Rossi Rio Grande now in .45-70 and .410

The Rossi Rio Grande lever action rifle is now available chambered in .45-70 and .410 shotshell. The .45-70′s magazine holds six rounds and the .410 holds five.

The rifles have a 20″ barrel and weigh 5.8 lbs. The MSRP $536 – $583.

Steve Johnson

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  • John

    I don’t think Rossi has ever made something I wouldn’t buy. I’d prefer it without the Big Loop though.

  • j

    So do they fire at the same time?

  • zincorium

    j- that bottom part is the magazine, where the rounds are stored. Not a barrel. Because that’s the only sensible way I can interpret your question.

    I’d love one. Arg. Too many nice guns, not nearly enough disposable income.

  • If you are wanting a decent lever action rifle… Rossi is the way to go right now. Marlin’s troubling QC issues mean your taking a risk buying one. Rossi beating Marlin – I could cry.

  • Jeremiah

    Looks like a total marlin 336 rip off to me.

  • Well, Jeremiah, the patent on the 336 may have expired by now. Why reinvent the wheel. A whole bunch of manufacturers ‘copy’ other rifle and pistol designs.

  • Beaumont

    Actually, Rossi is onto a good thing here. The 336 action is basically the same for all the cartridges Marlin chambers from .30-30 on up. Marlin even made a few pistol-caliber rifles on the 336 action. By copying it — and keeping their QC standards high — Rossi has virtually guaranteed themselves a good market share. I wouldn’t be surprised to see cowboy action versions, pistol-caliber versions, and other variations in future.

  • pricedo

    I own a Rossi shotgun & 3 of their knock off model 92s & they are solid no frills guns that nostalgia aside are better than the originals.

    I would expect the Rio Grande acorn didn’t fall far from the tree in the solid, no frills quality department.

  • Brian

    Oh yeah, I think I’m definitely going to be getting one of these. I wish it had a straight grip, though.

  • Greg

    Would this Rossi .45-70 / 410 also shoot a .45 LC

  • Brian P.

    @Greg: First of all, I believe they manufacture the .45-70 and .410 as separate guns. Second, I highly doubt you could (safely) chamber and fire .45 Colt rounds in the .45-70. The bullet diameter on the .45-70 is .458″, and it has a tapered casing from .505-.480″ (base-neck). The bullet diameter of the .45 Colt is .451″, and it has a straight, non-tapered case with a .480″ diameter.

  • EPWrangler

    Bear gun anyone? I want a 45-70 in stainless steel. Actually, I wanting a 308, a 270, 30-06 and a 243 in stainless , too. I am going today to try to get the 30-30 stainless. what a great gun.

  • EPWrangler

    How about a 16 or 18 inch carbine version? I want one.

  • pricedo

    How about one in the .454, .460 or .500 pistol rounds?

  • Brian P.

    @pricedo: They do have a couple lever action models in .454 Casull, but they aren’t part of their Rio Grande line. It’d be really nice if they made one in .500 S&W Magnum too. It’d probably have a pretty mean kick, though.

  • After perusing the Rossi site, apparently then .45-70 and the .410 are sold as two separate models. The .45-70 is currently only available in Blued steel, and comes standard with the large lever loop. The .410 is available in both Blued and Stainless steel, with a regular lever.

    For the record, I love my marlin 30-30, but ever since Remington bought them out, I’ve honestly only heard complaints from people I know who’ve bought the newer model. Mine was purchased back in 1985/86 and I’ve never had a problem.

    Considering that Marlin (currently owned by Remington) has halted production of all lever actions until they get their Quality Control back to where it should be, I find my self interested in these Rossi models. Particularly the .410.

    I’ve personally never been a fan of the recoil on the .45-70, and between encroaching old age and back problems, I don’t see myself changing my mind any time in the future. Your mileage and personal choice in firearms calibers may vary. LOL!!

    As for the shorter barrels, it’d be nice, but to take 2 to 4 inches off the barrel would mean taking the same length off of the magazine tube, which would cut back on the capacity.

    As I said, my interest is piqued by the .410.

