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  • bima86

    how did they get their hands on an FN2000 + it’s grenade launcher ?? haha..

  • Philip Luty would have been proud of this…

  • Mobious

    The FN2000 with GL and suppressor was quite an interesting sight, granted though, not as interesting as some of the forged weapons and makeshift Toyota war machines~

  • GD

    How come when a noble Libyan rebel strips a mine for explosive components it is called a “homemade bomb”, but when a dastardly terrorist in Afghanistan does the exact same thing it is called an “IED”?

  • Mike

    Check photo 25: looks like Qaddafi has deep pockets – F2000 with a suppressor and EGLM. Hardly “standard issue”.

  • LP

    Seems someone got lucky, looking at picture #25

    “A Libyan rebel fighter shows a weapon (F2000) with a grenade launcher attachment which he said was taken from forces loyal to Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi at Misrata’s western front line, some 25 km (16 miles) from the city center, on June 7, 2011.”

  • crisara722

    interestign but, where the funk did that fn f2000 with silencer grenade louncher and iming module came from?

  • Cowtowncop

    TACTICAL TOYOTAS!!!!! What could be better that a Toyota Pickup with a rocket pod in the back? I need one of those for my commute.

  • JThomas

    Related: here’s an article and video about home-made shotguns used to repel the Lord’s Resistance Army in CAR:

  • Graham

    Those photos are incredible. It really shows the resourcefulness of the Libyan revolutionaries. I was surprised to see the photo of the F2000 though, I didn’t know Quaddafi’s forces used them.

  • Jon

    Whats up with that FN F2000 that a rebel had? Kind of looks out of place.

  • Martin (M)

    It’s amazing how the soviet UB-32 rocket pods have instructions in English.

  • WarHamster

    cool article. the rebel in pic no. 25 is a lucky guy, he found one of the 400 fn 2000s the libyans bought. complete with suppressor, optics and launcher. nice.

  • Matt G.

    I like the picture with the recoiless rifle going off.

    Also. Aiming those BU-32s mist be a pain with them mounted like that.

  • J.T.

    Among all those salvaged weapons, one lucky bugger finds a suppressed FN2000 with an attached 40mm without a scratch on it.

  • subase

    Amazing stuff and looks like FN’s been up to no good. A fully outfitted FN F2000.

  • Nicks87


    The picture of the rebel sitting in an office chair fireing his FAL was priceless!

    I have so much respect for these guys and how they are standing against tyranny.

    I wonder if the “American idol” obsessed population of the USA would be so brave if they were in the same situation?

  • Big Al

    I didn’t know the Libyan army used the FN-2000.
    I’d keep hold of that if I were him.

  • MibZ

    Very interesting to look at…it makes me sad that in one picture someone doesn’t even have shoes.

  • pyotr

    in re “Bomb” vs “IED”

    The technical difference I was informed, is that a “Bomb” has a government contract involved, (and is usually delivered via a uniformed member of a military) while everything else is an “IED”.

  • Mike

    Re: F2000

    Don’t forget, Gaddafi had a small personal army of mercenaries, some from European NGOs. They would have access to those weapons. Probably forgot it when fleeing.

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