Chinese snipers win Military and Police Sniper World Cup ’11

Chinese snipers placed first in four of the five events at the 10th Military and Police Sniper World Cup in Budapest. Chinese sniper Xu Bo placed first overall, Qing Feng, also Chinese, came in second with Martin Kunz, of Austria, coming in at third. Nineteen countries had team participating, including Austria, Belarus, Britain, Bulgaria, China, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Macedonia, Norway, Poland, Slovakia, Switzerland, USA, Ukraine and Vietnam.

The Chinese team during the running-target event. Photo from People’s Daily.

Last year China used Remington rifles for the competition and placed third. It is not clear if this year they were using domestic rifles or imported target rifles. None of the rifles above resemble the JS 7.62, China’s medium range sniper rifle chambered in 7.62x54R.

Steve Johnson

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  • Joe Schmoe

    Wow, it’s a real shocker that both Britain and the U.S. didn’t place first. The double-whammy is that the winner is Chinese.

  • SpudGun

    Drug test them now! It’s the Beijing Olympics all over again. 🙂

    The human benchrest in the video was…er, interesting. Not sure if I want some dude shooting all over my back…not like that, you know what I mean.

    Are there any links to what rifle / optic set ups the various teams employed?

  • macedonian

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    • JamesD

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  • Mat

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    On subject of this years sniper competition it seems that this year some of the regular teams were missing ,many are on tours in Afghanistan and strong russian teams seem to be on duty as well so this years competition was mostly police teams

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  • Carlosthedragon

    Where was Canada?

  • Madeleine Goddard

    Given China’s desire to be best at everything, especially in ‘sports’, I think we can assume that they have a sniper team that does nothing but practice for events like this. And of course they have a rather large talent pool from which to select shooters. What would be a lot more interesting is a table of all the results, showing how different countries did in relation to each other. It makes a big difference whether the US came second or nineteenth overall.

  • tincankilla

    my hunch is that the US/UK’s best snipers are in the military and sent abroad; China’s are in the police and used at home. Both for very specific reasons. 🙂

  • Timothy

    Those are CAPF (formerly call the PAP) paramilitary. The teams use a mix of SIG 2000, SIG 3000, Remington 700 SPS and for this year their new 5.8mm bolt gun.

    The optic that they used are a mix of Schmidt und Bender, Swarovski, Night Force and their own mades.

  • Lance

    Im with spud gun this is suspicious now way a crappy Chinese rifle beat USA British and German guns. The rifle is on steroids!!!!

    • Bill

      Define “crappy”. You do not even know the specifications of the FY-JS rifles used in this event. Provide your proof.

      Just to give you a taste of Chinese “crappiness”, the newest Chinese 12.7 mm rifle (QBU-09) uses a digital fire control computer, has 0 MOA at 200 meters, and drops 180 mm at 1500 m. Bullet penetrates 100 mm of metal with 100% probability at 200 m and 50 mm of metal with 80% probability at 1500 m.

      That far outperforms any Western 12.7 mm rifle (or any other rifle, for that matter).

      • Robert Bruce

        bullshit. 0 moa?

  • TRG

    Hello to All,

    I have just returned from Budapest, Hungary where I participated in the 2011 Police and Military Sniper World Cup. It was my first such competition and I placed in the top third among 107 competitors from Europe and Asia. You all can read about the structure of the competition (types of exercises, location, etc) on the Web so I won’t go into that. What I will go into was the rampant cheating on the part of the Chinese military and police teams and the complicity of the event organizers and judges. This isn’t sour grapes because I was nowhere near the top of the leader board and the cheating did not effect my individual scores or final placement. What it did effect was the integrity of the competition and the hard work and excellent performances of the teams, specifically from the Czech Republic.

    Here are some samples:

    During a night shoot exercise during a preparatory display of the targets several shooters jumped the gun and shot on their targets – a classic display of a lack of concentration and trigger control…it happens. Initially the on-field judges asked the shooters to stand away from the line so that they could be identified and given a Zero score for the exercise. No one stood up. Competitors in that area of the line then pointed to several shooters from China’s police team, as well as members from other teams, as the shooters. The judges then cleared the line and went down range to check targets. As I watched through my spotting scope (the range was a little over 100m) I saw which targets had been shot. Most had been shot by Chinese shooters. When the judges returned they had a discussion. They then announced that the range staff had “made a mistake” and that the exercise would be re-shot. Complaints where shouted from all who did not shoot and another meeting was called. It was then announced that the exercise would be cancelled and another would be held in its place.The end result was that Chinese shooters who should have received zero scores for their error were not penalized at all.

    A day exercise involved shooting 400+m targets from positions of cover behind a barricade. This was a team event involving two shooters with 3 shots each. After the event we moved up to the 215m line to shoot another exercise on another, smaller value target. As we moved the judges moved forward and marked, apparently unbeknownst to the Chinese, the hit/misses on the previously shot high value targets. We then shot the closer exercise and went forward to look. It turned out that the high value targets shot by the Chinese competitors had both marked and unmarked holes on them. It would have been impossible to any professional sniper to have mistaken the targets. The Chinese double shot them to falsely get as many points as possible.