  • pricedo

    “Gregon 24 Aug 2011 at 9:01 am link comment

    Would this Rossi .45-70 / 410 also shoot a .45 LC”

    Shoot much ??

    You’re discussing two different guns.

    The tube underneath the barrel is not another barrel……it’s a tubular magazine.

  • Brian P.

    @blackthorn: I find myself browsing Rossi’s website nearly every day, wishing I could afford to buy a rifle or two. I know some people don’t like the large lever loops, but I like the loop on their .45-70 Rio Grande. I like to wear gloves, and I have large hands, so it would accommodate me better. As for Marlin, I hope they get their quality control back in line, because I’d love to get their 1895 Cowboy, or maybe one of their Guide Guns.

    @pricedo: I think Greg knows the bottom tube is the magazine. I think he just thought that the .45-70 could chamber/fire the .45 Colt, too, which it can’t, of course. I’m guessing he figured it was a similar case as Taurus’s Judge, which chambers both .410 shells and .45 Colt cartridges, and he probably thought that the Rio Grande was one gun that shoots both .45-70 and .410 shells.

  • EPWrangler

    I bought the 30-30 stainless and i do like it very much. I still wonder about a magazine fed lever action in 308 from Rossi.

  • Brian P.

    @EPWrangler: Rossi has a lever action rifle in .308? And do you mean a box magazine, or something? I mean, of course it’s magazine fed. The typical tube is still considered a magazine. But I didn’t know they had a .308. I’ve never seen it on their site. Also, I’ve considered the stainless models, but the stainless just doesn’t look as nice as the blued steel, in my opinion. It’s too bad they can’t blue stainless steel, huh?

  • I bought a Henry .22LR carbine with the 16.25″ barrel, and the large loop lever back around Jan/Feb of 2010. Frankly, I LOVE the large loops. I’ve never really understood why the loops on the pistol grip stocked Marlins are curved inwards on the side where the back of your hand makes contact. Obviously the inward curve on the side that mates to the grip has to be that way, but there is no reason for the outward facing side to be curved inwards.
    Even if the outward side was straight, like on the old Winchesters, it would be more comfortable.

    Ah well, such is life!

    • Tim

      You make an awesome point and I totally agree with you..

  • Brian P.

    @blackthorn: Ah, yeah, I don’t get why they curve them inwards, either. Maybe it’s a symmetry thing? I don’t know. I like the large lever loops too, but not ones that are overly large. I believe Marlin has a few with the large loops I’m talking about. I’d love to get one, once they get their quality control issues fixed.

  • Frank

    Does the Rio Grande 410 chamber 3″ 410 shells?

  • Brian P.

    @Frank: Hmm…no clue, but that’s a good question. You could try emailing their customer support or something, and see if you can get an answer from them.

  • james

    im only 14 about to be 15 and i just got one of the rossi 45-70 gove and thats wat iv wanted since i got my 308 last year

  • Wally1

    I have a Stainless steel Rossi lever action in 45LC. This rifle is great, it just works, reliable and accurate. I was first skeptical but compared to what I have recently seen come from Marlin, the Rossi’s are superb. The only isuue I am concerned about is the mag tube follower which is plastic, but still no problems after 1500 roungs fired. The quality control at Marlin is almost non existant, I recently picked up a marlin 45-70 at a local gunshop, It was new in stainless steel, although very appealling, the weapon would not cycle correctly and the factory front sight was mounted approximatly 30 degrees off center, How does that happen? People that dont give a cr__, thats how! I am looking forward to buying a Rossi 45-70. Just my opinion, and I am still a amatuer with less that 90 guns for 40 years. thats only a little over two a year. I am still attempting to convince the wife about the one gun a month investment program, Ha.

    • pricedo

      The quality of Marlins went for a nosedive after Remington bought the company.

      Get one of the older pre Remington acquisition Marlins if you want the quality we have grown to expect over the years from that once great brand.

      The Rossi Rio Grande lever action rifle which is based on the classic Marlin 336 action is a well built, accurate rifle right out of the box.

  • Harley9980

    I’m going to pick mine up tonight. Got it in 410. It only shoots 2 1/2 inch shells. If the quality of this gun is the same as my marlin 3361895 in 219 zipper I am sure I will be very happy with it.

