THOR TR-15 “Talon” PDW AR-15

THOR is taking pre-orders for their new THOR TR-15 “Talon” PDW. The gun has a 7″ barrel and is piston operated.

The carbine features:

  • Quad Rail System
  • Noveske KX3
  • Magpul CTR stock
  • Magpul PMAG maagzine
  • Magpul MIAD Grip
  • TROY Rear Sight
  • TROY Front Sight
  • Magpul AFG
  • KAC Rear Sling Swivel
  • KNS Anti Walk Pins
  • Badger Tactical Latch

You have to ask for pricing, so you bet it will be expensive.

Steve Johnson

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  • Other Steve

    The fact that is has a Noveske pig on it, makes me think they couldn’t get it to run right without it. So…what is the point of a 7″ barreled AR (at all really) if your going to add 3″ on it anyhow? Why not just run a 10″ that will always run regardless of brake?

    Also, I’m fairly convinced the only people that want 7″ ARs are people that have never fired or heard them. Or rednecks I guess.

  • Edward

    @ Other Steve:

    Or alternately, those who just care that much about overall length, assuming that they ran without the Noveske brake…

    After all, the reported British SF requirement that led to the LWRC UCIW and the HK416C was for a OAL less than 22 inches — the HK416C achieved this with a 9 inch barrel and a “G3/MP5-style” retracting wire stock (the bars moving above the fire selector), the UCIW with a 7 inch barrel and a shortened M4-style stock (and I believe a slightly shorter buffer tube than the HK416C?).

  • ctr

    I want one.

  • jdun1911

    All Noveske pig does is redirect sound forward. They could put a suppressor on it but I doubt most suppressor companies will warranty it under 10.5 barrel.

    The only things that needs upgrading is a heavy buffer, action/buffer spring, and extractor for SBR.

    Anyway there are plenty of youtube videos on 7 inch barrel going full auto without any problems.

  • drewogatory

    Nice of them to provide a detailed parts list for folks at least. I’m absolutely baffled by the number of people who will pay an enormous premium to have a line worker somewhere assemble their rifle instead of doing it themselves.

  • Pete Sheppard

    With a 5.56 that small, if you don’t hit ’em with the first shot, you’ll stun them with the blast for an easy followup…

  • tincankilla

    Agree with Other Steve. ARs are fun, but I shot a 10″ inch barrel AR once and it was definitely not fun. super loud and I could feel compression from the muzzle blast on my face. if operators really need these for VIP protection, you’re going to have half-deaf VIPs (and operators).

  • Rob

    What’s with all these 5.56 Short Barrel “PDW” AR’s? To me 5.56 seems like just about the worst possible choice in round for this application.

  • Wouldn’t you need a Class III license for this thing?

  • steve

    You might as well have a .22 MAG for all the velocity you’ll get out of this thing. I’d guess well under 2000 FPS.

  • Marc

    QuickLOAD says to expect 2200 fps and nearly 15% unburnt powder from M885 in a 7″ barrel.

    No, thanks.

  • Big Daddy

    It’s just a fad now. I can’t see a use for them unless it’s for security, police or military. And for very confined spaces like carrying in a civilian type vehicle were there is very little room to operate and carry any weapon other then a handgun. Or going into very cramped places like room to room clearing. I noticed training in room to room is done without the clutter of a real apartment/home. Add some real living conditions and it’s hard to get around in there. So a weapon like that is very good for a few conditions only. I guess that’s why it’s called a PDW, a lot of firepower in a small weapon, notice the D for defense.

  • MrSatyre

    @ Other Steve: Because it looks cool! What other reason do you need? 😉

  • crisara722


  • 032125

    Yet another misapplication of the Magpul AFG. Do they not know the application, or do know, but assume that ignorant buyers will just like the look?

  • Matt G.

