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  • Chase

    The video’s not there.

  • Alex S

    Video is not showing up.
    Web browsers tested: chrome, IE, Firefox.

  • Brian

    I’m not seeing anything. Is anyone else having this problem?

  • Rickenbacker

    I dunno about “attack”, but they might have scared it a little…

  • Josh

    I am speachless…

  • Simon_The_Brit

    Idiots with guns, playing up for the camera. Aiming seems to be a concept they can’t grasp.

  • Steveweiser

    Dang. A little training could go a long way.

  • crisara722

    i loved the part when they fired their gun to the air

    pretty forcloric but i really hope they were not figthing anything.
    becouse wiht those tactics and shooting skiils they should be dead by now, well im actually pretty sure theat many of them are dead rigth now

  • Chairman Mow

    The barns broadside remains unscathed. These guys are relatively well armed but could use one good day of BRM.

    while ( enemy )

  • Rob

    Somebody should really teach them about sights

  • cc19

    Just like that scene in Predator.

  • j

    i think i saw one of them with an dragunov

  • Lance

    See why they don’t win. I didn’t even see what there aiming at. They keep firing from the hip with out aim that’s just poor training. And more Mi-24 rocket pods on trucks give me a break LOL.

  • Good lord… it’s like playing Bad Company 2 in real life… except the 12 year olds playing from their basements are better shots.

  • Alex S

    It’s up now. Thanks!

  • SleepyDave

    “Good shooting…shitty shooting!” One wonders how many of those rounds actually went anywhere near the target, much less actually hit anything.

  • Christer

    Someone needs to teach these guys to shoot. If we should give them firearms we should supply them with some SKS rifles instead of AK’s as they clearly cant be trusted with anything automatic

  • Martin (M)

    I don’t think that sending modern arms to the National Liberation Army would make any improvements. Spray and Pray is their watchword.

  • Nadnerbus

    Was this actual combat? Looks like a show for the press designed to waste ammo. Shades of the imagery out of Liberia a few years back.

  • jeff from CA

    Those people REALLY need an Appleseed course.

  • Bob_P

    I am loving the truck mounted helicopter rocket pods. “Pimp my Ride” Libyan style.

  • garyny

    seeing those men fighting for their freedom brings a smile to my face

  • MibZ

    Sweet Jesus! The idiot at the 44 second mark looks like he is using what is SUPPOSED to be a MOUNTED machine gun.

  • greasyjohn

    Okay, I gotta give props to the guy manhandling that HMG.

  • Junkball

    I wonder how many killed and injured result from AD/ND’s and friendly fire?

  • bima86

    is that how they fight the Libyan military? spray-and-pray (they hit someone)
    well.. no wonder they’re still losing, even with the help of NATO and international coalition..

  • mistermom

    Holy Imperial-Stormtrooper-marksmanship-training! Looked like most of that was pointed kind of high. They might do as well just shouting “pew-pew”.

  • Nick

    Devil’s advocate:

    I should point out that there’s no conclusive evidence that the rebels in the video *are* in fact missing their intended targets. Clearly, these men are so well versed in the art of combat that they are able to perform–with exceptional competency–in a manner that, to the untrained North American armchair-operator, would appear as if they were taking liberties in the targeting and execution of their respective individual attacks.

  • Someone Else

    I believe that this video shows them to be more competent than the above:

  • ThomasD

    It is important to be filmed stomping on a photo likeness of your enemy. That is the only way he will know you are serious. Because your marksmanship is not exactly a cause for alarm.

  • Flounder

    To me it looks like they are training. Although that guy with the AK not even looking as he is shooting is sad. That is pretty much the definition of spray and pray.

  • jdun1911

    Keep in mind that these rebels never held a firearms until the conflicted started. They never had any training nor any methods to get training. I don’t expect much from them. In fact I don’t expect much from most people that are new to firearms and even those that considered themselves internet “expert” in firearms.

  • thomas

    That was kind of funny.

  • Flashman

    I wish someone could make it clear to them that yelling “ALLAHU AKBAR!!!!” and pulling the trigger in the general direction of your enemy is not the best way to fight.

  • Gene from Jersey

    Since the other side is pretty much using the same “tactics” no wonder why there’s almost no body count. This whole “rebellion” is a joke.

  • Brian

    You know, I’ve never had any combat training, or any training for guns at all, aside from the basic safety rules I learned in Boy Scouts years ago, but I still have enough common sense to know how to aim a damn gun. These guys are morons. It seems that at least 70% of their rounds fired probably don’t even come close to their target, and that’s not even counting the stupid, pointless firing straight up into the air. They waste so much ammunition that it’s ridiculous. It’s not even funny.

  • subase

    Military training desensitizes you to the idea of shooting and killing people. But even nowadays I’ve read something like 5-10% of soldiers ‘miss’ on purpose. So these Libyans don’t want to ‘aim’ since that would require the thought of killing someone. Instead they just spray and pray and “If Allah wishes”, their bullets will hit or dissuade their enemy. I would actually be very surprised if any of them wanted to kill any of their countrymen.

    But there is no doubt a very active special forces trained contingent of fighters with very high kill rates.

    Although it’s a question of skill, training and discipline. All lacking here. It’s also plain willingness to kill your enemy.

  • Casey D.

    was it just me or were there quite a few FALs in there and possibly an slr or two?