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  • Peter BE

    That finger looks awfully close to that muzzle :-S

  • PavuK_cz

    Same like with RFB, I don’t like butt stock. Looks very hard. Isn’t possible to add some suspension and cheek pad there?

  • SpudGun

    Wow, you really get a feeling of just how compact the KSG is in this video and I’m impressed. If the QC is decent, I can see this being a major seller.

    If I have one complaint, then it’s the position of the mag tube switch, if they could somehow incorporate it nearer the grip so you could change tubes without moving the shotgun, then it would be super awesome sauce.

  • Droptong

    The pointer finger of his left hand appears to get very close to the muzzle during the second magazine. Magazine switch over looks like it could be done while still shouldered with practice. Would have liked to hear about the trigger pull as bull pups are notorious for having atrocious triggers. Short profile makes it very attractive for home defense, close quaters combat scenario. Buck shot in one magazine slugs in the other, as long as you can remember which magazine you are in. Potent package.

  • charles222

    Damn, nice. Looks pretty well-made, too.

  • Will

    I still say that the recoil from that little thing looks absolutely punishing….

  • cayton

    His index finger looks like it is really close to the business end of the barrel. It’s probably just the camera angle, but I was still cringing.

  • Charles in Atl

    Not to be a complete safety ninny, but I thought his left index finger was getting dangerously close to coming in front of the muzzle. With your hand within inches of the muzzle, it wouldn’t take too much movement to lose something.

  • Tux

    I probably won’t be the first to point this out, but is he not using any sights?

  • JC

    Look how close his hand is to the muzzle. You really need a vertical foregrip or some kind of stopper for this gun. Other than that it seems awesome.

  • Nathaniel

    Since the video demonstration of the KSG’s trigger going dead, I’ve never seen anyone shoot it and hold the trigger down during cycling.

    That could just be the way most people shoot shotguns, or…

    Well, I want to shoot one before I buy one.

  • RecoveringAtheist

    First thing my 14 year old son (who is an excellent shot) said is “he is going to blow his finger off!”. Ouch.

  • Timmysteve

    His index finger got a little too close to the barrel for my liking!
    The KSG is a cool innovation, but that thing must get pretty heavy when you’ve got two tubes of shells in there.

  • Vrt

    oO WTF?! He’s lucky that he still has all of his fingers…

  • OMG, if he keep shooting like this, he will lose his index finger some day.

  • Vrt

    It looks that this updated version has finger guard or whats the name it is (and trigger reset fixed, holes in tubes and more)
    The video in this news is newer than from the link. So i wonder if this finger thing will be on the release version?

  • Big Daddy

    Too much recoil even for a 12 gauge and from what I see if your hand slips you just blew off a few fingers or your whole hand.

    Good idea for a weapon but it needs some kind of stop for your hand and a recoil reduction system. It looks like getting a good target picture for a follow up shot is more difficult then other pump shotguns. I’m just saying it looks that way.

    That type of design might be better as a semi auto for a number of reasons.

  • j

    Well Keltec KSG, you had a good run. Unfortunately you’ve been diagnosed with Call of Duty syndrome. You will be mentioned by faggots everywhere who didn’t even know of your exsistence before COD.

  • Tony

    How does the magazine switch work? Very badlyis the answer, impossible to switch pipes in the ready position makes the system almost pointless.

  • jdun1911

    Index finger very close to the muzzle.

  • Kurt

    I like the KSG concept but if you keep shooting it like that you are going to lose your left hand finger(s).

  • chrispy

    His left index finger seems dangerously close to the muzzle. At least close enough to make me nervous.

  • Jim

    That looks painful to shoot. Look at his shoulder move with the force of the shot.

  • Was waiting for his pumping hand to slip off and get perforated.

  • JM

    That finger is in danger of being shot off.

  • Dave

    Hey…anybody else notice that his finger looks kinda close to the muzzle?

  • Cymond

    They fixed the problem with the gun locking up when you hold the trigger. And yes, the recommend a vertical foregrip.