    On the last day of the competition the top two position were held by snipers from China and the Czech Republic. The point spread was very close. After an exercise one of the judges approached the Czech shooter and told him he would be assessed a 25 point penalty. He asked why and she replied by telling him she was very sorry but had been instructed to do so by the competition organizers. She could/would not tell him the technical reason for the penalty. The Chinese shooter ended up winning the competition by a margin of less than 25 points.

    During the competition word soon spread about the cheating by the Chinese teams and the favoritism shown to them by the event organizers. The tone of the competition soon turned from one of comradeship and sportsmanship to one of frustration. At the awards ceremony no one but the Chinese shooters and their entourage applauded when the winner was announced. After the awards ceremony all Chinese participants left the venue like thieves in the night for what I assume was a reception elsewhere.

    I later learned from event staff (who were also disgusted by what they were ordered what to see and what not to see) the following facts: the Chinese government was the principal sponsor of the event; the Chinese teams had been in Hungary for the previous two months, had been given the exercises beforehand (everyone else learned about the exercises at a briefing held the night before the first day of competition), and had each sent several thousand rounds down range before the start of the event.

    That’s it. Draw your own conclusions. If you are as outraged as I am – and again, I stress that I had no chance of winning (this time!) and the cheating did not effect me personally – please pass this information along. Better yet, check my claims out for yourselves. I’ve purposely left names out but you can see the results for yourselves on-line. This could have been a great competition but it ended up being a farce. I think the only was to solve this problem is to bring all of this to light. When this event is discredited, as I think it should be, perhaps competitors will boycott it until changes are made the the playing field is leveled.

    The true winners of this event were robbed. The competitor from the Czech Republic who came in second is, in my opinion, the greatest competing sniper in the world and a good guy to boot.

    • TRG, very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

    • Dave

      Is there COLD HARD EVIDENCE that the Chinese cheated? If there isn’t then they are innocent. Anyways the protests and the discrimination only makes the Chinese belief and agenda stronger. Chinese learn that they are opressed by the west. The sniper event is one of many that proves that they are. Bad for us cause we’ll be fighting them in the future.

  • Joe Hooker

    I’m actually happy for them.

  • PRO’s comment has been deleted. The Firearm Blog is not a forum to discuss such matters. Firearms NOT politics.

  • Andrew (European Correspondent)

    TRG, thanks, that is very interesting indeed.

  • subase

    lol, forget the drug test, China goes so far as to forge birth certificates.The main aim is not to impress the world community but their own not very well informed masses. So for them winning is everything. The Chinese government has deep pockets too, so no competition is safe.

  • MC

    Interesting post TRG, nice to hear from somebody who participated in this competition.
    Of course, in a real life scenario they wont receive any slack from the judges.

    BTW, which rifles (and optics) were the most common in this event?

  • michael

    thanks trg….makes me sick

  • gybryant

    Hey TRG. Where are the results posted online? All I can find is the Chinese press release (“China dominates Military and Police Sniper World Cup”) and the Western accounts which basically parrot the Chinese press release.

  • Jonner

    Chinese culture is all about cheating, or screwing someone else over for one’s own profit. Look at how they kill each other by selling contaminated food. This doesn’t surprise me at all.

  • TracerTong

    lol. Chinese competitors? Cheating? Say it ain’t so =\

  • Flashman

    Thanks for taking the trouble to share your experiences and insights TRG. Much appreciated!

  • David

    Jonner, it’s not so much Chinese culture, as it is the fascist-nationalist regime that is the Chinese Communist Party. The Soviets used to pull the same crap back in the day.

    I long for the day the Chinese people are no longer tainted with this garbage regime.

  • km22

    So I’m drawing my own conclusions.

    If the Chinese had been on-site for 2 months, you would think they’d be the last to jump the gun.
    Not sure this is necessarily “cheating” though.

    I’m not sure what exactly you’re getting at with the double shooting thing.

    So in one exercise, the Chinese were really second to the Czechs due to the 25 points.
    But they won 4 out of 5 events, so there were 25 points involved in each win?
    Otherwise 3 win out of 5 and two seconds is no chop liver.

  • Burst

    TRG’s commentary would make a very interesting follow-up article if someone at TFB wanted to interview him.

    Personally, I’d like to see whoever was complicit in this shamed as publicly as possible.

  • Nfears

    I don’t think anyone is thinking that our best sniper teams probably or either a. Deployed or b. Special operations that can’t do a public event or c. All of the above. Just cause china has a team that can hit a target doesn’t make them the best team, just the best able to participate in competition

  • greg

    1)How can you be third when Austria came third and secondly,would,nt Austria be first or second,if they would have disqualified the chinese teams????
    Sorry for being befuddled.

  • Martin (M)

    It’s less about being Chinese, and more about being communists. Sorry about having to endure that TRG.

