How Sebastian became a gunnie

Sebastian blogs on how he became a gunnie

A few months later he informed me there was a sale on Romanian AK-47 clones on sale at a local gun store near him. I was surprised this was legal, since I was aware of the Assault Weapons Ban, so I started researching, and discovered what it actually banned. I went up there and bought one.

Steve Johnson

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  • Dylan Draper

    good for you man, however sticking it to the man is the most American thing you can do, so i would have purchased it without checking my state laws first, hence the reason i love gun shows so much.

  • Zermoid

    Hehe, reminds me of my Universal M1 Carbine I used to have, when they passed the law saying bayonet lugs were illegal I promptly bought a front band with a bayonet lug and put it on the rifle!