  • Odiez1

    I’ve just gotten one of these in 45-70. The action jammed while “playing” with it just hours after I picked it up… 🙁
    So I decided to take it apart and unjam it. Turns out, the gate which locks the bolt was stuck in the bolt. There was crud in most parts of the action which I cleaned out. The gun looked minimally used, but was expected to be NIB.
    It disassembled quite easily. 4 screws were necessary to be removed, and nothing exploded out of the assembly. I got the gate unstuck and cleaned it up with silicon lube, and the action is working very well now.

    Of note, the action does not function upside down. It does chamber the 2.5″ 410 shells (3″ are too long), but only 1 at a time.
    The big loop makes this look just like The Rifleman’s weapon.

    Here’s photos..

    • Odiez1

      Turns out it really was brand new, and the silicone wasn’t the right choice for lube. Real gun oil is working even better. Silicone is good on the exterior blued parts though.
      This puppy can really pack a whollop!

    • Tom H

      I recently purchased the Rossi Rio Grand 410. Right out of the box the the gun jammed when loading the ammo. I went back to the gun shop and after working on it thay said the loading gate was bent. Once I got to the range it will cock the hammer only after the first level cock. Each shot after that I have to mannually cock the hammer. This thing is going back.

      Tom H.

    • pricedo

      I forgot to add that most of the Rossi guns are shootable out of the box AFTER you thoroughly clean the barrel, magazine tube and action of an accumulation of a mix of cosmoline, rust, machining shavings & grindings, mud, grit I call GUNK that looks like dried cacca. I haven’t seen a new Rossi yet that wasn’t covered in the stuff inside & out. The stuff looked bad but after I cleaned my Rossis up there was no permanent corrosion or pitting and they are slick as well as good shooters.

      **Don’t try & cycle a Rossi Rio Grande action when the rifle is upside down…….it won’t work & you might jam something.

      • Odiez1

        You’re right about them being cruddy. And the loading gate issues, and even action, load/ eject issues are all there when it’s brand new.
        I’ve been on the forums, and we’ve concluded the Rio Grande to be a ‘diamond in the rough’.
        For me, the loading gate loosened up after the first 50 rounds, but the action was still tough, and it jammed quite often.

        Turns out that some small machining burrs were left on the bolt and the area where the block slides up into the bold, the block it’s self needed de-burring also. Once all the edges were smoothed out, it stopped jamming.
        Then I polished the ‘track’ on the bolt where the ejector clip rides.
        Further I ground down the top part of the hammer, so the bolt slides over it more easily. The hammer mod alone improved the action considerably.

        The bigger problem I’ve noticed, is that moderate loads, (I’m using 40gr of H4198 under the 405gr lead slug), the magazine tube starts to slide forward from the harsh recoil.
        For that I’ve carefully added a single piece of electrical tape to the upper and lower region of the retaining hoops (the mussel one, and the one around the forward wood stock) which tightened the barrel to the tube. The reduced space made them fit tighter, and the mag tube has stopped slipping. Although this is temporary, it’s handled the 42gr loads without problem.

        At this point, aside from the mag tube, the gun is a dream to shoot, and I’m done modding it. Further it doesn’t jam anymore, and (with the safety on) even actions upside down most of the time.

        The issue is that the block is not spring loaded at all, so upside down it falls into the channel and the bolt, which sticks the action. It was that block getting firmly stuck in the bolt which was really jamming it up, but I blame the burrs in that area for that.

        To summarize, a little sweat equity, and this is a great weapon.

    • Tim

      I bought the same gun and had the same problems.. The bullet jammed in the tube of all places and my gun smith had to blow it out with a high pressure air-tool.. They replaced the gun and the one I have now is a lot better.. They corrected the side-gate problem but the gun is still temperamental and DO NOT USE . The secret to this gun is to run it through its break-in period without buggering it up and STAY AWAY from Hornady LEVERevolution ammo. Its great ammo but this rifle HATES IT.. Shoot the cheap stuff and “carefully” run about 60 rounds thru it and it will losen up and act right…

  • tom s

    I also have just bought the rio grande 410 and havnt had nothing but trouble. its very hard to load and when you try to chamber a shell the lever jams tight. I took it back to the dealer and they said it could take a week or who knows how long for rossi to make good on the gun. has anyone else had this problem.