  • fw226

    Woh, Jonner. I don’t like the cheating either, and I’m not exactly shocked, but that doesn’t make me hate all Chinese people and culture. Take a step back…

  • Inst

    TRG: So, do you have any documentation for that? Is anyone going to come forward with real-name claims?

    I mean, sure, I’m incredulous that the Chinese sniping team has advanced so quickly in only a span of 3 years, and given the track record of Chinese sporting teams, it wouldn’t be impossible for them to have cheated in such a way, but there’s no documentation at this point. Unless there’s actual documentation for Chinese cheating, the posting you made is, if the allegations are untrue, smearing the reputation of both the Chinese competitors and the Hungarian organizers; and if the allegations you’ve made are in fact true, the lack of evidence keeps the truth from being fully convincing.

  • Inst

    greg: he refers to the 67th percentile, that is to say, he did better than two thirds of other participants.

  • TRG

    To all that have commented, and in no particular order:

    1.) I left names out of my post because many of the people who were effected by the scoring and judging in the tournement would like to participate again next year. I am undecided if I am amongst them. I can assure you that anyone who went public would not be invited back. Call it a lack of nerve on my part or whatever you want but that is the reality. In Europe there are very few venues where snipers, especially from former Eastern Block countries, can get together and compete. Aside from the tournement in Libava (Czech) I do not know of any aside from that in ungary that draw so many competitors.

    2. I never alleged that the snipers from China lacked talent. Indeed, the top performers shot very well. In hindsight it was as much a slight to them as it was to the other top shooters that they were, IN MY OPINION, given an unfair advantage by the judges and scorers.

    3. Inst., you are correct, I finished in the top 3rd of the field. As for documentation, I would be very surprised if any exists. I have looked elsewhere on the web for other comments on this tournement and have found none – aside from the glowing reviews by Chinese news sources of the Chinese teams’ performances. As I said above, I believe many of the competitors have and will keep their ideas to themselves because they want to compete again next year. The tournement itself (aside from what I have called cheating on the part of the Chinese and the complicity of the judges) is challenging and is one of the few times in the year when snipers from many different countries get together to compete. What makes a part of me want to compete again next year is the chance to experience the friendship and camaraderie that I found there (unfortunately the Chinese teams were either unwilling or unable to take part in this aspect of the tournement).

  • subase

    It’s not about communism or Chinese culture, it’s about a quite corrupt government needing to impress and keep it’s population in line. In this light coming first in the Military and Police Sniper World Cup ’11 is kind of ironic.

  • ragnarok220

    Two members of the Chinese team were women…

  • Royi

    I’m probably the only one who says this but…. This kinda reads like your average Tour de France..

    So who cares if they’ve been there 2 months earlier to train? I call that smart, like Lance Armstrong writes: “A tour isn’t won in Paris, it’s won on Christmas eve”.

    And actually, the same way Americans and a few others are on about how unfair the new kids on the block were and how they stole their place in the spotlights, the same treatment Lance got by the French and Italians back when he first won. “That American is unfair, he spent the entire year training on the route. He even climbed Alpe d’Huez 30 times.”

    Back then, I tapped my hat to American culture and freethinking that allowed Lance to think outside the box and win that bloody tour over and over again. I’d tap my hat to the Chinese this time.

    Stop crying, get ready for next year. Sports isn’t about getting chances, it’s about grasping them!

  • JoeB

    Is there a link for how the other countries performed in this event? I am interested to see how Poland and the US did

  • Notch

    Hey TRG, please grab some fellow competitors, maybe someone less reluctant to provide their own name, and corroborate your claims. We’re all interested in the truth and we’d love to get more first-hand accounts. Till then, though, you’re a guy on the internet.

    China cheating at this would not surprise me. Evidently it wouldn’t surprise most other readers of the blog and most were quick to take your word for it. Still though, on the internet I think it is healthy to maintain a constantly vigilant skepticism.

  • Anon

    What TRG saying is plausible but it isn’t credible. Second of all, there are many holes in what TRG is saying about the competition. This does not necessarily mean that it is not true as most people have trouble recalling events accurately.

    – The argument about Czech missing out by 25 points. Even if we put that in there, Xu Bo of china would’ve still won. Or did somehow Chinese competitors got an extra 25 points!?

    “Xu Bo of China won the police individual event with 956 points, the highest score in the entire competition. China’s Qi Baosong came second with 928 points, while Josef Prochazka of the Czech Republic placed third on 902 points.”

    Alternatively, there is this

    “In the military individual category, Hu Xiang of China won with a score of 907 points. The Czech Republic’s Petr Marek scored 891 points to come second while fellow Czech Richard Maska came third on 853 points.”

    But given the circumstances, China would’ve still bagged the gold in the police category regardless.

    Anyway, discussion of plausible events can go on forever, so lets take a look at the facts. This is a statement from this same competition last year.

