Stoeger X20 Suppressor: Suppressed Air Rifle

Stoeger recently introduced the X20 Suppressor air rifle to the US market. The break-action rifle features an integrated suppressor which utilizes an air regulator and baffle system to keep the gun as quiet as possible.

Caliber .177 (1000 fps with lead pellets) / .22 (800 fps with lead pellets)
Capacity Single shot
Finish Black/synthetic
Barrel 16.5″
Trigger adjustable, two-stage trigger
Stock Monte Carlo-style
Weight 7.0 lbs. / 8.6 lbs. with scope
Sights Scope. No iron sights.
MSRP (Price) $220

What the suppressor will not quite is the noisy piston that break-action air rifles use. Stoeger claim the rifle is 7.05 decibels quieter than their competitors suppressed airguns, see the video below …

Steve Johnson

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  • anton

    The problem is, that springers either make noize or they don’t. Silencers don’t do squat on a springer.

    I owned many airguns and I used to have a silencer that I could put on the threads on many a barrel (I live in the Netherlands where they are legal on airguns)

    I also tried the silencer on springers, and it did nothing. Think about it: The pellet isn’t supposed to pass the sound barrier. A bang can either come from that, or dieseling, which isn’t particularly good for accuracy or the internals of a springer, namely the piston had and the spring itself.

    Some springers I own(ed) and had silencers tested on them:

    -BSA Lightning XL Tactical (comes with a fake silencer that only really works as a cocking aid). Silencer does nothing as the noize comes from the spring that expands and the piston hitting the end of the compression chamber.

    -Ruger Blackhawk. Silencer does nothing as the noize comes from the spring that expands and the piston hitting the end of the compression chamber.

    -Diana 48 Black (with a shroud, also no difference in sound). Silencer does nothing as the noize comes from the spring that expands and the piston hitting the end of the compression chamber.

    – Slavia 630. Silencer does nothing as the noize comes from the spring that expands and the piston hitting the end of the compression chamber. Got the rifle more quiet by adding a spring guide fabricated by one of my friends.

    If you own a PCP, that’s a different story. There’s a bang from the excess gass that wants to get out, or you’re shooting pellets that are to light. The first can be solved by fine tuning, the second means you have to buy heavier pellets.

  • Jim

    That’s ridiculous. The sound of the pellet is negligible compared to the piston. Gimmickey crap.

  • If it’s a suppressed airgun then why is the shooter in the video wearing earplugs?

    • JMD

      Probably to comply with OSHA regulations, or some other ridiculous thing.

    • Rick

      The guy had his ear plugs in so he wouldn’y have to listen to the narriator chattering.

  • michael

    probably would be banned over here in communist controlled Australia.

  • Hello Fellow X20 fans, I need some recomendations as to accuracy. I have the X20 model in a .177 cal and am having one hell of a time with accuracy??? I am finding that my gun shoots a 4 inch group at about 20 yrds and after that, my pellet for the most part is coming out and nose diving hard!!! And not all the time either, and is extremely frustrating. I have shot a few different kinds of pellets, the premier hollow point I thought it was the best, but seems to be deteriorating in performance now, compared to a few months ago?? I read an article that some one was shooting the Crow magnum pellet and was having good results, is this true??? I shoot alot of pellets, and I am not giving up on my gun, I think there is some tricks that you guys can help me with.



  • nice Silencer

  • kadin

    i got a x20 its shit!! It my 1st gun so my shooting is not the best butt i sit it on a post and shoot at the same point and it more around by 20 to 30 cm with no wind.I look down the barrel and it had big twisted line all the way down to the end like they just drill the barrel and didn’t smooth it. I don’t know if this is how a gun shod be made butt i would say not,one end is bigger to dint know about this to.x20 are shit and look at a good gamo.i find it shoot better with out the scope at 10 to 20m’s.that just me i thing a scope hater.

