Stoeger Model 3500 shotgun

Stoeger’s Model 2000 is a very popular shotgun. It uses the same inertia operated semi-auto action as the Benelli shotguns, but at a much lower price. Earlier this year, Stoeger introduced the Model 3500 at SHOT Show, a 12 gauge 3.5″ magnum version of the Model 2000.

The M3500 includes all the same features as the Model 2000, as well the addition of a mercury recoil reducer to tame the magnum recoil. Strangely enough, no doubt to save assembly costs, the recoil reducer does not come installed and requires the owner to fit it. I hope this does not become a trend and that buying a gun will not become a similar experience to buying Ikea furniture!

The Model 3500 is available with a Black Synthetic, Realtree APG and Realtree Max-4 finishs and with 24″, 26″ and 28″ barrels. The MSRP price ranges between $629 and $679. This is about $120 more than the Model 2000.

Steve Johnson

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  • Predator hunters will be happy to see this!

  • Zander

    I hope more models of guns (other than the AR15 & 10/22) become more like Lego kits. Always was fun finishing one of them

  • Ton Hartink

    Does anyone know the manufacturer of these Stoeger shotguns ?
    I presume it will be of Turkish origin.

  • Laenhart

    I would be happy if more guns had the option of coming in an uncompleted state (to make out-of-the-box customization easier.) Even better if manufacturers were willing to sell receivers alone (or serialized as pistols to aid in building SBRs and SBSs.)