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  • SpudGun

    $4000?! Oh dear, I think a lot of the high end .308 semi-auto manufacturers are going to have to re-think their pricing policies.

    Every single review I’ve seen of the SCAR Mk 17 has been nothing less then glowing and at a $1000 cheaper, you’d have to really hate reciprocating charging handles not to snap one up.

  • Josh

    Might as well get an SR-25 for that price.

  • ZomBkiller

    That was a great review! Thank you!

    To think I almost got one without getting my hands on it first is scary and goes to show that folks will (at least consider) buy(ing) something because some country’s military uses it as its modern designated marksman rifle…

  • drewogatory

    As a lefty, I have to say if they can make that bolt handle/forward assist work I’m all for it, but that price is ludicrous. You can almost get a bare bones African double for $5K,and you CAN get a Barrett or a Chey-TAC, and if I’m buying a rifle I don’t really need anyway… and if I’m going in harms way I’d take an FAL,M14 or even a Garand over this in a heartbeat.

  • Vitor

    Not the first time I head the LWRC gun having a sharp recoil.

  • Mark

    Wow, what an in depth review. Very interesting critique of the rifle and after watching it hardly makes me want to drop $4k on the rifle. With offerings from Larue, KAC, FN and others the 7.62 rifle market is opening up and gunmakers are going to have to justify the high prices. It’s no longer like it was 10 years ago when you had a choice between a budget brand AR-10 or KAC.

  • michael

    It’s the best 308 in that price range.

    there is no recoil witht he surefire break and almost no muzzle movement. over 2k trouble free rounds through her and tacking .75 moa with commercial loads and .5 with handloads.

    negatives r price and weight

  • Mikal

    I got to shoot a LWRC 5.56 rifle and man, I have to say, the recoil is really annoying and sharp. I can only image how much worse it would be in .308. Another “feature” that I ran into is that all the gear that was attached to the LWRC 5.56 started to looses up rather quickly and these all attached per manf. spec. I think a little red loctite might be in order.

    As for the comment about no muzzle movement w/Surefire brake, the same could be said for nearly any rifle that uses that brake. It’s not unique to LWRC. I have a home-built AR10 patterned AR w/a Noveske barrel and it’s also a tack driver and problem free…but it cost about $1500 LESS. I’m normally a “you get what you pay for” guy but IMHO, LWRC’s don’t fall into that category. I think LWRC is grossly overpricing their wares….caveat emptor.

  • michael

    I agree mikal but the reason why I said what I did about the brake is because it’s a non issue. No one is not going to lay down 3500 for a repr and then not put a suitable break on it.

    I have an a2, and a3 as well and have never experienced any of the issues you mentioned with the 5.56. My a3 is 5.56 and it’s as solid as one could hope for. I have no loose parts, rattles etc…. perhaps your friend’s is just ‘one of those’ that get through the manufacturing process.

    I agree about the recoil per se with the lwrc a2. It comes from the factory a bit overgassed but you can adjust it easily enough. I prefer it to be like that actually as it’s self regulating and helps to keep the rig running in adverse conditions. Remember, the a2 is one of only two rifles to ever pass the seal otb test…..lwrc is doing something right…

    my a3’s recoil is slightly less than my a2 but my ma2 is in 6.8. Just adjust the gas settings and tweak the rifle a bit and you won’t have any recoil issues that brake won’t fix.

    I have the surefire on my repr, a fsc30 on my a2 (6.8) and a custom pof brake (one of 3 test brakes made) on my a3 (5.56). I have zero issues with recoil. I think by bushy recoils more than my a3

  • charles222

    It’s the best 308 in that price range.

    there is no recoil witht he surefire break and almost no muzzle movement. over 2k trouble free rounds through her and tacking .75 moa with commercial loads and .5 with handloads.

    negatives r price and weight

    No, the best 7.62mm rifle in that price range is the SCAR H. You know, the weapon that was designed to have a piston in it to begin with and is also a grand cheaper. πŸ˜‰

  • So, what is the chambering, .308 or 7.62? It can only have one chambering, or do they actually mean you can get it in either?