    “The Chinese team first took part in the 2007 sniper’s world cup and has competed every year since. In their first two years they failed to make the the shortlist for the finals and came in 10th out of 23 in 2009, but this Year they took 3 Golds, 2 Silvers, 3 Bronzes for an overall finish of 3rd place. The 3 Golds came went to PLA team, and the 2 Silvers and 3 Bronzes went to the People’s Armed Police team. ”

    Surely, by looking at those historical figures, China went in losing but they caught up and they took 3 golds, 2 silvers and 3 bronze last year! It is no miracle that they are able to take 4/5 events this year. This is not saying the Chinese participants may not have gotten an unfair advantage but by reviewing the facts and the Chinese improvements since 2007, it indicates they have the competitive capacity to dominate this competition.

  • sniper276

    Dear Colleagues,

    competitions is only competitions…no real work…..
    I think that idea of competitions is call many snipers and teams in same place and cooperation starting after finish competition….for as is important build up friendship and strong contact for future…nobody know when we meet strong point during our duty tasks…in our country or abroad field…
    Gold is gold but good sniper is good sniper without gold medals…but with real experience…
    I wish to all…many X and take care…

    team leader of Czech special forces ( of team POLICE and of MILITARY )

  • Nobody

    “So who cares if they’ve been there 2 months earlier to train? I call that smart, like Lance Armstrong writes: “A tour isn’t won in Paris, it’s won on Christmas eve”.”

    No, it’s cheating. Anyone who’s ever competed in or attended a sniper competition would understand why. The stage design in a match is typically a closely-guarded secret, intended to present a novel challenge to competitors who only learn of it moments before they shoot. Given several months to practice at a set of pre-determined targets would be a wildly tremendous advantage to any shooter. Even one or two practice runs would virtually guarantee a higher score.

    If what TRG says is true (and from his description I’m strongly inclined to believe his claims), the Military and Police Sniper World Cup is an inherently corrupt competition intended to serve the political desires of the Chinese government, NOT the training and operational purposes of the various snipers who compete. An environment of cheating is corrosive and self-defeating, teaching a negative lesson that can threaten innocent lives.

  • Jeff

    Wow, but I’m sorry, TRG’s account doesn’t sound credible at all. But thanks for taking the time to make up the story. I amazes me how far people would go to be sore losers.

    Come on now, let’s be adults.

  • Jungle Heart

    if you know chinese Language,it‘s so easy to know that they determine the teams for the game in April .Then the teams were trained for 15 days,before they fly to Hungary in May 18.How can the chinese teams have 2 months additional at Hungary? it’s so funy.

  • Padowlski

    TRG’s statement isn’t credible; plausible, but not credible. As for the Chinese cheating in the competition- I wonder why the competitor’s didn’t kick up a stink at the competition? I mean, if the Chinese were really cheating, why didn’t any of the competitors stop the competition and demand that they stop and disqualify them immediately???
    As for the Chinese cheating, I think all the anti-China talk from these “internet people” are from sour-pusses’ mouths that can’t accept reality. Give credit where it is due! China is very competitive, just take a look at the 2008 Olympics.
    Although China’s political system isn’t perfect (No system is, take a look at the U.S and what they put their people through i.e ENDLESS WAR and TRILLIONS IN DEBT), in today’s China, the government has made large strides in the positive direction and is at least moving towards a better goal, whereas the U.S, only the top tier society members benefit, where the rich get much richer and the poor get much poorer and nobody cares about the middle or lower income groups, unemployment is high. Personally, I think that the American people are lovely (although the youth is out of control! ;D ) and deserve much better.

    • lizadonrex

      you seems know china a lot, you live in china??

  • the U.K never does well in sniper competition no shocker there

    • Rokafly

      Do you know who’s got the longest confirmed sniper kills in history? Yup a Brit, not just 1 but 2 kills at 2,475 meters.

      • ACTUALLY, sir, it’s a Canuck.

      • David/Sharpie

        Corporal Rob Fulong’s (Canadian Army) record was broken by a British sniper, Corporal of Horse Craig Harrison

  • Ajax

    TRG has a youtube account. It says he is a Slovenian student who plays airsoft and paintballs on his sparetime. I don’t think I am going to take his allegation serious.

  • Papa Sniper

    I’am a retired Senior NCO living in Germany. And have been attending what started out as the Autuga Arms Super Sniper Match. To include the match held in Raton, NM So, since 1997 I have been attending the Austrian and CZ Matches. When Autuga quit having them in Austria. The Hungarian’s took over the match. We shoot the the CZ match first and then travel to Budapest for their Match. I have attended all their matches. And true, the Chinese did not do well at the begining and have improved. Due to the fact that Hungarian instructors have gone to China for instructions for them. And they do come before the match and practice on the comoetition range. This year, I was told that they shot a good 2,000 rounds per shooter for practice. And as a competitor, I will comfirm that there were some favors given to them. It was not the Chinese that shot ahead of time, it was the Vietnamese. I was on the same relay and the shooters did protest! Not only about safety, but other issues also. I’am 68 and it is hard keeping up with the juniors. But someone has to represent our country! Since the only US shooters are the ones I get to attend from Germany if possible. We pay out of our pockets, even when we go to the states. I sent the invitations ou every year and all I get as an answer is: I do not have a sponsor! Forgot to add, China is one of the sponsors for the match (Supermarket Chain). Instead of printing comments on the blog. Get your but here, compete and then talk shit!
    SFC/E7 Fernando Rondon Class of 1967-72 Vietnam

