Ruger Single-Ten .22 Revolver

Ruger continues their embrace of high capacity with the introduction of the Ruger Single-Ten, a version of the Ruger Single-Six with a ten round .22 LR cylinder.

The Single-Ten features a 5.5″ barrel, walnut “Gunfighter” grips, Williams fiber optic sights (click adjustable for both windage and elevation) and a satin stainless finish.

Caliber .22 LR only.
Capacity 10 rounds
Finish Satin Stainless
Grip Walnut Gunfighter
Barrel 5.5″
Twist 1:14″ RH
Weight 38 oz.
MA/CA Approved No
Sights Williams fiber optic
MSRP (Price) $619

This looks like a fun gun, albeit a little expensive. The single stainless Single-Six with its included .22 Magnum cylinder is more versatile for the same price.

Steve Johnson

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  • MibZ

    I’d sure love to have a gun LIKE this, but not at this price.

  • NPB


    My first handgun was a stainless convertible Single-Six with a 5.5 inch barrel and fixed sights. I loved that gun, and was heartbroken when it got stolen, and I knew that at some point I’d get another.

    10 shots are worth it on a .22 pistol. There were local .22 pistol matches that I’d go to, and I’d usually end up renting or borrowing pistols for the matches, but having 10 shots instead of 6 would have made all of the difference.

    I’d love to get one of these, and sent it off to get the “Number 5″ style Bisley/standard blended frame.

    I’m not too worried about the lack of a .22 Magnum cylinder. Those guns apparently use a .224″ barrel instead of the .222” barrel of a dedicated .22lr gun. While allowing the use of .22 Magnum ammo, it reduces the potential accuracy of .22 lr, and the accuracy of a good .22lr pistol and ammo is a real treat. .22 Magnum is fun and powerful (for a rimfire), but if I had never had the .22 Magnum cylinder, I doubt that I’d have gone looking for one. Honestly, considering that Ruger makes a .17 HMR Single-Six, I’d go that route if I was looking for a more powerful or longer ranged rimfire pistol than .22lr.

  • Anon

    “…albeit a little expensive.”

    I understand your point about the price vs. the convertible, but keep in mind: The MSRP on the S&W 617 is over $200 more, and that’s with plastic grips, not wood. Though, admittedly, the S&W is a lot easier to load/unload.

  • drewogatory

    A .22 revolver shouldn’t cost more than $300, if that. How are kids supposed to afford a $600 dollar gun? I got my first Ruger Bearcat .22 revolver with money from bagging groceries for tips during the summer. I think it cost $50 brand new.

    • Sr71jim

      Get a job like I did!

  • Jeremiah


  • If actual retail comes out to around $400, I may consider one. Although, it could be quite a bit of hassle to manually eject 10 empty shells from the cylinder.. particularly when compared to the S&W 617 10-shot double-action with its easy ejection.

  • Very nice offering, Ruger. I’m putting that one on the to-buy list, along with the new 1911 and a Redhawk in .44 Mag.
    Also, consider this a request for a 9 or 10 shot GP100 in .22LR.


  • David

    Last night, under the influence of a late night martini, I posted a question on Ruger’s FB page asking why they came out with this thing instead of a good double action .22 LR revolver.

    I do not retreat from that question in the light of day.

  • Bill Lester

    About friggin’ time.

    Now engineer a similar capacity .22 Magnum cylinder for the Convertible Ten and I’ll buy at least one. Maybe two. Such a sixgun could make me forget about Kel Tec’s trouble plagued PMR-30.

  • Vaarok

    So what’s this do that an old Iver Johnson or H&R doesn’t?

    • Sr 71jim

      Does not fall apart???

  • Matthew Carberry

    No honest plinker needs more than 10 rounds…

    before the smile likes to crack their face wide open. =)

    Good for Ruger.

  • Joel

    That’s just wrong. That’s almost as bad as that “tactical” home defense double-barreled shotgun with all the rails. Lose the fiber optic sights. 8 rounds would be nice, but 10 is just too much, it makes the cylinder look ugly.

  • Cymond

    I like it! Yeah, the price is high, but Ruger is known for making fairly nice rimfires. Ruger’s also known for high MSRPs compared to retail prices. This just kicked the (non-stainless) Uberti Stallion off my dream list.

    Mibz, you should check out the Stallion. It’s available with steel or brass grip frame, color case hardened frame, blued barrel, traditional fixed sights, and 10 shots. Retail is about $450

    “A .22 revolver shouldn’t cost more than $300, if that. How are kids supposed to afford a $600 dollar gun?” You’re comparing limes to oranges. Yeah, sure, they’re related but they’re more different than alike. If someone wants a cheap 22lr revolver, buy a Heritage, Cimarron, or Uberti. Of course, you also get what you pay for. No one can seriously demand stainless steel, adjustable sights, walnut grips, and good fit & finish at $300. $300 guns are nice, but there’s a place for nicer guns, too.