    • Chevota

      This is for kadin, but also anyone who might be interested, especially the bottom about the trigger: That twist is called rifling, that’s why they’re called rifles and not long guns like the old days, look it up on Wiki.
      The shooting off of a post is one of the best ways to screw up accuracy. the problem is the piston recoils and moves the gun long before the pellets exits the barrel, plus the double recoil (recoil and jolt forward) really shake the gun up which is why spring guns break scopes. So during this movement the gun jumps around and having it against something hard like a post will cause it to bounce off of it to a small degree, watch it and see… So put either your hand between the post and the gun, or a towel folded up nice and thick so the gun can move around. Ideally you should sight it the same as you will be using it, so if freehand hunting then hold just like you would in the field, just use the post to steady yourself. Holding it the same every time will let the gun jump the same and so the pellet also comes out the same, make sense? You can hold it about anyway you want as long as it’s the exactly same which is virtually impossible, so the easiest way is to simply let the gun rest on your left hand and the shoulder pressure should be just enough so the gun doesn’t fall. Then your right hand just lightly holds the gun like it was a feather.
      I handle the gun just like a real gun until I see what I want in the scope, then before I pull the trigger I lighten my grip as if the gun was a hollow casting of aluminum foil and I’m trying not to crush it. There’s no recoil to speak of so it can’t hurt you, so after a few shots your mind is comfortable with it and you won’t flinch anymore which also helps accuracy.
      Now you’re at a point where things like pellets and the trigger is what’s holding your best accuracy back. Buy a bunch of different pellets and find the one that works best for you. Look at reviews, lots of people post what they found works best. A good trigger helps a lot, and is just plain nice to have. It makes the gun feel so much better.
      Most all these Chinese airguns like Crosman and their equals (Remington, Ruger, Benjamin), Umarex, Gamo (gag) and whatevers all have the worst triggers, but all easily fixed. You can buy the GTX3 or whatever it’s called trigger, but the problem with that is $40. I’m a do-it-yourself guy so paying $40 for a trigger on an $80 gun is unthinkable! The GTX is nice, but since the trigger is so easily fixed for free then why pay? The oem trigger is also very customizable, far more than that GTX trigger is capable of by itself. You can set the oem unit to do just about anything you want, even make more power believe it or not. As it is the adjustment screw does just about nothing, but is easily fixed by replacing it with one twice as long, 20 seconds from start to finish and you’ve improved the trigger drastically, day and night difference! After that you’ll probably be as happy as can be with the trigger, but there’s still a lot of possibilities for it if you want. Using a dremel tool you can make it do just about anything, including a hair trigger. If you don’t want to open the trigger up with all it’s parts and springs you can always make yours just just like the GTX by simply drilling/tapping the two holes to match and adding a couple screws. Removal and install is no different than swapping the other in, but for a little effort you save $ and didn’t need to wait a week for it to arrive.
      An adjustable trigger stop is also a very nice add. It’s hard to explain how it feels, but trust me you’ll be glad you did.
      I could explain how to modify the trigger beyond these simple fixes, but it would take forever and imo if you can’t figure it out yourself then you probably shouldn’t be messing with it.
      Good luck people and I hope this helps…

      • FarePlay

        Very good explenation. So many here complain about the X20 (I have
        never owned one, I have an older Canadian Tire springer) without knowing what they are shooting. It’s not a rim fire, it’s not a CO2, it’s not Nitrogen
        and it’s not a PCP. It’s a SPRING and they make noise, and there is
        nothing you can do to eliminate it completely. If you didn’t want noise
        then you should have done your homework. Maybe try a sling shot?

    • gbc1234

      That is the rifling you ree ree

  • Paul

    Hi i ve just brought the Stoeger x20 suppressor and i am also looking for some help, again zeoring and grouping a big problem at 25-30 yrds, am i doing somthing wrong, tried different pellets, but no change.
    I had to make a dissicision on the Gamo whisper and the Stoeger x20 and unfortunaly for the Stoeger i think ive made the wrong choice, nice looking gun feels good to but if you cant hit any thing with it why bother pulling the trigger?????

    • Mark Nixon

      Hi Paul, I bought an X20 Supressor Dec 2011 in.22 cal. I loved the look and the gun felt really well made. It never grouped and even getting a 1 inch group at 10 yards was hard work, it had the 3-9×40 scope on it,and trying to get a decent group at 20 yards was impossible regardless of hold. I thought it was just bedding in so I took it to a friend who was a keen hunter with airguns and firearms and told him the gun had fired about 800 rounds but wouldn’t group. We spent the whole day and about 300 pellets and the best it could do at 20 yards was a 4 inch group.We used Accupells, H&N field target trophies and god knows what else but no good. I went home with a migrain through frustration and sold the gun soon after and got a Benjamin 397..I wouldn’t touch another Stoeger ..



  • fred

    I don’t get it. Of all things concerning the discharge of airguns, noise level was never even a concern. This is especially true of springers. I have four, three of which in earlier times could nominally be referred to as magnum in power level. None make any more than a sharp “thunk”, when discharged. The only exception is the rare detonation. Even if silencers were effective on springers, they address a problem which does not exist. JMHO.


