Richard at Guns, Holsters & Gear reports on the FN SCAR PDW

The SCAR PDW is a select fire weapon, allowing for single shots or fully automatic fire. The cyclic rate is 650 rounds per minute.

The compact size of the PDW lends it self to troops normally confined to aircraft, trucks or other confined spaces who go into harms way. While a full size SCAR rifle has distinct advantages over a PDW, the PDW allows for ease of carry in restrictive spaces and rapid deployment.

I really like the design. It reminds me of the H&K HK416 Sub-Carbine / PDW.

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  • Frank

    What kind of velocity would you get out of that short of a barrel? That thing would look like a movie gun firing, maybe part of the idea is the scar(e) off an attacker with a massive blast and muzzle flash. At the price of deafening you and the client you’re protecting.

  • Doug

    When it becomes available to the public, it’ll probably cost $4000. That seems to be the way of things, they give you less material than the original product and charge more for it.

  • Other Steve

    That 6.75″ barrel will be GREAT for concussion and muzzle flash… Err fireball…

    Not so much for shooting people. Seriously, the power of a 223 out of a 6.75″ barrel must be less damaging than a pistol caliber round to soft targets.

  • It has a kick stand for a stock?

  • Ia

    None of the benefits of low recoil, high capacity, ridiculous ROF, and a CQB form factor the doesn’t shoot brass down your teammates neck that a P90 has with the added benefit of massive muzzle flash and novelty length barrel! You basically have the world’s most expensive .22 There’s a reason the Secret Service uses the P90…

  • Brad

    Now if they could make a SCAR in a single shade of FDE…

  • Yet another flash-and-blast producing short-barrelled horror. These things are proliferating from various makers, but how many armies are actually buying them as PDWs?

  • Thaddeus

    How does 5.56 x 45mm NATO perform out of a 6.75 inch barrel?

  • Ed

    I got to shoot this at SHOT Media Day. I’m still smiling. Easy to control for such a small 5.56 NATO gun, even on full auto. Was easy to hit a target at 50 yards, which is not bad on full auto from a gun I’ve never fired and shooting offhand. I did not try it on the 800-yard target 🙂

  • Obsidian

    it’s a really compact design, how short’s the barrel?

  • KC

    I want that HK PDW stock for my 9mm SBR build

    I was always fascinated by the PDW designs of new rifles.

  • Vitor

    That’s a nicely low rate of fire for a barrel this short, the wonders of a piston system. A DI system this short would easily go over 1k rounds per minute.

  • Lance

    It dose look some what better than a normal one with that lousy butstock. I would stay with H&K on this.

  • Jake

    Sudden urge to call it a “SCAR-W”.

  • Sam

    interesting contribution to the modularity of the scar!

  • pro

    ok . at last .
    It was about time somebody made a 3000$ , 6.75″ barrel “rifle” . Yes this is something that was needed. Now the only thing thats missing is a 7.62X51 , 4000$ variant with a 5.75″ barrel .

  • John

    Waiting for FN to take off the stock and sell it as a pistol.

  • Brandon

    5.56 ammo through a 6.75″ barrel? The concussive blast must be brutal. Effective range is listed at 200m…. so what’s the point of a rifle cartridge?
    The HK416 PDW with it’s 9.3″ barrel is at least approaching practicality. P90 or MP7 is probably more practical then either of these.

  • Lance

    This version is probably NOT modular like some said here i notice its gas system and stock are much much shorter than normal version. A MP-5 or MP-7 is a better weapon.

  • Pedro C.P.

    I don’t get it. FN already have a proven an efficient PDW platform as well its cartridge, both designed from the very begging to fulfill their role. I understand that the 5.56 round will always be more powerful than the 5.7, but it has a greater recoil that would make the gun harder to control in full auto (the primary mission of this class of gun) and with such short barrel I wonder how compromised the flighty ballistics and precision will be, not to mention the obvious and considerable smaller magazine capacity. There is still the issue of the platform itself being not only conventional layout (too short barrel in order to fit the compact size) but simply a scaled down assault rifle.

    I my opinion I think that FN should sticky with the P90 and the 5.7 and update it, it’s a much suitable weapon and round for its mission. Sure SBRs have their placed, but even so a SBR F2000 would be more suitable. I guess that FN did this SBR to win over the more “conservative” potential of the P90, F2000 and the 5.7.

    Bottom line: I don’t mind this gun, but I will be upset if it replaces the P90 and maybe kill the Five-seveN, albeit I think that is really unlikely to happen.

  • subase

    This may sound ridiculous, but I wonder how long it will take until 5.56 ammo will be made for short barrels for PDW weapons like this shortened Scar? The limitations of the round are pretty ridiculous now, but if they build it ammo makers should follow.

  • SoulTown

    Bracing for the bullpup argument in 3… 2… 1…

  • jdun1911


    I wouldn’t want to be hit by it.


    The rate of fire is pretty low for a short barrel.


    It just an upper with a short barrel. It is to be expected. AR and other design had upper that is smaller than 10 inch barrel for sometime now.