  • Raoul O’Shaughnessy

    Further proof that the only thing that was holding Ruger back from being a forward-thinking, aggressive company was Bill Ruger.

  • M.G. Halvorsen

    I like it…but I’d like it a lot more if it were along the lines of a top-break revolver, like the old H&R. Maybe a .22lr, patterned like a Schofield? C’mon Ruger! Think outside the box!!!

  • howlingcoyote

    What’s wrong with 10 shots? If you can’t handle that many, get youself a T?C Contender or Encore. Me, I’d like to have 25 or 50 shots (that’s why I use a 10/22)
    I hope Ruger reads this and comes out with a 10 shot 22 Magnum revolver!
    And how about a single-six in 25 Stevens? Wow, that would be interesting. To test the market, Ruger could make it a limited production at first. If it sold good, they could put it in their line.

  • Claude Patierno

    I sure wish they made the Mk III in .22 mag. It would be a handy carry when in the woods.

  • gaosmer

    I found and bought one for 488.00 plus tax and the found a second one down the road for 516.00 plus tax. Now hopefully I can find a second mag for a sig 1911-22 soon.

  • Claude Patierno

    Which did you find ??

  • Matthew Carberry


    Isn’t the Sig 1911-22 just a rebranded GSG? Those mags are out there.

  • ten shots is a nice idea but not having a 22mag cylinder is a minus.
    it would be impossible to machine a 22 mag cylinder in 10 shots
    because the hand could not ratchet the cylinder as slightly as the 22lr.
    i have a single six convertible w/22mag extra cylinder. the 22lr in this gun
    is virtually no recoil. but then i use the 22mag, and has a n ice kick,
    fire shooting out of the barrel……..a ball to shoot.

  • sddso75

    Vaarok posted on 17 Jun 2011 at 11:00 am:

    “So what’s this do that an old Iver Johnson or H&R doesn’t?”

    This one will probably last several lifetimes. And it will rarely need parts. Neither IJ nor H&R are bein made now; parts (which they need more often) are getting tougher to find, hence more costly.

  • Steve Williams

    I bought one a week ago today, around $550.00 including tax. I’ve had it out shooting twice so far and absolutely love it. The majority of my handguns are SA revolvers: a pair of Vaqueros in 45 LC, a Cimarron 3″ in 44.40. a Heritage .22/.22 mag combo…I happen to like SA’s. The Single 10 is the cream of my crop in every aspect – ergos, fit and finish, sights, action…it’s just all there for me. I’m a working man and it wasn’t cheap, but quality seldom if ever is and my Single 10 is a quality firearm. Works for me!

  • sam

    I grew up shooting my dad’s single six. It is dark rust now instead of blued. 2 of the cylinder split the casings. I can’t remember it ever being cleaned in the last 20something years. It has had rat shot and regular rounds through it. It is his shoot small vermin in the road/bar dish gun. It has killed countless basking snakes, armadillo, and skunks. Not to mention mountains of pop cans. I really like that gun even if it isn’t as accurate as it used to be, it still goes off when you pull the trigger. I just picked up a single 10 for $449.99. $473 with tax. I didn’t make it home before I shot it. I could only find 5 .22 rounds rolling around in the pick up. It shoots great. Can’t wait to get it to my friend (a freshly graduated gunsmith) to tune up the trigger. If you haven’t had this done to a Single six, it don’t know what you are missing.

  • MrVen

    Trigger? What’s wrong with the trigger? It amazes me how we can find something wrong with everything. This triggers is crisp, no creep, and fine the way it is.

  • pete towery


  • Ron Snow

    I’ve owned a few Ruger revolvers and and a couple of 10/22 rifles for years and was considering a Single Ten. Looked at it this morning and was disapointed to find that the cylinder does not lock up when it is cocked. Not good. I don’t want to have to manually align the cylinder everytime I fire the piece. Looked at a Ruger SP 101 in .22LR as well and disappointed in the finish work. The trigger pull was very heavy but the cylinder did lock up firmly. All in all, not what I expected for $500+. Maybe the QA at Ruger is not what it used to be.

    • Phil White


      There is a master gunsmith who wrote an E-BOK on tuning the Ruger SP-100 and SP-101. He no longer sells this electronic book but did allow me to post it on my personal blog. As far as I know it’s the only place you can still get this extensive information.

      You might want to have a look.

    • Jones

      Maybe you’re to pickey

  • Bill Kendrick

    Bought a new single ten Saturday 11-10-12. Took it home to shoot. Cleanded gun chambers too tight had to force ammo in. Ran a bore brush thru and still same problem. Well loaded it and cylinder extremly hard to turn actually wiping brass from face of cartridge. Hammer hard to pull and won’t fall without help. Took gun back and they checked it and said timing was off cylinder fit was horrible. Gave me my money back and said you would think RUGER would not let somthing like this happen.I own four other RUGER handguns and their GREAT. BUT THE SINGLE TEN WHAT A P.O.S.