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  • SKSlover

    at this point, that setup wouldnt even suprise me… great laugh tho.

  • Brian

    F***in’ Glocks, how do they work?

  • fw226

    “…so that when it’s turned on, it’s slightly brighter than the sun.”


  • dconline

    That’s the best laugh I’ve had in awhile. Great video!

  • Harry

    I don’t know why, but for me, the best part is the backwards mounted scope.

  • j

    They blocked me on youtube because i said that their .22 gatling gun wasn’t an actual gatling gun(it wasn’t).

  • j

    that thing is sortof a joke…..

    also he called the magazine a clip!>:-|

  • Steven

    My hats off to them and their revolutionary product. However, I think they could have saved a lot of development time and money if they had just used some campy camera tricks instead.

  • Ivan

    I want to see James Bond with it in his next movie.

  • Encircled

    priceless 😀

  • davvehall

    “We have adjusted the scope to see both in to the future and in to the past” sooo funny..

  • Chase

    Ninja Glock? More like a “clown car” Glock.

  • JC

    Ha I gotta get that typhoon attachment.

  • KBG

    the improved future seeing scope is mounted backwards

  • MrTolliver

    Its not mounted backwards, he’s using it to review his past shots

  • RockinG29

    Man I hope this comes in 10 MM

  • Brian

    With everything else going on in the video, I didn’t even notice that the scope was backwards.

  • Sorry, that was just too stupid to be funny……..

  • Let us know if you have Glock related questions. Would be glad to help
    Certified Glock Armorer

  • The Specialist

    A good thing the scope can see into the future. That way you’ll know to swap it out so you can shoot that guy who isn’t quite three miles away, but still farther than the one and a half miles i’m sure the iron sights are good for if you have ninja eyes.

  • Starts slow but grabs you half-way through. Then at the end I emailed it to friends. Laser-guided typhoon was part luck and part great imagination. Well done.