    The blast can be limited by putting a suppressor or muzzle comp like Noveske KX3/Levang Compensator

  • counsel

    650 or 1000 rounds per minute is poop… your magazine capacity and time to change the magazine are more of a limit-not to mention heat. If you shoot that fast, there had better be a wave of people approaching your position-a M249 would be better. Do we really need a piston v DI discussion or a 650 v 1000 per minute discussion about a gun with a 7″ barrel?

  • Payce

    Am I the only one that hates the Scar iron sights?

  • subase

    Bullpups are still very complex, and it seems there’s only so many ways to skin a cat. Only two bullpups are ambidextrous, the RFB and the FN F2000.

    Also optimized ammo for short barrels makes alot of sense, happened with pocket pistols and it should happen with rifles. The 5.56 was originally supposed to come out of a 20 inch barrel now we got 7 inch barrels.

  • Thomas

    Did any one of you guys consider that the Army is focusing on using only 5,56x45mm for PDW, carbine, Rifle and SAW (at the moment)? No other caliber will be used for these roles. Its not meant as a rifle, its a PDW (as the name says). What does that mean: use it instead of a pistol! Now compare. As for muzzle velocity: 672m/s (2204 fps) –> 903J. This is still more than other PDW calibers or pistolcalibers out of a normal MP5.

  • cc19

    The caliber and ability to use M16 mags are the primary advantages I can see going for this vs other PDW platforms. Easier to convince the powers that be to adapt something that has the most shared parts for weapons already in use. I do agree that a specifically designed PDW like the P90 or MP7 probably performs the role better overall.

  • Stella


    To make anything larger than a .22 caliber hole 5.56×45 needs to be going above a certain velocity so it will tumble and fragment when it hits a target. Fired from an 11.5 inch barrel (vs. the SCAR PDW’s curt 6.75) M193 will only fragment out to 40 meters; with M855 that distance shortens to a paltry 12-15 meters.

    Assuming current rounds are used, at anything much beyond point blank the SCAR PDW is a louder, heavier and more expensive Ruger 10/22. A 9mm pistol or submachine gun seems a better choice to a .22lr with muzzle blast and recoil.

  • Lance

    @ Payce Not to worry there are alot of FN critics here and out there.

    The fact is a full rilfe caliber is BAD for CQB a PDW is used for yeah you get massive energy from a rifle bullet but you get massive over penatration a pistol or pure PDW caliber is much much better for this work.


    Fact is the US military is married to 5.56mm NATO for good and bad. Fact is any new weapon for general issue is in 5.56mm just like we went mostly for all 9mm weapons (except Special forces I know). They are trying to improve both the 5.56mm round and the M-4 give the military a chance to improve them.

  • 5.56mm ammo optimised for short barrels does indeed make sense.

    India has one: it’s the 5.56×30 MINSAS (see: http://world.guns.ru/smg/india/msmc-e.html ).

    Belgium has one: it’s the 5.7×28 FN P90 (actually 5.56mm)

    The closest one to these currently in the USA is the 6×35 KAC.

    The US Army occasionally makes noises about setting up a competition to select a PDW:

    “…it was reported in March 2007 that the US Army is looking to acquire a new PDW. The head of the Army’s “Program Executive Office – Soldier” stated that a formal requirement for a PDW which would be “larger than a pistol and smaller than a carbine” was being drawn up at the Fort Benning infantry centre, and that the Army’s small-arms development centre at Picatinny Arsenal would be in charge of overseeing the procurement. So far there are no indications as to the calibre or type of weapon, or whether an off-the-shelf buy or a new development would be favoured. Given the recent track record of several recent US attempts to acquire new small arms, some scepticism as to whether this will lead to anything seems to be in order.”

    From http://www.quarry.nildram.co.uk/PDWs.htm

  • jdun1911


    A high rate of fire is not desirable for weapons that use box magazines. High ROF will lead to jams because the magazine spring will not be able to keep up with it.

  • I am probably going to upset a lot of you, but I must say that I actually like the idea of having the SCAR as a PDW. I honestly think we should wait to see much more testing and once it’s been tested in the field, then we can praise it or curse it. But for now, I like the way it looks, and please remember that it’s a PDW not an AR.

  • Redchrome

    It wouldn’t be such a bad idea if it was chambered in something like 7.62×35 (.300 Blackout). The larger bore diameter would allow more powder burn in the short barrel, so it wouldn’t suffer as much from speed loss. Not to mention that 7.62×35 is designed to be fired from SBRs, so presumably the powder loads are optimized for that short length.

    It would only require a barrel change and possibly a different recoil spring; since that cartridge is designed to work in AR15 platforms and out of AR magazines.

    Still, for military purposes where logistics are often more important than getting the last degree of effectiveness, it doesn’t make as much sense to introduce a new caliber to the supply chain.

  • Thomas


    I know the thing about fragmenting. What I don’t know is, how good the new M855A1 EPR out of a 7″ is (relatet to target effect). Better than 9mm out of an MP5? Then its enough for a PDW.

  • Lance

    They been finding Tomas that 5.56mm dosnt fragment liek out of a rilfe so thats another reson a 9mm MP-5 would be better.

  • charles222

    An MP5 is “better” until you abruptly discover your opponent has body armor on.

  • Bob

    The SCAR PDW is in production:


    I am not sure whether or not it will be used by the US Military though.