  • Padowlski

    I thing Papa Sniper is another TRG

    • Papa Sniper

      I’am not another TRG and I have the paperwork to prove it. Do you? I attended the match and you did not. And everyone is answering to something they just read about. But I’am in Germany and you are in the USA. So I will not argue with you. We here do not have the opportunities to shoot and do what we want as in the states. Laws here are very restrictive. We enjoy attending every match that is available here in Europe held withing the civilian shooting regulations and/or the Military and Police Departments. The Military and Police Matches are by invitation only, regardless of Country. So that answers the credential question. Enjoy the USA and your freedom! If you want to speak to me personaly, my home phone in Germany is: 06371-57340 and my cell:0151-115-60442. Enjoy the rest of the year making comments about something you did not attend! And/or about someone you do not know! Send me your e-mail address and I will send you what ever I get as an official invitation. The next match in Hungary is in May. Mine is
      I have nothing to hide!
      Papa Sniper

    • I have only read two comments so far and those were the top two…



      As a US Marine Scout Sniper – Veteran, an Alphabet Agency and Lead Sniper Instructor and Lead Advanced Sidearm Instructor, I CAN NOT BELIEVE THAT WE LOST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1ST: The US Military has the best Snipers in the WORLD and the BEST Sniper Unit is MINE; the Marine Corp Scout Snipers!!

      This is a known fact and just about every organization has admitted it, and that’s also why we train the rest of the US Military Snipers. US Military Snipers aren’t even considered TRUE SNIPERS unless they graduate from USMC ScOut Sniper School. (FACT:YOU CAN GOOGLE IT. YOU CAN GOOGLE IT ALL!!)

      And what happened to Canada? Germany? The UK; SAS,Royal Marines, etc.??

      HOW did we get beat by these COMMUNIST FOOLS?!?!

      This MEANS that the Chinese are…. CHEATING because there is no way on God’s Green Earth, (China’s Smog Filled, Overpopulated, non driving COMMIES!!), that the CHINESE could beat any of our countries LEGIT!!

      IT’S IMPOSSIBLE!! THEY HAVE CHEATED IN THE PAST, they cheated last year and lost. This year, they just became actual COMPETENT Snipers and practiced their CHEATING TECHNIQUES!!!!!

      Thank you for reading my rant.

      BTW: I will be in the 2012 Competion and as long as all goes planned, the 2013 and my team WILL BRING HOME 1ST PLACE! This is a PROMISE to all of our brother Military and Law Enforcement and Countymen and Women!!


      Semper Fidelis and a little prayer to keep us all safe!!!

      Staff Sgt J

      Saint Michael, heaven’s glorious commissioner of police,
      who once so neatly and successfully cleared God’s premises
      of all its undesirables, look with kindly and professional
      eyes on your earthly force.

      Give us cool heads, stout hearts, and uncanny flair for
      investigation and wise judgement.

      Make us the terror of burglars, the friend of children and
      law-abiding citizens, kind to strangers, polite to bores,
      strict with law-breakers and impervious to temptations.

      You know, Saint Michael, from your own experiences
      with the devil that the police officer’s lot on earth is not
      always a happy one; but your sense of duty that so
      pleased God, your hard knocks that so surprised the
      devil, and your angelic self-control give us inspiration.

      And when we lay down our night sticks, enroll us in your
      heavenly force, where we will be as proud to guard the
      throne of God as we have been to guard the city of all
      the people. Amen.

      Declare Psalm 91 Over Our Troops, LE and Firefighters.,, the TRIFECTA!

      He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the Lord, He is my refuge and my fortress, my god, in whom I trust. Surely he will save you form the fowler’s snare and from the deadly pestilence. He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge. His faithfulness will be your shield and rampart. You will not fear the terror of night, nor the arrow that flies by day, not the pestilence that stalks in the darkness, nor the plague that destroys at midday. A thousand may fall at your side, ten thousand at your right hand, but it will not come near you. You will only observe with your eyes and see the punishment of the wicked. If you make the Most High your dwelling- even the Lord, who is my refuge, then no harm will befall you, no disaster will come near your tent. For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways; they will lift you up in their hands, so that you will not strike your foot against a stone. You will tread upon the lion and the cobra; you will trample the great lion and the serpent. “Because he loves me” says the Lord, I will rescue him; I will protect him, for he acknowledges my name. He will call upon me, and I will answer him. I will be with him in trouble; I will deliver him and honor him. With long life will I satisfy him and show him my salvation.

