is pretty important.

  • charles222

    I wouldn’t be surprised if somebody made a whole replacement buttstock like that of the new subcompact M4 Colt is producing-the one with the partial folding stock, can’t remember the name.

  • Mike

    Lokki makes great uppers and rifles. I bought an upper and a lower parts kit from them a few months ago and had a great conversation with the president of the company on the phone. These guys are building quality AR’s at bargain prices. I highly recomend the NiB bolt carrier group, charging handle and lower parts kit. I can wipe off the working parts with a paper towel and never have to worry about non mag related failures.