China develops another Cornershot clone

The Cornershot, a device that allows users to shoot pistols around corners while behind cover, was developed by Lt. Col. Amos Golan of the IDF in the early 2000s and has since become one of the worlds most copied weapon systems. Pakistan, Iran, South Korea and China all market copies of the original. China originally developed two system, the high-tech camera-equipped HD66 and the low-tech CF06. Photos have surfaced of yet another Chinese-made Cornershot clone.

The new system, name unknown, is simple, low-tech and lightweight. Like the CF06 it utilizes a Norinco QSZ-92 (5.8x21mm or 9x19mm) pistol. A top mounted scope, possible recticle-less and low-powered, is connected to a forward scope or red dot sight. A rotatable mirror system connects the two scopes and allows the pistol to rotate independently of the main scope. The foregrip can be twisted to rotate the pistol. Pins can be removed to detach the scope mount and butt stock, allowing for easy transportation.

Unlike the other Cornershot clones, this weapon could be produced cheaply. It should be relatively simple to develop an export version for the Glock or S&W M&P pistols that would be popular with law enforcement departments worldwide who cannot afford the expensive original and clones.

[ Many thanks to Max Popenker for providing information. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • Armored

    Reminds me of a $1 store pump water gun; except it goes around corners.

  • Am I wrong, or is this just a contraption designed to get some megabucks from the gullible, vain, Government Officials?

  • Kent J

    It looks like if you moved it to it’s 90 degree firing position the image from the scope would be rotated 90 degrees as well. Seems like it’d be pretty disorienting. I’m sure it’s still useable, but would take some practice and skill to become proficient at it.

  • fw226

    Well, based on the pictures, I wonder if Hong Kong is developing this moreso than the mainland.

  • snmp

    very nice with no batterie

  • Lance

    Every one dropped this idea due to disorientation to the shooter the fact China is 10 years behind only conforms this.

  • Doug

    Could we mount the scope any higher?

  • Dakota

    Leave it to China to have the most listless weapon developers in the world, “Hey! what weapon system should we “create” today?” “How about an exact duplicate of what [insert any country here] is doing?”

  • el jefe

    glue two of those together and we’ll get perfect suicide gun

  • subase

    Ipod/pda/phone mounted on arm with super wide angle lens? With infrar red one could even have an invisible laser for aiming.

    Cheap light and useful, as it doubles as a surveillance device.

  • Rockid

    Wait, how would you reload? The mag port is blocked up by that under bar. You’d need to rotate the pistol 90deg. just to be able to let the magazine drop. This, plus the Rotating scope issue mentioned above, would make this thing very difficult and clunky during fast paced tactical scenarios. What a shame.

  • charles222

    Really not seeing the tactical use behind this sort of weapon. Killing enemies around corners can be nicely accomplished with hand grenades. :p

    And it’s bulky enough to basically be a primary weapon, but it’s basically only a pistol, so you’re screwed unless you’re in a building that’s all corners..

  • jdun1911


    Welcome to the gun industry where it reached its technical limits. Where everybody copies other designs and make slight adjustment.

  • RWC

    Looks like using a howitzer to fire a 9mm.

  • Mountainbear

    This cornershot stuff is generally freaking me out a bit. I understand the purpose, but… isn’t it simpler to simply grenade/flashbang the opponent out?

    Also, there’s a gun in photo 2? Where?

  • Anon

    Ironic that the one time China doesn’t just make a duplicate of something else they do it in an area everyone knows is pointless.

  • Zyle

    So, China
    Do your guns have enough scaffolding yet?