Using DIY Guns to Fight Rapists

Danger Room has published a fascinating article by David Axe about a farming community who have organized themselves into a militia to defend themselves from the marauding remnants of the Lord’s Resistance Army rebel group …

But the men of Obo knew they needed more than courage and manpower. Too poor for military-grade weapons or even the kind of firearms American hunters take for granted, Obo set about building an arsenal of homemade, single-barrel shotguns loaded with hand-packed shells.

And to relay intelligence gathered by the scouts on their twice-daily patrols, Obo’s only radio DJ, a young man named Arthur, donated air time on his short-range FM transmitter. Between music sets, Arthur repeated information on LR movements gathered by the scouts, giving the few thousand Obo residents within range of his radio time to flee when the rebels approached.

Read the entire article here.

Steve Johnson

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  • Andrew

    I’ve got nothing but respect for these courageous people.

  • Bob Z Moose

    Truly uplifting. To think that people, that desperate and poor, would fight on with such conviction instead of fleeing. Makes me want to start a fund for them to buy AKs and some training. Hell, some 22’s would be better than pipe shotguns.

  • charles222

    Don’t suppose there’s some charity or some such where you could donate money to people like this?

  • Ramsey

    It seems a damn shame that they have to resort to this. The Russians trained and armed rebels to overthrow the government and install communism, we trained and armed rebels and governments to prevent it, and nobody trained or armed the poor villagers caught in the middle.
    A world without guns will never exist (and would be boring as heck) so it is important that all people have access to the means to defend themselves. It might be time to resurrect something like the Liberator pistol for third world conflict.

    A world

  • armed_partisan

    That’s awesome. I’d gladly send those folks some guns if it wasn’t illegal as hell. Thank you US State Department.

  • Lance

    Good for them Self defense is a natural human right.

  • A fascinating read. God bless them and give them the strength and courage to defend themselves.

  • Sian

    Of course their worthless ‘government’ is going to cut them off for daring to defend themselves instead of waiting for military police to (not) show up.


  • willis

    Who imagined 2nd amendment rights could be so valuable and effective.

  • Mannie

    When governments fail to provide security or other essential services, people create their own pseudo governments. Militias, gangs, Committees of Vigilance, they are all measures taken bu the locals to provide security.

    Arms are the force multiplier. They allow the little man to stand up against the big one.

  • Mueller

    Now they are free men.

  • crisara722

    tons of AKs are destroyed by goverments and assholes around the world, the US army melt tons of equipment in a year, insane amounts of ammunition is destroyed or stupidly wasted in the world every day, and lets no talk about all the military guns that still in the werehouses of many military forces.

    an that BRAVE people have to make their own guns to defend themselves from apresion and death… ironic isnt it?

    where are the guns traders were you really need them? ho yeah
    looking for money and unfortunately those kick ass villagers have no money to buy advanced firearms.

    this should sonds crazy but there should be something like “guns for humanity”
    just joking

  • David

    You know, when Israel was very young, a lot of American gun owners donated their personal guns to the Jewish “rebels” the same thing would not happen today, but maybe there should be a charity or fund set up so they could be armed with better guns

    • We also did that for the Brits when they were facing the Nazis in WWII, after they lost much of their arms during the Dunkirk evacuation. But in today’s bizarro world, we would probable be arrested for “arms trafficking” or something like that.

  • Just proves the old adage. Its an ill wind that blows no good. You fail to overlook the crucial point. Samuel Goldwyn 1882 1974

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