Beretta Px4 Storm Inox

Beretta Px4 Storm Inox, chambered in 9mm and .40 S&W, will soon be on sale in the United States. The stainless steel slides of the Inox range are bead blasted to a smooth satin finish, the standard Px4 pistols have a black finish. Both 9mm and .40 S&W have a MSRP of $640.

Steve Johnson

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  • Woodroez

    I think I like the look of this. At first glance all the black accents (sights, chamber, safety, etc.) turned me off but I’m starting to come around. Would like to see one in person.

  • michael

    I love it!!!

    I have the f series px4 and it’s a fantastic handgun. I might have to sell it and upgrade to the ss version however…..

  • JMD

    Another Beretta design with a slide mounted safety….good grief….

  • Vinroc_1

    figures.. after i buy my px4 they come out with an inox version.. :}

  • Andy from CT

    The slide mounted safety is a non-issue for a lot of people. I would carry these pistols hammer down, safety off. I’m also going to convert my future Px4 to the slimmer G lever. The only time I’d ever have to touch the lever is after chambering a round before placing it in a holster.

  • charles222

    I like it; the smooth lines are very sci-fi looking. Nothing wrong with a slide-mounted safety either, IMO.

  • Steven

    Cool. My wife keeps trying to steal my Px4 for herself. I might just get this for her for her upcoming birthday. 😀

  • Cameron

    I have the PX4 Type F in .40 with about 2,000 rounds through it without a single hiccup, ever. I absolutely love this gun. Looks like now I need an Inox one.

  • Bryan

    When is the release date? I want to purchase one as soon as they’re dropped!.

  • azchief

    Just went to bass pro shops they had 2 in 9mm put one on hold picking it up next week!!!!!!!!

    • I want one! Expensive but what the Hell! I am toting around a 92F and it is a reliable and a good weapons but a bit large and heavy for CCW daily carry.

      I would go for the 9mm as I don’t see how a .40 in that size and weight would be controlable in .40.

      Also the short bbl would not get the full velocity out of the .40 anyway and muzzle blast would have to signficant. On the other hand only a .357 Magnum has more proven field record for stopping power than the .40 now.

      Who can report on the muzle blast, recoil and recovery of this pistol in .40 SW? I never fired one so I am reasoning from simple newtonina physics and exeprience in firng many diffrent calibers in many sized pistols. Its part of my job really.

      Did you know the Navy SEALS have an MP5 chambered in .40 SW?

      • azchief

        I have mine in 9mm not sure if the Inox 40 is available yet. But from what I'[ve read on reviews the rotating barel of this gun does alot to help control recoil in the 40 caliber. I would recommend finding somewhere or someone that has one to try out before commiting to the nine if you are interested in the 40. I have shot probably 1000 rounds of assorted ammo without a glitch its a great gun nad I recommend it! Also got mine for $599 for the first one I found prices may have also come dow since then. The non inox ones can be had for around $500 even less someplaces.

  • Al

    I just bought the 9mm a week back and took it to the range. Smooth, light and fires like a champ. I was in between the Glock 17 but when the deal showed me this I was sold. Just sent my warranty card to get 2 additional years of warranty.

  • Rick

    What is accuracy like with this gun?

  • Ryan Kozan

    Just bought the inox 9mm at a gun show this weekend. Took it straight to the range and shot about 100 times. Amazing gun, wouldnt ever consider anything else after shooting this. Very accurate even at 30+ yards

  • tony

    doesn’t anyone have anything bad to say about the px4 9mm sights? or not being able to group any rounds using 115 grain?