    Defense contractors and PSDs often used very short barrels rifles required by the fact that they use standard vehicles for much of their transportation and because they must stay discrete with them. They would also need a Pig style device as they will be using those rifle within vehicles and confined spaces. Using a ten inch barrel without pig may be much louder than a 7″ barrel with one. add to that the fact that not even all 10.5″ barrels run reliably with out pig style devices adding back pressure, and the fact that such people could also be using these rifles in conjunction with suppressors and I can definitely see why a 7.5″ barrel would be preferable in such circumstances.

  • Matt G.

    In fact the stupidest thing about this picture is the AFG being mounted on such a short rail. Kinda defeats the purpose.

  • Sid

    It is a PDW. There is a military requirement for this weapon. Those who would blast the idea need to understand that most militaries are looking for a good weapon in the PDW category.

    Climb into a military vehicle once and it can be awkward. Climb in and out of it every day for a year and it can be a mind-altering pain-in-the-ass. Vehicle crewman need a short weapon that provides good defensive firepower.

    With body armor becoming ever present on both sides of conflicts, pistol-caliber weapons are loosing ground. The PDW in rifle-caliber provides the crewman and PSDs with a good balance. It may be loud, but loud is relative and is a common workplace hazard in warzones. PSDs and operators are using noise-cancelling headsets these days.

    There may be issues, but I think some are rushing to judgement on this weapon.

  • drewogatory

    Why does everyone hate on submachineguns now I wonder? I mean, this is one of the only roles that they truly excel in anyway, why try to shoehorn in an AR platform? If you need long range capability or magazine commonality to break contact during an executive protection gig, you might be doing it wrong, at that point you need separate fire support anyway. There are plenty of new handgun cartridges that would absolutely kill in a sub gun, .357 SIG anyone? I’ve seen an old M-3 converted to .38 Super in action and that thing was a wicked, flat shooting buzzsaw. I see no reason to be stuck in the military supply chain for ammo, when you shouldn’t be using that much in the field anyway.

  • jdun1911

    Short Barrel Rifle and Short Barrel Shotgun are great for home defense. My friends that don’t own SBR or SBS love shooting my guns and in fact got their own NFA SBR/SBS.

    Here is a full auto 7″ AR15 with the Pig.

  • subase

    electronic ear muffs or ear plugs, essential.

  • Jailer

    Why does everyone think a 7 inch 5.56 won’t run???? Never had a single malfunction in mine and no it doesn’t have a pig it has a vortex. Yes they are loud and no they are not practical, but they sure are fun to shoot. 😀

  • charles222

    Anybody using this-or any other SBR AR, for that matter-probably isn’t a government employee. They’re not going to be running M855 (optimum out of 16 to 20 inch barrels against enemies with hard armor); they’ll probably be running (if they’re Green Beanie types) this:

    Or one of the generalized softpoint/hollowpoint rounds for 5.56 if they’re security contractors.

  • Gerald

    You know, there is a solution to this that makes everyone happy. It’s called: *Gasp* The bullpup platform. You see, it allows a very compact rifle comparable to a PDW is size and length that also allows around 16″ of barrel length AND allows the use of 5.56x45mm rounds that can defeat kevlar armor. All of the size and weight of a subgun, without the drawback of being forced to use pistol rounds that get caught up in kevlar armor. I know that the army would never consider dropping the AR-15 platform, but there is no reason why they could not adopt a supplemental weapon to serve in the PDW role.

    If I had to choose between this in 7″ or an AUG in 16″ I’m sorry, but I’ll pick the AUG every single time.

  • Andrew (European Correspondent)

    Gerald, a 16″ barreled AUG is 28.25″ long and weighs 8lbs empty; an M4 carbine (14.5″ barrel) with stock collapsed is 29.75″ long and weighs 6 1/4 – 6 1/2lbs empty.

    True PDWs like the HK MP7 are just over 16″ collapsed and weigh around 4lbs. The AUG is nowhere near the size and weight of a PDW, nor does it offer a monumental advantage in maneuverability compared to an M4.

  • Rohan

    I would wait for the Magpul PDR.

    19″ long, 10.5-12.5″ barrel, GI mags, American designed and made.

    Electronic ear muffs or ear plugs, NOT essential.