Traditions PA Pellet Flintlock with Accelerator Breech Plug

Traditions Performance Firearms have updated the PA Pellet Flintlock line and added their Accelerator Breech Plug and Williams metal fiber optic sights. The new breech plug gives more consistent ignition and is easier to clean. The PA Pellet line allows the use of both loose power and pellets.

From the press release …

The Traditions™ PA Pellet™ is not your typical flintlock. Traditions™ again steps ahead of the competition by introducing new, modern products that change the muzzleloading world. The PA Pellet™ is the designed to fire both loose powder and easy to use pellets. New for 2011, Traditions™ has added Accelerator Breech Plug™ to the PA Pellet™ Flintlock line. This breech plug enables a more consistent ignition and easier cleaning or removing a load. It is removable by hand in just three easy turns. To its most popular hunting flintlock, Traditions™ has also added Williams™ metal fiber optic sights and Soft Touch stocks and forends to all of the camo models which gives you a comfortable, secure grip with or without gloves. The PA Pellet™ Flintlock has an improved, stronger flintlock with a larger frizzen face and special hardening treatment for more consistent ignition and better spark. It also comes equipped with Premium CeraKote finish which is 50 times more corrosion resistant than stainless steel and protects against corrosive black powder, cleaning chemicals, and any weather Mother Nature can throw out.

The PA Pellet Flintlock MSRP ranges from $381 to $469 depending on the model.

Steve Johnson

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