  • Martin (M)

    Ever since I first saw this product, I thought it was too short. Yeah, too short. As in, like everyone else is saying, your hand is too close to the muzzle. I’d be on the lookout for a vertical front grip before I bought one. And why isn’t the tube switch automatic? Having to do it manually is lame.

  • Big Daddy

    I see a lawsuit coming. It’s a good concept but need major refinements.

  • Yeah, that recoil is crazy for a 9mm. Hell, you may as well go for a .357 snubbie if thats what you have to put up with. Im curious if it is down to gun size or weight or ergonomics. Perhaps thats where the extra couple of ounces in other similar pistols comes into play?

  • Riceball

    @KPete, where do you get that the KSG is a 9mm? Have you read anything on this thing or even watch the video where the shooter says that it’s a shotgun?

  • Vrt

    @Kpete: It’s not 9mm… It’s shotgun 12.

  • My bad! Dunno what happened there… the video I watched/commented on was of a guy shooting / reviewing a Keltec P 11. I’m not sure how my comment about it got into this post, maybe I followed a you tube link from this vid to another vid and commented on it. Hey sorry, I do realise the original vid is a shotty. Gimme a break, its Friday… 🙂

  • TyKreis

    My finger does look close to the muzzle, but I assure you it’s the camera angle. Still, I’d much rather have a vertical fore grip on there. As far as the no sights thing…yeah, no sights. We just wanted to show off how the magazine switching worked, that’s all. I was too excited to deal with finding one that looked pretty enough. Oh and the recoil…sucked, but I’m not complaining!

  • BDTR

    I’m curious about the slow, deliberate way everyone testing this gun is working the pump. Is it stiff or delicate, or are they just being careful?

  • Looks like a awesome idea but could use some refining and mods, i.e. switching mags, posintion of forward hand (awfully close to end of muzzel, recoil reduction of some

  • Jeff

    I work on a Special Reaction Team and i gotta say I would like to have this shotgun. I saw a video of a more recent version and it had a front hand grip and holes to indicate how many shells have left and it looks like it has good power. I would want this if im the breacher for my team. I could breach the door and knw i would not telegraph myself and also i would have plenty of ammunition if i need it

  • Fast45

    I think it is a awsome shotgun. I have already ordered one and paid in full. I do wish there was a way to put a choke on gun. I really don’t like that cylinder bore. Did order open sights for it and I am going to order a vertical grip with laser and light all combined in one. Sig Sauer has one for $250 dollars. I think it will make a awsome self defence weapon for around the home.

  • ShottySurgeon

    As far as the danger of losing his finger goes, it does seem that the camera angle coupled with the deceiving ‘3-tube’ design of the weapon (2 mag tubes mounted side-by-side on bottom and single barrel above) make the finger look like its very close to becoming a bloody piece of Swiss-string cheese.

    However, his finger looks like its sticking more out to the side than forward, closer to shadowing the front of the right-side magazine tube and not particularly close to covering the barrel’s business end; that mag tube just makes a convincing barrel from this angle.

    That said, many of the other comments are quite valid. What happens when that hand slips forward off the forearm in the midst of your trigger pull? Personally, I’d be extremely diligent to keep all my fingers firmly planted on the forearm when racking the slide of the KSG.

    As others mentioned, a forward grip of some kind would definitely be a very good idea. I’m not really a fan of ‘vertical’ fore grips myself, so I’d probably go with both a Magpul AFG2 (Angled Fore Grip) coupled with a LaRue Tactical HandStop positioned just forward of the fore grip. The AFG2 would offer a solid, pointable, natural feeling grip for the forearm when shooting as well as provides you with added leverage on the forearm when racking the slide, while the forward mounted LaRue HandStop would act as both a safety stop so your hand doesn’t go flying off the forearm into the danger zone as well as a leverage-hook of sorts that your hand would press against to aid in moving the slide forward to load another shell. Make sense? Like a little cage for your hand, providing both enhanced safety as well as improved functionality, accuracy & control.

    Anyway, looks like a sweet bullpup, can’t wait to try one out myself. Be safe out there.