Mossberg 500 One-off Drug Enforcement Administration Special Edition

Mossberg put together a one-off special edition of the Mossberg 500 SPX engraved with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) logo. The gun is being donated to a fundraiser to support their fallen agents

Steve Johnson

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  • Jingles

    Congratulations, Mossberg. You just lost me as a potential customer.

  • ecurb

    I was going to say the same thing. Why would anyone want to have any contact at all with that abominable agency?

  • Vrt

    @Jingles: Are You cooking Crystal Meth in Your camper, that u do not like DEA so much?

  • Jeremiah

    Jingles: what would you rather have engraved on it? “I like crack cocaine” maybe I’m a nerd. But I like guns like the gaston SIG, the kimber SIS, and the ruger gunsite model 77. I don’t see anything wrong with this gun. Mossberg makes solid guns. I have one, and it’s one of the nicest pump shotguns shotguns there is IMHO.

  • mp


  • Steve J

    Wait, why would this cause you to stop buying from Mossberg? Seems like a pretty decent thing for them to do.

  • Raoul O’Shaughnessy

    Put it in the rack right next to the Lon Horiuchi commemorative Rem 700 and the ATF commemorative flame thrower.

  • Daniel

    What happened to the Blackwater Shotguns? Those get dropped from the table?

  • JMD

    Agreed, Jingles. Those “fallen agents” of the DEA usually get killed in the process of enforcing unconstitutional laws, as that’s what the whole purpose of the DEA.

    In my book, Mossberg is now on the same “do no buy” list as HS Precision.

  • Kyle

    I’m happy when companies do this, next time I’m in the market for a shotgun I will have to consider these guys more.

  • El Duderino

    Sorry I’m holding out for the Saiga 12 BATFE Edition with compensator, folding stock, pistol grip, and special 30rnd drum magazine.

    Oh wait…

  • armed_partisan


  • Burst

    I have a nagging feeling that none of us are professional enough to carry this shotgun.

  • William C.



  • SoulTown

    @Jingles Next time they might put together an ATF special. HA!

  • Sean

    Exactly right Jingles, first they make the douchebag “Blackwater” guns. Now this.

  • Disgusting.

  • JT

    Even though it’s for people who probably believed that they were doing the right thing, it does seem pretty politicized. Next up they’ll do a BATF special edition and a TSA special edition and a…

  • Matthew Carberry

    This is a one-off to support the widows and orphans.

    Besides, if it weren’t for the DEA, who would stop guns being walked into Mexico? =)

    On a technical note, I don’t like the front sight, and wouldn’t that gap behind the trigger guard lead to pinching under recoil? I have to imagine the buttstock flexes a bit.

  • snufferoo

    I’m not a big fan of the DEA.

  • Axel Nordberg

    I don’t want to move into “politics” but I have to say this doesn’t exactly improve my opinion on Mossberg.

    Have they made one single shotgun or is this a temporary model?

  • Contact Us:

    “I have owned three Mossberg shotguns, two 500s and a 590. I was very pleased with them all, and was planning on buying another. I had been recommending the brand to friends and family.

    “It is being reported that you are offering a special edition in honor of the Drug Enforcement Administration.


    “Your support of some of the most blatantly unConstitutional jack-booted thuggery in American history has just cost you this customer. I will not be purchasing Mossberg products in the future, and I will advise my friends and family to avoid your brand.

    “A war is being waged against American citizens, and you have chosen the wrong side.”

  • treefroggy

    Wow. I was kinda hoping for the one with the hammer and sickle logo.

  • Bob Barker

    I didn’t realize there are people out there who think of the War of Drugs™ as something that deserves their charity. Unfortunate choice of marketing partner Mossberg…

  • Herp

    Why? You hate cops?

  • JP


    You have to look at it one step deeper. Mossberg has cleverly included the pistol grip on this model which is totally inappropriate for the Mossberg safety. Expect a “I’m the only one professional enough in the room to handle a Mossberg foty” self inflicted gun shot in front of a room full of school kids video forthwith.

  • slak

    I find the purpose of the DEA to be incompatible with the concept of liberty.

    The only way I would own that shotgun is if I were a hipster drug lord and I wanted an ironic firearm.

  • Al T.

    Funny, didn’t see the stand off device for foot shooting….. 😀

  • Vitor

    I hate how so many gun companies support fascist goverment agencies so they can have “i’m pratriot” publicity.

  • Where and when is this fundraiser? I want that gun!

  • moko

    I’ll bet some kind of Burhnam and Bagham endorsed “Always Think Forfeiture” or “GunWalker” commemoratives would sell like crack !

  • zack991

    Agreed, I will be buying a Remington 870 instead.

