CCI Introduces AR “Tactical” .22 Long Rifle Load

CCI has introduced a new .22 LR round designed for use in AR-15 style .22 LR rifles. The bullet is a 40 grain lube-coated copper-plated solid target bullet with a round nose designed for easy feeding in a semi-automatic.

The AR TACTICAL will be sold in 375 round loose packed boxes for $20/box.

Steve Johnson

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  • Sorry about the confusion, that was a mistake. It is $20/box.

  • Ramsey

    $0.25 A ROUND! Who on earth pays that for 22lr? That is twice what I pay for mini-mags, which runs really well in every rifle I have fired. Hell, it is only ten cents a round less than cheapo 5.56 at Midway!

    Maybe if they said it was tactical they could charge more, it seems like there is more money than sense in the AR15 market right now.

  • j

    Can you do a story about Winchester Blind Side ammunition?
    It is really futuristic.

  • crosswiredmind

    @Ramsey – There are 375 rounds on a box which makes it 5 cents per round.

    I have run through two boxes with my CMMG Quebec and my M&P 15-22 and they work great. I used to get one failure to feed in every 100 rounds (CCI Minimag) and so far I have zero failures in over 750 with this new load.

  • Ramsey

    I redact my statement. If this cycles well when nothing else will work it is a great value at the actual price.

  • Glenn G

    I spoke w/ a CCI rep at the NRA show in Pittsburgh about these rounds. My question was how they differed from the copper plated round nose mini mags that I currently shoot. The CCI representative said that these are loaded to 1200 FPS vs the 1235 FPS of the Mini Mags. He said their research with high speed photography showed that many of the jams in semi-auto .22’s were occurring because the extracted casing hit the ejector pin and would spin horizontally within the chamber instead of being thrown clear of the chamber. By playing with the loading, they found that reducing it by just 35 FPS resulted in the casing being ejected properly without having to alter the geometry of the ejector pin. I thought that was interesting, but I remain slightly sceptical such a small change would have a significant effect on ejection in a wide variety of guns. Nonetheless, at $20 a box, they would be just under a buck cheaper per 100 than I’m currently paying for the mini mags, so it looks like a win-win.

  • dogon13

    is this available now?

  • peter

    375 rounds for $20(list?) is $0.053/round.

  • Burst

    $20 / 375 = .0533

    unless I’m missing something, that seems pretty reasonable.

  • HT

    It works out at 0.053 c per round by my calculations thats just over 1/2 a cent per round.
    Not too bad for Tactical ammo.LOL
    I think this belongs in the same camp as the tactical bacon.

  • I have a S&W M&P 15-22. This CCI tactical was made for it and other AR style .22’s.
    It is flawless. Functions perfectly mag after mag and is accurate without question.
    I put a red dot on my M&P and with this ammo, it puts a smile on my face and everyone who shoots it.
    Worth every penny, and to be fair, there is other high speed ammo out there that costs more, and doesn’t perform as well. I paid $26.95 per box, (375 rnds)
    That’s my 2 cents worth.

  • Geoff Ross

    I use the cheap Wally World Federal Value Pack 22lr in my AR. Use a Ciener conversion and Black Dog mags. Shoot all day without problems. Plated ammo is the key to proper functioning.

    I guess the new ammo is “Tactical” cause it comes in a black box.

  • TACTICAL and 22LR are mutually exclusive terms…………

    Guess I’ve got another load to try thru my JW-15. It’s cheap and accurate as anything with ammo it likes, current best is (believe it or not) CCI Blazer.
    Can shoot a penny at 50 yds on a calm day. Used to shoot local indoor target and it kept up with heavy barreled target rifles.

    BTW, are JW-15’s still available? I’d love to pick up another one. Cheap, and with a good refinish on the wood and a little bolt (Crest toothpaste works wonders on an action BTW) and trigger polishing it shoots great. Evidently the Chinese know how to make a good barrel, just not how to finish the stock!

  • DRod

    @Geoff. Same here. Ceinier kit, black dogs and a colt 6920 with plated bulk pack fiction flawlessly in my experience.

  • kschmadeka

    I tried this ammo in my Advantage Arms Glock conversion, it performs as promised. Far better than Mini-Mags, and cheaper. Aside from the velocity change, the bullet nose shape is narrower and more amenable to feeding too.

  • Roger

    Are these legal in California?

  • I havent tried this new ammo, but i do know that CCI puts out the mini magnum rounds, which i don’t really like to fire from my Sig Sauer Mosquito. I have actually found that Remington gold bricks work best.

  • RegT

    Amazing how challenged people are by simple math 😉
    $0.053 is just over a nickel a round, and is a decent price for ammo that functions well in AR conversions. If it functions as well in my two Advantage Arms kits, it will be my ammo of choice for them.

  • Sam Suggs

    wow this works reliably in all fifty differnt types of 22lr “AR” i am amazed