Troy CBIR BattleMags now shipping

Troy’s new AR-15 polymer magazine, the CBIR BattleMag is now shipping. From the press release …

The CBIR™ Battlemag™ is currently offered in a 30 round 5.56mm/.223 version. They are available in black, flat dark earth, OD green, and coyote tan. Every magazine includes a flush and shock absorbing bottom floor plate. Battlemags™ work flawlessly with all M4, M16, AR15, HK416®, and FN SCAR® rifles and carbines. With patent pending features such as proprietary engineered resin, reinforced feed lips, anti-tilt follower, and an aggressive fish scale gripping pattern, these magazines will undoubtedly become the choice of the most discriminating shooters.

The MSRP is $15 for a single magazine or $42 for a pack of three.

Steve Johnson

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  • Nadnerbus

    Magpul patent infringement case in 3…2…1…

  • Jeff

    hah, I was thinking the same thing: what is magpul gonna think about this.
    Anyways, I have enough of the p-mags, which are cheaper that I don’t have to buy this, They work well enough too.

    Aesthetic-wise, I’m also not really digging the fish scale pattern/weird pull-tab floorplate. ranger plates/magpuls look better.

  • drewogatory

    @#$%^&*(*(&&^%%$$#@@ California!! Thanks for all the lovely CC 10 rounders . Sigh. Sure takes the fun out of plinking. And I know I can drive over to Rifle Gear and get some pinned Pmags,or use “grandfathered G.I.” but then you risk getting your range bag dug thru and God forbid you didn’t clean it out after coming back from out of state. Pretty much why all my AR’s are varmint models now, no one looks twice at a 24” bull barrel on a rest and mag capacity is a non issue. Even though I never did it often I miss killing some evil fruit with a mad minute or two.

  • michael

    I hope they make these i 10-15 rounders for those of in commy states

  • Jeremiah

    No kidding….

  • Andy from West Haven

    Magpul has sole dominion over polymer AR mags?

  • JMD

    Enough features are different, that I don’t think there’s room for a lawsuit at all. Look at the floorplate design, for instance. Totally different. Frankly, I think it would be good for Magpul to finally have a real competitor in the polymer AR magazine market. Competition is good.

  • cc19

    I like the grippy parts and the design is rather sleek looking compared to the ribbed reinforced mags. Being a Troy product, chances are they’re good. Time will tell how popular they become.

  • charles222

    I doubt it. The interior and exterior of this magazine are both pretty different-looking; for starters, Pmags don’t have that triangle at the front, plus they’re more strongly textured on the exterior (squares)

  • Jesse

    Some will call this a Magpul copy or clone and maybe it is but if it results in more quality mags being available to the public a a reasonable price then thumbs up from me. 🙂

  • Lance

    Looks better than a PMAG so id go with this.

  • DoubtingThomas

    Are these mags made in the USA?

  • 032125

    I like the little popup magazine pull tab on the bottom. It saves me having to buy an additional part, and keeps the mag slim. If they had windows I’d buy a few. Oh who am I kidding? I’ll buy a few regardless.

  • Ryan

    Not gonna happen. You really think a company like Troy wouldn’t investigate patents before prototyping, mocking, and then marketing a product? I honestly think the MSRP is too high to compete in the market, but I could be wrong.

  • Matt

    Why can’t Troy make anythig out of plastic worth a damn? Their rail covers are fugly and have inadequate grippage and so do these mags.

    The plastic is all shiny like some cheap airsoft magpul copy.

    I don’t get it. They make great rails and sights and mounts, but let them near a polyurethane mold and they go full-retard.

  • Thousand_Master

    Sorry to be a bother Steve,”The MSRP is $15 for a single magazine or $42 for a pack of there.”

    Unless I totally misread the meaning of that sentence, might want to change “there” to “three”.

  • Vitor

    Wise move by making it compatible with the SCAR.

  • speller

    a pack of there?

  • jdun1911

    Andy from West Haven,

    “Magpul has sole dominion over polymer AR mags?”

    Nope they don’t have a dominion over polymer AR mags. In fact they were not the first to manufacture polymer AR mags and anti-follower. Magpul could sue but they won’t be able to win.

    Normal GI magazine work on the SCAR. Magpul will work on the SCAR if you do a little modification. However it is not recommended to use unmodified Pmag on the SCAR or risk damaging the rifle. With that said I don’t blame Pmage, I blame the bad design of the FN SCAR.

  • Nicks87

    I will stick with magpul mags.

    They are cheap, durable and function flawlessly in my AR-15.

  • Big Jim

    I personally prefer lancer 20 rounders. Especially in my Sig. But I will definitely give these a go.

  • DRod

    My pmags have the triangle in the front. If that’s what you’re talking about. the divider between the stacks?