  • derfel cadarn

    Anyone buying this model Mossberg should have their head examined. The loss of freedoms and liberty represented by the DEA is NOT something that should be glorified.

  • Bob Barker

    @slak; “The only way I would own that shotgun is if I were a hipster drug lord and I wanted an ironic firearm.”

    There’s weight to your comment. I was once given a RCMP (Canadian FBI) K-9 Unit sticker and I promptly put it on the jar I store my weed in. If my jar were to ever be confiscated I would hope the police would find it funny.

  • Stella

    But guys! It’s tactical!!!!

  • Higgs

    All you that say this is “disgusting” are tools. This is a one of, made to raise money for fallen federal agents, men with families, so if your life of weed makes you so hostile twards ordinary people, i feel you probably shouldnt own a weapon.

  • zack991

    I just sent them a polite but scathing email and will post their reply if any.

  • Nadnerbus

    I’m just glad I’m not the only one that found this offering vaguely offensive. I’d sooner have the afore mentioned hammer and sickle on one of my firearms than any of the federal alphabet soup agencies, especially DEA or BATFE. Sorry this is political, but the juxtaposition of topics makes it kind of impossible not to be.

  • perlhaqr

    @Vrt: No, cooking up copies of the constitution.

    @Herp: Only ones that work for entirely unconstitutional agencies. (18th Amendment was required to ban alcohol, which amendment was passed to ban marijuana, cocaine, heroin, etc?)

    I won’t be buying any more Mossberg products either.

  • Trent

    The following comes from someone who has never smoked a cigarette, drank alcohol, or used any type of illegal drug.

    It baffles me when normally logical people mock the stupidity that was alcohol prohibition, but wholeheartedly support the drug war. You know, for the kids, or whatever.

    Here’s a recent fatality of our war on individual lib…I mean drugs: a Marine who was shot 22 times by a paramilitary police unit who were serving a illegal warrant on the wrong person.

    This Marine survived a couple of tours in the sandbox, then came home and had a badge-wearing professional home invasion crew bust down his door and shoot him dead in front of his kid. That’s not the land of the free and home of the brave, folks.

    If that’s the kind of thing you like going on in your country, then by all means buy this shotgun. It’s hard for me to have any sympathy for guys who were “just doing their job” when that job is enforcing a police state and enforcing laws that are unconstitutional. I feel the same way about the professional molesters at the TSA.

  • fw226

    Al T… Hah! Ouch.

    And yeah, pistol grips on a Mossberg, not a great plan.

  • Nicks87

    I almost vomitted when I saw the badge logo on the side of the weapon.

    AND before any of you start calling me anti-govt, I believe that control and enforcement of any and all laws should be left to the state police and local law enforcement. These depts. are not inadequate like the media wants people to believe.

    IMO the DEA does more harm than good and is a HUGE WASTE of tax dollars.

    DEA, TSA/DHS and ATF need to be abolished NOW! Let the states decide how to deal with criminals not the over-paid bureaucrats that suck up tax dollars and produce very little results.

  • Nicks87

    Raoul O’Shaughnessyon 28 May 2011 at 2:48 am link comment
    Put it in the rack right next to the Lon Horiuchi commemorative Rem 700 and the ATF commemorative flame thrower.
    Nice! I agree 100%

    Herpon 28 May 2011 at 2:37 pm link comment
    Why? You hate cops?
    The DEA are NOT police officers they are muscle for corrupt politicians. They are bureaucrats with guns.

    Please do not insult the proud men and women who DO uphold the constitution by lumping them in with this lot.

  • hojo

    Wow, I am so pleased to see so many people who see the DEA for what it is. 😀 You’ve restored a bit of my faith in humanity.

  • Mike Holt

    I have found that most of the people who dont like Police Officers from any level, Federal, State, county or local are usually the ones who have had the most contact and mostly not in positive way. I know its silly that they enforce the laws and those laws shouldn’t apply to you. The ones I know are good officers. I still by the old adage, If you dont like Police dont call them and dont break the law, and if you dont like a law start a campaign to get it reversed. Every business, private or government has bad eggs in it. Being an officer, I get introduced as Mike the cop all the time and then it starts, I hear the bad things we do but when I reverse the comments towards that person’s job they are pissed. If you dont like the shotgun, Dont buy it.

    • W

      “I have found that most of the people who dont like Police Officers from any level, Federal, State, county or local are usually the ones who have had the most contact and mostly not in positive way.”

      Its not a matter of “not liking police officers”, which is a incorrect generalization, its a matter of not liking your liberties compromised for the next War on ______. police officers are essential for a civilized society, though they are there to serve the public, not kick ass and shoot guns. Unfortunately, there is a spiraling trend in our increasingly modernized police forces (where they look more like soldiers than peacekeepers) that abides by the adage of “just following orders/law” (which is the most disingenuous justification for authoritarianism in our time [i.e. nazi germany]) and “vaporize rather than mirandize”.