      Dear God,

      This prayer Lord, that I say tonight
      Is for our troops who all must fight .
      These are the troops that we all love
      And so I pray dear Lord above
      Please keep them safe while they’re away
      And bring them home to us someday.

      This prayer is not for ours alone
      But for all military far from home.
      I ask You to keep them safe and sound
      On their way to where they’re bound.
      We love them all that are asked to fight
      So keep them safe for us tonight.

      Lord, hold our troops in your loving hands.
      Protect them as they protect us.
      Bless them and their families for the selfless acts
      they perform for us in our time of need.

      • Papa Sniper

        SSG USMC-H.O.G. #1
        Papasniper is just a nickname. Papa Smurth is just a cartoon caracter. An E-7, be active or retired earned the rank and respect! I guess you did not go to a good NCO Academy. If you make it to the match, we can discuss this over a beer. I will be waiting for you in Hungary! Duty wise not making it, I understand. Other than that you can afford to come on your own If the USMC wil not pay (TDY) for it or loan you the equipment. When I go shoot in the US I pay my own way. Your contact person for the Hungarian Match is at the following e-mail:
        He is the Lt. that processes the invitations and weapon import permits. I put my info publicly so that people who want to attend have a contact point directly here. As to what equipment to and not to bring. Plus there is another match shot back to back in the CZ. Set up by their Police and Military just like in Hungary. Only a 4 hour drive difference. So if I’am going to travel that far might as well enjoy the time fully. I’am not a Marine, but proud of all the members of the military protecting our country! Stay safe Warriors!

  • swoosh

    Wow, so many sour pussed losers here, no wonder the west is in beggar state today. Like Deng Xiaoping said: Seek truth from facts. See the reality in front of you. Btw, the excuse that a lot of “US best snipers” were not attending the tournament because they were in war fronts is funny as hell.

  • jealousy , animosity make people say stupid ignorant thing
    the chinese Won because they are better

    • Robert Bruce

      The cheated you dolt. It’s a competition, it isn’t something to take seriously. It’s meant more for training. The Chinese are a country who would make a unit to just compete in something like this. Now multiple countries forces have come forward saying they cheated. No one has complained before.

  • Typhoon

    @ USMC H.O.G
    “US Marines has the best Sniper in the World”. This is made belief by your US propaganda machine together with Hollywood movies.

    I cannot believe we have lost …….

    This is not the first time, US Marines got beaten by the Chinese PLA.

    1. US Marine 1st Div got beaten by Chinese PLA in North Korea and had to retreat all the way back to South Korea. In desperation during the retreat,
    US Forces had to abandon most of the heavy weapons behind.
    These captured weapons are still on display in Beijing Military Museum when I visited three months ago.

    2. US Marines got beaten by Chinese Marines in friendly competition in
    China. In this competition, the US Marines were given a choice in
    picking its oponents. View You Tube under the same heading if you
    have doubts.

    3. Chinese Special Forces had beaten US Seal and Delta Force in
    International Competition held in Slovakia in 2005 and 2010.
    Please Google

    Don’t think US Marines or other US elite Forces are that invincible because
    so far they have not fought against stronger adversaries like Russian
    & Chinese.

    • Rokafly

      Do you know how many Chinese divisions the Marines had to fight? And do you really know the truth? I don’t think so, how can you know the truth when you have no freedom. Also, If I were you I’d do some research on how many of your countrymen died in the Korean War before I brag about war trophies.

      • NO! HE HAS NO IDEA!!


        CHINA has told him and made him believe that we had 50,000 Marines and they had 500 and they slaughtered us! LMFAO!!

        That is what their government teach their people and these noodle heads actually believe it!!



        There are only TWO types of Marines in this WORLD and that UNITED STATES MARINES and BRITISH ROYAL MARINES!!


        The BEST thing to happen to this planet is if CHINA WERE WIPED OFF THE FACT OF THIS EARTH BY A…. TYPOON!!!!!!!!


        Anyone else notice he mentions another Communist (**FORMER?? LOL) country with “you haven’t fought the best… the likes of the russians and chinese” or some NONSENSE like that!!

        Dude, the RUSSIANS got BLOWN AWAY BY THE AFGHANS!!!!!

        WHO had CHINA fought and beat lately? NOBODY… EXCEPT FOR THEIR OWN CITIZENS!!!




      DUDE… if you KNEW ANYTHING about SNIPERS, YOU WOULD KNOW THAT the US, Britian and Canada have the BEST SNIPERS IN THE WORLD!! It’s also a WELL KNOWN **FACT**, FACT, NOT PROPAGANDA THAT YOUR COUNTRY SPEWS that US Marine Scout Snipers are the best in the WORLD!! This is WHY, WE, the US Marine Scout Snipers TRAIN Snipers from other branches, bring in Law Enforcement Sniper AND other COUNTRIES SNIPERS to train and to teach them!!



      OH, BUT WAIT! You can’t! Your COMMUNIST GOVERNMENT only allows you see what THEY WANT YOU TO SEE!!

