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  • Sev

    wow! if the libyans can make RWS with scrap yard parts, they might have the lowest budget army with these systems

  • Ferrus Manus

    Very nice. The US Army needs decades to develop combat drones, in these rebels build them from toys. Very good work indeed.

  • Josh

    The world is changing right in front of our eyes.

  • Ben

    Now that is a true resistance! I have so much respect for these people becaue I know that I would do the same if I was in their position… Let’s try not to let them down like what happened to the Kurds.

  • Lance

    Some of the heavy MGs are a good combo on a truck but they neglect foot solders weapons as we see troops with AKs that have no stocks on them there are too illequipped to win the war. instead of suicide bombers and fast remote trucks they should get regular arms to win the war.

  • j

    you just wasted $200+ worth of ammo

  • Using aircraft rockets as an improvised RPG is a real bad idea unless your wearing flame proof suit. These are usually shiny silver, so would make you an obvious target.
    Any shoulder fired rocket must burn completely within the launcher, this is what the M72 LAW does. IIRC the German panzerschreck of WWII did not do this so it had a large flame shield. The RPG 7 is a combo, recoiless gun type launch (panzerfaust) and rocket ignition after travelling 40 m from the firer for extended range.
    Aircraft rockets launched from pods do not have this requirement to protect the firer. This is why the Palestinians improvise a simple bipod launch apparatus for their (home-made?) rockets.

  • Jeff

    I don’t get how they know how to build that, but not how to aim

    At least its a quantum leap from what they were doing before

  • Tahoe

    I agree with Jeff’s comment; these guys are doing some amazing technical stuff with what’s on-hand, but in the field they still fight like many other untrained third-world “armies”. Techniques like “spray-and-pray” and holding the weapon above your head to shoot over cover is not going to win against trained trooops. Seems like even young teenagers in the US have some vague concept of tactics, techniques and procedures from playing video games, if nothing else.

  • subase

    Any type of explosive weapon really does effect the morale of the enemy, who in this case has mainly advanced weapons technology as it’s advantage. The level of training for first world nations not only teaches them how to aim but also kill, something that needs to be fought against in the common man. I think that’s the reason alot of these libyans aren’t using their rifles properly, they actually don’t want to kill anyone, their firing is mainly a posturing and scare tactic. Effective against similar opponents but noone else. In contrast, I’m sure the small special forces group are getting alot of kills.

    Although some of these weapons come off as not very useful, they are a morale booster and give the older men something to do.

  • Between the DIY jury rigged weapons and the use of Google maps for fire control coordinates, the ingenuity of these people is astounding.

  • Máté

    @subase Agreed. If the government would direct your country’s soldiers against you, they would still be your people, completing orders.


    Of coure they took the video down, f**king propagandists