      ” I know its silly that they enforce the laws and those laws shouldn’t apply to you.”

      yeah i would rather not have my door kicked in at the middle of the night because the DEA, FBI or even local law enforcement has the wrong address.

      “I still by the old adage, If you dont like Police dont call them and dont break the law, and if you dont like a law start a campaign to get it reversed.”

      this is a fallacy. The Constitution and Bill of Rights is not a suggestion, it is guaranteed. The logic that “one needs not to worry about the cops if you don’t do nothing wrong” is ridiculous. There are plenty of innocent people everyday that are placed in the wrong circumstances and thrown into the recycling meat grinder that is our justice system. It is about money.

      The police are not legally obligated to help you

  • Robby

    1) Mossberg chose the wrong side in the war on drugs? Would you rather them through a picture of a blunt and choose to side with the drug lords if mossberg chose the wrong side so did I
    2) how is the DEA unconstitutional? The constitution doesn’t say you can smoke pot and snort cocaine and they are enforcing the law. Before anyone says anything about local and state police most of the drug dealers the DEA takes down are big time dealers that operate nationally or even internationally and I don’t think local law can stop that

  • Nicks87

    @Mike Holt

    You sir, are part of the problem.

    Did you notice that the majority of people who commented feel the opposite as you do?

    People are beginning to wake up in this country (America) as well as other parts of the world. We have seen the damage that Law Enforcement has done to our communities by over-stepping their boundries.

    You are right, many LEOs are good people but just as many have forgotten what it means to serve and protect and uphold the constitution. They have decided to only serve themselves and the corrupt individuals who sign their paychecks and promotion recomendations.

    I am not suprised at all by your comment, in fact, it is typical of people in your profession. You believe that YOU are right and everyone else is wrong just because you have a badge and a sick sense superiority over those you (Police) oppress.

    That is all I can say to you without violating the comment policy so have a nice day and God bless you.

  • Nicks87


    You have no clue how the system works. You only see/hear what CNN, FOX and MSNBC show/tell you about the war on drugs.

    Go do some research before making such baseless and uniformed comments.

    The perscription drug companies are the biggest drug dealers in the world and the DEA is there to keep it that way.

    Also, American Marines and Soldiers and guarding the poppy fields in Afgahnistan right now. Why? So that the farmers can make money off of the drug trade instead of the Taliban. Dont you think that some of that opium makes it to America? Damn strait it does. The war on drugs is a farce perpetrated by the Govt in order to keep ignorant people sedated.

    Wake up people, before its too late.

    • W

      “You only see/hear what CNN, FOX and MSNBC show/tell you about the war on drugs.”

      Exactly. This point is one of many examples why I wish we truly had a liberal media and why we don’t.

  • Redfox

    I’m waiting for the Dept. of Education SWAT team special edition shotguns. I can’t wait for them to kick down my door when my student loan payment is overdue.

  • Robby

    I do my research and soldiers protect those fields to keep the taliban from making more money to keep them from getting weapons to use against us. my only problem with what you say is the fact that a few crooked cops can completely ruin peoples opinion of the good agents in the DEA.

  • Robby

    And I think some of you are taking this a little to far. I doubt there is gonna be anything like the dept of education swat edition shotgun

  • Brad

    @ Mike Holt. While I agree that there are good police officers out there trying to do their jobs while respecting peoples rights etc. But Police culture and unions have protected these “bad eggs” from ever having to pay for their crimes and even after being found guilty of wrong doing nothing punitive happens to you. Your police no snitching policies, gang like mentality, police resistance to civilian oversight and even fighting FOR laws that would make it a crime to film a police officer while he does his public job, lumps you all in together. Let me ask you this…if some pit bulls bite and some don’t, which ones do you trust when being confronted by them? safest answer is none of them. I am sure in your career you have seen something that didn’t seem right but said nothing about it to remain “cool” with your cop peers. So your argument about its only the bad eggs is lame at best.

    The simple math is that a persons civil rights make the policeman’s job difficult, so police culture is by default adversarial to civil rights. And it shows.

    @ Robby, speaking of tax collectors with guns maybe there will be an IRS commemorative Rem 870

  • CowCaBob

    I don’t like the DEA. I don’t like Drug Dealers either. I don’t like addicts. I don’t like my liberties being restricted. I don’t like fearing losing everything I own if I roll one and light one cause the mood strikes me.