    • Chevota

      Hi Fred. It is just as you said; in your humble opinion… For the rest of us it’s an issue because the noise can scare off game and annoy neighbors, mainly the latter. One of the biggest reasons people shoot airguns is because firearms are not tolerated due to noise and/or laws. I’d love to shoot tweety birds off the wire at my house with a 22 rimfire, but the cops would be there in 30 minutes. Plus a heavy 40gr bullet has to land somewhere 😮
      If a gun is quiet enough then nobody is bothered and no cops show up. In my hood it’s against the law to shoot a pellet gun period! So the only way I can shoot is inside or go out in the sticks to shoot. I’d need a virtually silent gun to shoot in my back yard, and that isn’t going to happen. I could make my own silencer but that’s 20yrs hard time if caught. Actually, technically, this gun is a felony to own as well. You could under federal law go to jail for 20yrs as soon as this gun hit your doorstep. Don’t think that because it’s sold that it’s legal. I can tell you from personal experience that you can be arrested for things bought right down the street at the corner store and face a felony conviction and years in prison! Luckily I got off on a technicality…
      Anyway, I tried this S20X gun and it is not as quiet as they say and still way too loud for me to shoot in my yard. I already have a gun with a pneumatic piston which is quieter, so I put the pneumatic piston in this S20X gun and while it was a big improvement, it’s still not nearly enough. Also, the S20X is not nearly as powerful as any of my regular guns. My other generics with the same power plant are 50% more powerful! Yes, 50%! So the trade off in noise isn’t worth it. So with pneumatic piston guns being quieter, 2/3rds the price, and 50% more powerful, there’s not much point and I sent mine back. I assume the reason it’s weak is the stubby 13″ barrel of the S20X. You can read online that a 13″ bbl shouldn’t make much if any difference vs a 19″, but that’s what happened to me and Umarex said the power was “normal”.
      So consider yourself lucky that you can shoot without concern over noise, but for the rest of us we’re not only looking for quiet guns, but guns much quieter than this.

  • Woody

    I have the X20s and use RWS hobby .22 pellets when hunting or target shooting.i can generally get a 5 pellet group in about a inch circle.can any one recommend any other pellets they think are good for the gun.any suggestions would be greatful. Thanks

  • JIM


    • Gman

      Use the nipple off a baby bottle!

  • andy

    Hi All.

    Looking to buy a x20 for my son and I could do with some help regarding the pros and cons of .177 vers .22 (he likes to shoot cans at about 50 to 70 yards).
    Also why are there no x50`s for sale in the UK?


  • david

    Thank chaps for your reviews. I was going to buy a stoeger but i got a gamo whisper instead…couldnt be happier

  • kokopelli

    I just received my Stoeger X20 Suppressor Black Stock Scope Combo today and man am I disappointed! First of all I have never in my life had my finger on a trigger as crappy as this one. It’s hard to tell if the accessory is really any good although I’m sure it would be much better with a descent trigger. The way it is, you can’t hit the broad side of a barn with it. The clank and jerk of the air piston is so bed it makes the suppressor void. And then there is the scope. It is out of focuses at any and all ranges. The light is off side and only illuminates the right side of the radical. As for the bore sight of the scope, all the screws were louse so even if it was sighted in, it wasn’t sighted in. I’ve sighted in many a scope so this is an easy fix but what to do about the out of focuses problem… I’ve had better $5 scopes! The illumination is off as well and I don’t know what to do about that. All and all, I am VERY VERY dissatisfied with this gun! I’ve never had a rifle I would call Junk but this one is just that, JUNK!
    Very upset

  • steve

    Here in the UK I notice the Stoeger X20S is sporting a shorter suppressor, rather than the full shrouded barrel style, is this a newer model and would you know if the short suppressor is equally effective

  • Paul

    I have a Stoeger X20S in .22 caliper. The scope that came with it is not great but it is useable and I have no issues focusing at 15 and 25 yards. The trigger that came on the gun had a very long pull even when adjusted for the shortest pull. I replaced it with a GRT-III trigger from and what an improvement.
    I have run about 600 rounds through mine. Accuracy on my gun is great using Crosman Premier Hollow Points and domed Ultra Magnums in 14.3 grain. After five or six shots I end up with one ragged hole at 15 and 25 yards (those are the only ranges I have tried). Maybe I got lucky but I like the .22 so much I just ordered one in .177. I sure hope it shoots as good as the .22.