Savage Bolt Action chambered in FN 5.7x28mm

The Savage Model 25 Walking Varminter is available in 5.7x28mm FN.

The 5.7x28mm FN is a strange addition to the Model 25 Walking Varminter line, which includes .204 Ruger, .22 Hornet, .222 Rem. and .223 Rem., all of which are substantially more powerful. It is much closer in performance to the rimfire .22 Magnum, but with a lot less choice of factory loads.

My guess is that this rifle is being produced for handloaders who want a reloadable alternative to the .22 Magnum. In this niche it could be quite successful.

Caliber 5.7 x 28mm FN
Capacity 4
Finish Blue/Synthetic
Barrel 22″
Overall Length 41.75″
Weight 6.9 lbs
Sights none
MSRP (Price) $551

[Hat Tip: Save the gun]

Steve Johnson

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  • Bill Lester


  • Todd

    This could be a problem. If I end up with this Savage in my quiver I will, without a doubt, end up buying a FN FiveSeven. Damn you FN & Savage for conspiring to keep my discretionary funds account low. 😐

  • Ninth Stage

    .221 Fireball would fill that niche just fine.

  • Tux

    Ok, the 5.7 has ~50% more case capacity (almost identical to the .22 hornet) and about twice the max pressure of the .22wmr, yet factory loads don’t seem to reflect this with a commensurate increase in performance. Internal ballistics make my head spin, any reloaders out there think they could explain why the 5.7 can’t be loaded to compete with the .22 hornet?

  • Mu

    The return of the one-cartridge-all applications gun set. You can have a pistol, a PDW and a hunting gun all in 5.7. Now if just someone could confirm that the 5.7 is powerful enough to take out a zombie we’re all set.

  • Davey

    This isn’t strange at all. It’s targeted toward shooters that want to shoot something like the .22 Hornet (quiet and gentle), but don’t want to pay the relatively outrageous price of .22 Hornet factory ammo. You can shoot 5.7 x 28mm pretty cheaply in comparison.

  • j

    Wow! Now that’s cool!

  • Ric

    I am happy to see this. .22 Magnum is a terrific round, but something that shooters have wanted for a long time is the ability to custom load small game rounds, but this is problematic with rimfires, to say the least.

    The 5.7 round may not be a good defense round in its civilian version, but it should make a good small game round in this new Savage and I look forward to a shooting report.

  • armed_partisan

    I saw that on their webpage, and I thought it was totally awesome. I love stuff like that. That makes this the cheapest 5.7×28 caliber firearm on the market, I believe. Even AR-57 uppers cost more than that! They can do custom 5.45×39’s and offer 7.62×39’s as well! I love oddball stuff like that! I love the things that Savage is doing these days.

  • CW

    I love the idea! $551 seems a tad steep, but I think it would be a nice companion piece for those with a FN 5-7 pistol.

  • surfgun

    The 5.7 is comparable to the .22 Hornet out of a rifle.

  • Jeff

    Well, this baby is gonna sink like a stone. If the .22WMR ain’t expensive enough now you can get the same ballistics (give or take) for MORE expense still. If you want one, buy it now cos it won’t be available next year.

  • If we ignore the 5.7 FN round, will it just go away already? It’s such an expensive/piss poor round…

  • Vaarok

    The FN cartridge is not meant to be reloaded, however. It’s very poorly suited to being resized due to sharp taper and the high pressures involved, from what I understand.

  • Nathaniel

    The common figures for the case capacity of the 5.7 FN are in error. The cartridge has an unfired case capacity of 10.5 grains H2O, not the often stated 14 (which is the case capacity of the .22 Hornet).

    In short, the Hornet is just bigger and more powerful.

  • “outrageous price of 22 hornet ammo” ???

    We feed our CZ 527 Hornet $20 50rnd boxes of Priv Partizan ammo. It’s good stuff too; consistently 1 MOA or better. According to AmmoSeek this is almost exactly the same price as FN 5.7 ammo.