    Legalization makes most of this better. We will always have people who have given up on everything but what can put them out of their head. We can find better ways of dealing with them than having to have our persons and effects open to search and seizure.

    If I only bought from gun companies that didn’t sell to those who enforce unconstitutional laws then I would only have my Barrett. I can surely think of worse ways to live but I’d rather have some more versatile options by my side, the ones enforcing those laws surely do.

    I feel for the families of those who lost love-ones enforcing the laws we voted for, right or wrong. It’s hard to know how much of this was meant to endorse the mission of the DEA or to honor and support their fallen.
    I can’t fault them from wanting to raise money for families suffering loss.

    All that being said I’m going to hedge my bets and buy something that I know helps the cause of Liberty. Now to find this elusive firearm…..

  • D.E.A..Mas Loco

    D.E.A. bunch of thieves taking money from drug dealers to live a life style of the rich and famous driving fancy car’s and expensive jewelary without having to work for it after retirement they confescate $5.000.000. and only report $800.000 and split it between among themselves agency don’t even have a clue where is all the dope and money while the king pin that would be drug lord boss has a court document from a lawyer in behalf of his client and I quote statement only rules for 10 kilos where confescated no one knows but boss wants know and explained to him where are the rest of his 100 kilos thats 90 bricks missing do your math America $15.000 to $25.000 a kilo so where. they at D.E.A fake ass agents use it for personal use and house stash. Dope is worth more than gold peole in the street’s what’s so much interest in taking a dope dealer down the money they get to keep..?????? Why not be a cop that their job makes sense think about it this country is run by drug money 70% percent of Americans use illegal drugs. Why not RX no big money involved and is one of top deaths in our country

    • PatrickPM

      I think you just described the movie training day

  • JOHN

    WOW! There’s a lot of “GENERALIZING” of LEO here.

    Personally, I prefer having these guys around.

  • Galoush

    All debates and politics aside i think its pretty cool and if they had a blinged out one with Jesus Malverde on it id think that was cool too……….is all about the guns really

  • Bill

    I don’t consider myself a radical person at all. I am pretty laid back and lead what most would consider a normal life. The worst thing I have probably ever done was smoke a joint one time. My point is even as a normal everyday law abiding citizen, I have seen a gradual change in the police forces such as the DEA and even local police. I spent 21 years in the military and have noticed that the police have become more and more like milistic,except they are so much less professional than the military. It is my sincere belief that our “police” have gotten way out of control and have been given to much authority. I to believe that the majority have that I am superior to you civilians attitude and tend to talk down to people and take advantage of thier positions as law enforcement. I see the day where we as Americans will no longer enjoy the freedoms we hold so true to our hearts. We are slowly loosing our freedoms given to us through our constitution. I’m not saying it is ok to break the laws, but that is the problem. They are making laws that our taking away our basic rights as Americans and even in some cases human beings. Yet most of us go through our lives everyday and don’t even notice it, until its to late. Wake up America, wake up!

    • W

      sorry to say, but it is already too late 🙁

      • Randolph

        While I respect your service to our country, that does not qualify you to make broad statements condemning the American way of policing. Don’t use your veteran status to wisely espouse views that you may not be able to backup with solid evidence.


      First. That is a nice looking firearm and the purpose of it’s creation is to be commended!

      Second. There are folks out there in every profession that are currupt bad apples and are more than happy to slight the system and as I have heard in the past “Gettin Thiers” and it sometimes seems as those kind of people are poping up more and more.

      But there are absolutely those of us(I being a retired US Army Soldier) who actually do thier jobs and uphold the constitution and the peoples right to freedom. There are those out there that will not look the other way and will stand up and do the right thing. Instead of sitting passively by making comments lumping everyone in any kind of job or position of authority into the same lame group stand up and make a change! I agree that there are people in positions of power who are only there to take and make thier world better and to hell with the rest but as long as folks just sit back and make snide remarks and go on cheifing it up or vegging out then do not expect it to get any better. When you get up and become an officer, Soldier, DEA, FBI, ATF or any of the other alphabit soup groups and do the job that the jobs were created for and do them the right way IE.. turn all the drugs in or do not look the other way when your fellow officer loses his or hers professionalism then you set them straight and back on path or take them down too. But do not #1 condem everyone who is fighting the good fight because of the few bad apples. #2 Do something about it by doing the job right!! instead of copping anouther buzz and eating a bag of dorritos and talking crap!!

      Part of the problem with the folks of today is those that will tell you everything that is wrong in the world but would not lift a finger to make a change and thats why those bad apples out there that you are upset about are getting over on you and everyone else is because too much talk and not enough action. So come on lets get up and get going to put the bad apples in the trash and make it better!!

      Great shotgun though and everyone have a great day.

  • bbmg

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