  • michael

    charles, the scar h couldn’t hit water if it fell out of a boat…haha seriously however, the scar h does not have the accuracy the repr does and is well documented

  • Andrew (European Correspondent)

    michael, the Mk17/Mk20SSR has been selected by SOCOM as their semi-auto precision rifle to replace the Mk11 and Mk12, both of which are very accurate weapons. This would seem to cast doubt upon the statements you have made regarding the SCAR-H’s accuracy potential.

  • Stella


    The REPR was designed to have a piston. Can the SCAR-H rival the REPR’s impressive accuracy?

  • charles222

    Stella: No, the AR-10-which is what this is, stupid acronym name or not-NEVER had a gas piston in it. πŸ˜‰ Also, DI weapons are noted for superior accuracy as compared to pistons due to fewer moving parts (see Marine Marksmanship team adoption of M16A2 over M14) and this weapon already lost to a DI-operated AR-10, the British L129A1.

    I guarantee you there is probably little to no practical accuracy difference under battlefield conditions between this and the SCAR-H and I’d also be willing to bet that the SCAR-H is also more inherently reliable, as it, you know, is an operating system that was designed around a gas piston to begin with. LWRC had already lost two major competitions-IAR and the more recent British SDM comp-to either a) piston rifles from other companies (in the IAR case, H&K and FN) or B) to DI weapons from other companies.(Lewis Machine & Tool.)

    The American and British militaries apparently aren’t terrifically impressed with their products; I fail to see why I should be.

  • Slimjim

    I see he talks about the poor accuracy. The REPR’s twist is a bit fast for 168 grain ammo. They perfer heavier loads, such as the 175 grain ammo. Atleast mine does and gives exceptional accuracy.


      what length barrel do you have slim???? I only ask because I have a 16 fluted with a A2 comp on the front. I think I will try a balck out thought????

  • michael

    andrew, socom choosing the scar has less to do with the accuracy measure as other variables and as a correspondent, you would know all of this no? It’s a shallow point really. scar wasn’t the most accurate rifle in the comp, by far for a ‘precision rifle’

  • Andrew (European Correspondent)

    michael – you know this how? What “results” are you drawing conclusions from that the SCAR “couldn’t hit water if it fell out of a boat?”

    Again, SCAR-H variants have been selected to replace the Mk11 (Knights Armament SR-25 variant) and Mk12 (accurized AR-15 variant), which are both very accurate rifles.

    You are saying that SOCOM are choosing to replace accurate rifles with inaccurate rifles – for “other reasons” and are ignoring the “fact” that the SCAR is only capable of poor accuracy?

    What reasons are they and where are you getting your information from?

  • Nater

    I like how people keep bringing up the SR-25. If you want a rifle that is finicky and unreliable, sure, I guess that’s an option. The modern 7.62mm battle rifles I’ve really considered are this one and the SCAR-H. They both have their upsides and downsides.

  • Seems like I forever get the cart before the horse. I bought a 20 inch REPR before loggin on and reading all of the comments. Just hope that I didn’t maka a bad decision. This is my first semi auto AR type rifle so I have nothing to compare the REPR to. We will take it to the range for the first time on 7/27/11. We will use Lapua factory ammo first to create a bunch of brass for reloading. My only use for the rifle will be for target shooting at 600 to 800 yards so my requirements should not exceed the rifle’s capabilities. We mounted a Burris Fullfield II Tac 30 6.5-20x 50 scope with a quick release mount for optics.

    We would appreciate any comments or words of wisdom regarding the REPR.

  • Margrett Moeckel

    John, if you read the article again, you’ll see that it’s been submitted for approval by apple, thereby it isn’t available yet. Hopefully It will be soon, as I look forward to adding it to my iPod.

  • Sgt D.

    This discussion sounds interesting! So here is my $200 dollars worth since I have shot both., and before everyone starts ranting about the qualification of my opinion….I’m a Marine…been a cop for 17 years…certified riflesmith on ALL AR systems…not an armour…but a smith and about 5000 rounds on each gun….REPR beats SCAR hands down…remember that government always buys from lowest bidder…not the best weapon system when it comes to simple weapons of war. SCAR is cheaper… NOT MORE ACCURATE….have a great day!!!

    Sgt. D