      Go watch ACT OF VALOR when it comes, you will learn out Chinaman. OH BUT WAIT AGAIN, your COMMIE GOVA-MENT won’t let you watch it!!

      And please, we decimate you slanties every time. China is next on the list for becoming the next Hiroshima.


      BTW: When the FUCK is my Chicken Lo Mein and Egg Foo Young going to be ready Mr. Lee?!?!


      I am totally making jokes about the food and HIRO, etc. THAT, I am just busting your balls.

      I WISH that we could free you our your COMMIE Country so that you can TASTE FREEDOM!!


      • shredd

        learn some manners pls

    • Robert Bruce

      1.) comment is bull shit. A small number of marines surrounded by massive amounts of Chinese. the US general was a smart man. They lost 1k marines and killed 20k Chinese and the marines were able to retreat in good order. embarrassing that the Chinese could not beat the marines. If they were wiped out which the Chinese could not do the US would have nuked china.

      2.) picking opponents from a chines unit like that means anything. I saw it, doesn’t mean anything. That course was a poor excuse for training and of course the Chinese practiced it. Also the marines beat the Chinese in shooting. What amazed me was how small and weak looking the Chinese were compared to the US marines. the US marines were definitely in better shape and better fed.

      3.) no delta force or seals. It is a competition doesn’t mean anything. the US military has been at war for 10 years. it is a battle tested and hardened force. The Chinese hasn’t been in a real war since Vietnam, which it lost. the only war chinese troops have seen is shooting at it’s own people or unarmed Tibetan monks walking across the border. look that video up on youtube.

      china is not strong, they haven’t fought or proven anything. Russia 2nd Chechnya war was a disaster. They lost more people in that war than the US did in iraq. a country 1/50th the size and 1/20th the population of Iraq.

      The Chinese cheated in this competition, look it up online. It’s hilarious to see they are using norinco AR’s, Remington 700 sniper rifles. All copied from the US. Shows how US designs are Superior to their rifles. They also copied German Schmidt and bender short dot optics. Same old china, stealing US designs and technology for it’s shitty country.

      china wants to be a world power? There country is heading towards a big disaster financially. the economic course is unstable. Those ghost cities, look it up, are hiding its fake growth. their buildings in Africa and in china are falling down from substandard work, poor materials, and low grade steel. the three gorge dam is built close to a fault line and is going to cause earth quakes. Their country is being polluted to hell, the cities smog is becoming toxic and causing birth defects. their water is becoming polluted by horrible toxins. Their population is way to big and china will never be able to feed its own people, something the US will always be able to do. their desert is growing, they have horrible levels of corruption. Their stranglehold on cheap labor is being supplanted by the developing world. Biggest threat is energy, OIL is running out, production is dropping. they are importing coal from the US.

      America by 2030 will be the worlds largest natural gas exporter and a net exporter of OIL. china will be buying US natural gas and the US will be self sufficient. america power will grow, not decline. china is turning into a wasteland.

  • Typhoon

    Most Americans like you have failed to understand how Chinese set their mind in doing things.

    Yes, they were back ward before due to many self imposed problems and idelogy, but now they have woke up and palying catching up with the best.

    Ten years ago, their economy was 1/3 of US and now they are 3/5 and according to IMF, by 2016 she will overtake US.

    The Chinese like to do things on very low profile and they do not like to blow their own trumphets. Suddenly, they are leaders in Super Computer,
    High Speed Train, Renewable Energy.

    They even have Stealth fighter plane and Deep Sea submersible craft that can reach 99% of the Ocean floor.

    You will see more surprises by Year 2020.



      NOTHING has been built that can reach the depths of the deepest ocean floor you knucklehead!

      STEALTH FIGHTS TOO EH? LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




      • david knapp

        out of the single digit I.Q. usa population, the dumbest of the dumb becomes
        marines, the over rated, illiterate, retards, baby killers…the “heroes” of fighting women and children…..

        • Robert Bruce

          Not true first off. No one is illiterate nor baby killers. Chinese massacre unarmed Tibetan monks and massacre their own population on a number of occasions. The chinese lost against vietnam and haven’t fought a real war since Vietnam.

          Funny we have the best universities in the world and all your great chinese go to them. china also steal US technology and just copies what we have.

    • high speed train ? that’s german tech that got you there
      don’t try to take credit when it’s not yout tech the chinese try to do this aLL THE TIME don’t you know what Intellectual Property is
      the chinese are like the russian a little they are full of it

  • sniper276

    Dear Colleagues,

    who are going to participate Hungary cup?
    I think that is good opportunity to remach with chinese snipers…

    Prochy czech spec.forces URNA

  • Lee

    It is possible that Chinese could won this competition because Chinese government can manipulate any kind of resources inside China; so they can make sure anything they want to be No.1, they can put unlimited effort on it. Chinese did won tons of medal in Olympic Game in 2008 because they raised numinous children as a professional player. Many Euro and U.S. gold winner in Olympic Game are officer or business man. In China, every gold winner was trained to be No. 1 since they are 8 years old. They do not study tradition education. They practice their specific sport 24/7 since they are 8 years old. Today, China have exposed that many ex-sportman are homeless after their sport career is over because they are not able to do anything. They even didn’t have studied in elementary school and the government is doing nothing. So, if you think it is a gain on sacrifice 100 Chinese people’s life to increase their wining possibility up to 90% on competing with a sportman who have stable work and social security from a western countries>>>Then you can conclude Chinese win in a same output level. I think this is also how USSR bankrupted.