    Sure, if you’re buying big name American Hornet ammo in retail shops it’s expensive, but if that’s the comparison then the only cheap ammo they usually carry is Wolf…

  • Kudos to Savage for offering a fine bolt-action rifle for FN owners.

    But if I was going to get one of these it’d be in .204 Ruger. The 55gr Berger bullet available for it has amazing ballistics, & the 4kfps factory loads are nothing to sneeze at either.

  • drewogatory

    Even on the 5.7 forums, the numbers the reloaders are posting don’t seem to justify it. 30 grain bullets at 1800ish and 40’s at 1500ish. Probably not any cheaper to reload than a .204 Ruger either.

  • Indeed, it is a difficult round to reload successfully. It behaves quite spooky at its intended working pressures, its brass is difficult to work with and its useful bullet selection is almost nonexistent.

  • I am curious to see how this will be accepted by the predator hunting community.

  • JT

    Wouldn’t it be illegal to reload 5.7x28mm with FMJ bullets? What would keep someone from firing it in the fiveseven as opposed to this rifle?

  • The comparisons between the 5.7x28mm and the .22 Magnum Rimfire are typically from different barrel lengths. The 5.7x28mm from a standard P90 equates more with a rifle length .22 WMR, and the 5.7x28mm from a Five-seveN is more like a T/C Contender pistol with a long .22 WMR barrel.

    There is no reason that you shouldn’t be able to get decent performance from a 5.7x28mm out of a long rifle barrel. My only complaint would be that the action is still too long for such a compact cartridge.

    Vaarok: Any issues with reloading 5.7x28mm cases are related to the delayed blowback action of the P90 and Five-seveN. I can’t imagine there would be any issues loading cases from factory loads fired from a properly headspaced, locked breech firearm.

  • surfgun

    Lots of 5.7 rounds get reloaded. It is not that big of a deal. Lube, size, and load like a small rifle round. Case life may be limited. Folks that compare the 5.7 to the WMR, don’t know much about the round. As stated before, out of a rifle it is comparable to the .22 Hornet.

  • JMD

    The performance is the same as .22 Hornet, but it isn’t rimmed, so it’s a much better choice for repeating actions. This combination makes a lot of sense for small game hunters who need something to fill the energy gap between .22lr and .223 Remington, and don’t want to deal with rimfire or rimmed cartridges.

  • FamilyMan

    I plan to buy one, as soon as Savage has them available. Seems to be some delay 🙁

  • Pancho

    Why so many 5.7 ad FN haters on this Blog. For those of us in the People Republic of California this is a welcome idea. FN sells a line of Lead-Free ammo for the 5.7 making this one of the least expensive varmint rifles to shoot outside of rimfires. Without handloading our options are very slim and we need a cheaper option than 22 Hornet.

  • howlingcoyote

    They should have chembered their rifle in 218 Bee, 25-20 WCF, 30 Carbine, 32-20 WCF, 357 Maximum (please!), 41 Mag., 454 Casull, 475 Linebaugh, 50 Action, 500 S&W.
    What about the 5mm Rem .Mag.? It’s more powerful than the 22 Mag. and 5.7×28 FN.

  • Bill C

    Elite ammunition 5.7x28mm rounds are far more potent than any .22 WMR magnum, and this rifle allows people that have chosen the Five SeveN pistol and P90 carbine to also have a hunting rifle that’s easily capable of taking deer sized game with good shot placement in the same caliber as well.

  • JW

    I would very much like a 5.7 in a nice little single shot or prefer a nice bolt repeater. I am drawn to the odd, strange, and curious. I now shoot a hornet, jet, .17, fireball so you see my affliction to the smaller calibers. It just looks neat! I really do care for savage arms and the light weight stalker at 7 pounds is too heavy for me for this caliber. Something in a 5-6 pounds then add a scope, don’t think the recoil will kill me. Maybe a Cooper or Kimber?

  • william conner

    i love the 5.7 round i have a tc pro hunter in a 5.7 with a 28 inch berel and it does wonders on ground hogs and dogs sub 10 groups at 100 yarsd and have taken ground hogs and dogs out to 300 yards and it barly has any recoil kinda line a 22 mag but alot louder