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  • These kinds of products are very popular with 3 Gun competitors. Another company, Nordic Components makes a Pmag coupler that up the capacity to 47 rounds.

    Outside of the Pmags, there are other outfits that make extended and large-capacity magazines, too. Tripp Research has their 40 and 50 round Cobramags available on their website.

  • Other Steve

    Wow, that doesn’t look like a prototype at all. I should rush out and trust my life to that asap.

  • charles222

    Hmm…any word on whenever the actual 50-round Magpul quadmag is going to appear in a form that isn’t drawings?

  • Christian

    What an ironic name for the company… If you brought these into the state of California you would end up with a rather large prison sentence…

  • Jake

    Now the only question is, How many of these can I use at once?

  • Matt G.

    I’m confused. Do you have to flip the msg to use the other 20/30 rounds?

  • Nater

    I remember hearing something about Magpul patenting a quad stack AR/STANAG magazine. They need to start looking over their shoulder, several other companies are starting to produce products that are at least as good, if not better, than the PMAG/EMAG.

  • J.T.

    How would the rounds and spring get past the feedlips of the bottom mag? Would you have to trash the bottom mag by cutting off the feed lips?

  • Flounder

    Looks like magpul is trying to get some sort of competition for those surefire 60 and 100 round mags. Well if magpul is making these.

  • Duane

    Reading California anything and 50 rounds together just boggles the mind.

  • JT: Note that the two magazine bodies are coupled base to base. I suspect that the dust cover for the feed lips on one end now serves as the new base plate. The spring included with the kit makes up for the extra length of the coupled magazine.

  • IllTemperedCur

    Looks like the coupler attaches the two mag bodies bottom to bottom, using the extra feedlip cover as a bottom plate for the completed mag.

    And this appears to be perfectly legal in my beloved Clownifornia…..IF… only use it to rebuild a previously owned high-cap magazine into an even higher capacity, and only use it in a rifle without evil features.

    Luckily for us CA gunnies, CA state legislators’ incompetence exceeds their malevolence, although not by much.

  • Echo Lima

    @J.T. Looks like that the coupler attach the Pmags base-to-base. Thus the bottom magazine’s feed lip now become a base; all feeding through top magazine feed lip. Funky.

  • Adam B

    JT and Matt, you’ll notice that the bottom magazine is flipped upside down, and the mags are coupled at the base. This means that no, you don’t have to cut off the feed lips of the lower mag, since it’s feeding out of the bottom of that mag. Ergo, it’ll feed all the mags out the top of the upper magazine.

  • Cymond

    OH! Now I see how it works. That’s a fairly neat design.

    Remember that P-Mags have a cover for the feed lips. Those mags are joined at the bottoms. The lower mag’s feed lips become the floorplate. No permanent modification is required.

  • Nicks87


    Seriously, why does anybody need such a thing?

    I’ll just spend my $45 on 3 Magpul mags and learn how to re-load faster.

  • sabasarge

    Mag Grips are a much better solution. I’ve used mine with Pmags during reserve deployments and never had an issue.

  • Nathanael S.

    Let me put it this way, for the price and with two proven magazines from a good manufacturer, I’d rather stake my life on this guy than a $170 Surefire that jams like a teenage garage band. Ok, bad metaphor. But seriously, it’s not a terrible option if you want to go higher capacity.