    • david knapp

      brain washed american. If it is not american, like China, it must be bad.
      wake up…. the usa is a third grade country, with single digit I.Q. people….
      ….We are#1… that ship has sailed…. a long time ego…..

      • the chinese are a little more brain wash then the americans
        you win 1 comp…..and all that ****

      • Robert Bruce

        we have the best universities in the world America will be fine because we can feed ourselves, cant say the same for china. Any chinamen who is worth anything studied in the west.

        china cheated on the IQ test. None of the poor were tested only the top students so please shut up loser small penis.

        • lewl

          Yeah you can feed yourselves on debt lool, and where is all the debt owed in which you can’t even pay back?

    • Sam

      Absolutely true, couldn’t NAIL BETTER ON THE TACK.

      • Sam

        Sorry you nailed it.

  • PapaSniper,

    I don’t why you would say I didn’t go to a good NCO School. I went to the best. Then I went to the Best SNCO Training. Why would you say that brother? I didn’t disrespect you in ANY way, shape or form!! :confused:

    With that said, understood and THANK YOU for the information! Also, I would love to sit down and have a beer with you.

    Semper Fidelis!

    Staff Sgt J is now a Gunny.
    United States Marine Corps

    • Papa Sniper

      I apologize also. It it just that bad habits are hard to break. When you get called Papa Smurf. If you contact me at the info I posted. I will send you the invite to the matches for Hungarian and CZ Police/Military Matches. The which we shoot back to back. Due to the fact that they is a 4 hour driving difference between both. And if you do come to the Hungarian Match. It is worth the trip to do both time and economically. The out of country teams fly into Hungary, rent a car and go to the CZ Match. Shoot it and the next day after the big party, off to Hungary. An afterwards fly home. I will also send you the one for the CZ SF Match. Any questions or if you are TDY in the Ramstein Air Base are, or in Germany. Please feel free to call or contact on the posted e-mail or phone numbers. 24/7. And since Landstuhl Hospital, is not far from my house. We do our best for our WOUNDED WARRIORS! End of discussion! I did my job then and now it is your turn. Stay safe!

    • Papa Sniper

      Sniper 276 in the blog shoots with us also. His Unit URNA. Is the equivalent to the GSG9 in the CZ. Top notch guys! God Bless

    • Papa Sniper

      Congratulations Gunny! We are now equal in rank. But mine has Retired attached to it. Your day will come. I’am already registered for the CZ and Hungarian Matches. The beer is on me, when you show up. STAY SAFE AND SHOOT TRUE!

  • “Btw, the excuse that a lot of “US best snipers” were not attending the tournament because they were in war fronts is funny as hell.”

    Why is it FUNNY?

    It’s the freaking TRUTH!!

    • lanciau1


      Just make it simple. US borrows money from China which makes China the Rich Boss and US the poor maid.


      So U can see : NO Need to be NO 1 @ everything at least at this moment .

      If you do not have money , ur r gone baby . Ur beggar. and nothing more. He he he ……

      • Robert Bruce

        The US doesn’t borrow that much money from china. They cant be powerful without a powerful US.

  • here I was the photographer! event was very good!:D:D:D:D

  • david knapp

    DICTIONARY; stupidity=see USA

  • Papa Sniper

    Gunny. I wish you all the luck at the Hungarian Match. They just notified us they they change the course of fire (range updated) and will be shooting up to 750M’s. Your cup of tea! I must pass on the cold beer. Just got a call Mom (90+) is not doing well and I must fly home. But I will make the CZ SF Match in Aug. I got at least a CW4 and an SSG to go and shoot also there. At least you will not be there alone. Good shooting and bring home the Trophy!


  • the chinese woman can shot why can’t the men shot people wake up

  • Typhoon

    @Papa Sniper
    Chinese Snipers once again made history by winning the Top two places in International Special Forces competition in Jordan from March 24-28 2013.
    35 teams from 18 countries took part including France, USA,, Russia, Canada, Netherland
    Kazakhstan, Switzerland, Greece, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Malaysia, Leabanon etc
    The best of Canada took 3rd place. 5 teams from USA took part ,including a team from the US Marines. (usual excuse : not sending the best team)
    It is not point bragging infront of your home ground at Fort Benning. If you are the best, you should dominate in every International competition.
    For this competition, the Chinese sent their teams from Beijing Armed Police which is equivalent to your SWAT team.

  • dom

    Chinese may win competitions, We win wars…