SIG SAUER P250 Subcompact now with Accessory Rail

The subcompact SIG P250 is now available with an integral M1913 accessory rail.

Featuring the medium grip contoured to fit most hand sizes, the new P250 Subcompact allows users to mount lights and lasers on the smallest P250 frame. SIGLITE® Night Sights are standard on the Nitron®–coated, one-piece stainless steel slide.

The modular fire control system of the P250 allows users to choose the caliber, barrel length and frame size to fit their needs. Available in 9mm, .40S&W and .357SIG, the P250 Subcompact offers a consistent 6.5 double-action-only trigger pull.

An ambidextrous slide catch lever and reversible magazine catch makes the P250 user-friendly for both right- and left-handed shooters. With 12 rounds of 9mm or 10 rounds of .40S&W or .357SIG, the P250 Subcompact offers substantial firepower for a concealed carry pistol.

Steve Johnson

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  • Thus utterly destroying the entire point of the gun; it being a small compact backup/pocket piece. Putting snaggy bits on it as a marketing checkbox for accessories no sane person would ever put on a pocket gun…

    Yeah, you might want to put a laser on there… but Crimson Trace is probably going to make a laser that fits the gun without the rail.

  • Griffinhawk

    woooo….I would of bought this if it was out when I bought my Compact P250…

  • unclemoat

    I dont think crimson trace will make a laser for the grips on the p250 as you cant change grips on it and there are 3 different ones . The P290 wich I would like to buy has a laser but the trigger is jack up with light strikes . I would like to go with a P250 with a laser max micro for ccw . Mostly it would set on the night stand of my truck when im sleeping in the bunk thats why I would like to have a rail . Seeing it and finding one for sale seem to be 2 different beasts . I cant find one at any auction at all or online gun store. I must be popular . I would have to disagree that its a “pocket gun” Its a little big for that Just right as goliedlocks would saw as I have a big hand . I have heqard nothing but good things about them the P250’s . Sig p290 anybody know if they have fixed the problem on the new ones coming out with the triggers? Whats going on with them that sig 522 with the extrator problem then this p290 . Both of wich I fell in love with . What can I say like a woman that loves dirtbags I must be attracted to junk.

  • Fen

    Can you site your source? because I can’t find that text or that gun or even just the grip pod anywhere. I have a subcompact Sig P250 and would love that option…

  • Charles Branch

    The Nitron Rail is just one variation of the Subcompact; the smooth grip frame variants are still offered. After June 14, 2014, Sig will be shipping two magazines with each unit.