Caracal pistol review

Linoge attended a shoot organized by UAE pistol manufacturer Caracal. They did so much shooting the guns needed to be cooled in water.

The pistols get a mixed review from Linoge who had some problems with the pistol’s slide and magazine.

Steve Johnson

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  • We tested the Caracal about six months ago and found it quite interesting pistol. Its very much like Glock and Steyr MA1 would have had a child.

    Video about the gun and some comparison about it against Glock 17 can be found from here:

  • John


    You can never, ever, do this.
    The barrel will loose its temper.

    A best case scenario the gun is ruined.
    Worst case it could blow up in the next shooters’ face.


  • Other Steve

    @ John

    I hope you’re kidding. No. Cooling a handgun with water will not make it blow up in the user’s face. Most stainless needs to be at LEAST 800F and cooled quickly before it will even start to anneal. A lot of handgun stainless is also not tempered or heat treated past it’s machining state, for instance a lot of 300 series can not be hardened at all. This is desirable for fatigue, like surviving mini explosions over and over.

    I highly doubt these pistols were anywhere even close to 800F when eater cooled.

    While it isn’t a great idea, it’s no where near the fud

  • Idaho

    @Other Steve

    Oh, really? That’s good, I was slightly worried about that very thing myself. I was thinking that the constant heating and cooling would eventually cause the barrel to crack. I learned something there.

  • Thanks for the linkage!

    I did not spend the entire day at the shoot, but by the end of the morning round, pretty much all of the firearms were rotating out of ice-filled coolers, and I did not witness or hear of any of them failing due to that cooling method.

    And without that ice, they pretty much would have been unhandleable by the end of the day…

  • Matt

    Very interesting firearm. I hope to see one in the gun shop soon to play around with.

  • MrVvrroomm

    I took that picture above. My wife and I drove down from Minnesota to shoot the Caracal match hosted by the ORSA club. Between 160 shooters we put over 22K rounds through 14 pistols throughout the day.

    I’m impressed enough with it to start my search for a new full-sized Caracal F. They seem to be street-priced right around $550. That’s a bit too high for me. As soon as I stumble upon a $450 pistol, I’ll buy one.

    I own just about every Glock made. I also own a couple of M series Steyrs, an M9-A1 and an M40-A1. The Caracal is a very smooth running polymer striker-fired pistol.

    Blade-Tech is already making a holster for the full Caracal line.

  • blake

    Great write up! i just got this pistol and took it to the range today.., I think it really does have less felt recoil then any other pistol i have shot because of the grip design. Here is a video of me shooting it if you want to check it out