  • Jim P

    My Rossi Rio in 410 jams about every 3rd shell. It is a real pain to get it unjammed. Do not try a 3 inch. It will close and fire, but it is not intended and eventually you will get hurt. Back to the jamming, it seems like the extractor doesn’t grab.

  • pricedo

    My Rossi Rio Grande in .30-30 WCF was absolutely filthy when I got it. I used a aerosol degreaser/solvent to wash GUNK (cosmoline, machining cuttings, rust, dirt) out of the bore and action. It took an hour with nylon bristle brushes on the end of a cleaning rod and a variable speed electric drill and a whole can of solvent to scrub the bore out until it was clean. If I had done it by hand (without the drill) it would have taken a week. When the clean up job was done there was no permanent corrosion or pitting either on or in the gun. If there had been it would have went right back for a refund.

    You’d think Rossi warehoused their guns a big mud puddle before boxing them and shipping them to customers. There is no excuse for that in my opinion & unnecessarily downgrades an otherwise good product.

    After the clean up and a good lubrication with clean oil the Rossi Rio Grande is the slickest levergun I have ever had in my hands.

  • joh

    Hello all. I used to load and shoot years ago and have forgotten most of what I knew. Most of it was shot gun reloading and .30-06. Now I’m interested in hunting white tails and prefer a lever action in .45 long colt, .454, or something close. I think .45-70 may be overkill. I’ve looked at Rossi’s guns in this area but don’t know much about their ballistics. So ~~ would some of you fellows talk about these two rifle’s ballistic data, accuracy, reliability, etc., and suggestions? I currently own a .30-06, .454 Casull x 7″ (Freedom Arms) and several .22’s.

    Thanks for your help.

    • Brian P.

      Well, a .45-70 does seem like it would be overkill, but you could still use it if you wanted to, I’m sure. The universal choice seems to be .30-30 Win., although, I’ve talked to plenty of people who use other calibers, including .357 Magnum, .45 Colt, .44 Magnum, and I think a couple who use .30-06 Sprg. or .270 Win. I believe one of my uncles has a .30-06 that he uses for deer hunting. Personally, I’d go with either .30-30 Win., or .357 Magnum if you want a pistol caliber lever action. You could probably go with .44 Magnum too, but the .357’s cheaper and gets the job done, as long as you’re not TOO far away.

    • TimH

      Jon you’re right when you say that the 45-70 might be over kill for dear but if you are really wanting a 45. cal for hunting I think the 45-70 would be the way to go over the 45LC simply because of the range advantage.. The 45-70 is a “KILL ANYTHING-ALL-PURPOSE” Caliber in a very light-weight easy to carry gun.. No matter what anyone says on the blogs just know that you can really reach out there with this thing.. Think of it as sort of a long-range cannon because thats what a 45-70 is…. I wouldnt trade mine for the world buddy and if you decide to go with one. Dont expect it to cycle like .22 Henry right out of the box ok NO MATTER what brand it is. The 45-70 is one awfully big round to cycle through a lever-gun that was never intended for a bullet of this massive size ok but if you will be patient with it and get through the break-in process of the gun I promise that you will be very pleased with it… This thing will drop anything in North America like a bad-habit and that’s what I like about my 45-70 Rio-Grande.. If I am hunting big farel dear and a Griz gets in my way I can handle him easily.. Thats what a 45-70 is all about!

  • Just purchased a Rossi Rio Grande 410 bore shotgun. Comments about it jaming all the time by readers here give me great concern. The dealer gave me a box of 36 guage Rio shells but they do not fit properly and stuck in the barrel. I had to break the shell up to get it out. I went toWalmart and purchased Remington 410 shells and they load perfectly and shoots well. Don’t use Rio 410 shells in this weapon.

  • Jerry Kunyatz

    I bought a Rio Grande 410SS and it was mildly dirty, not a problem.
    The loading gate spring is so tight that I can’t load it without using a dowel to jam in the shell. It is UNUSABLE!

    I have seen other complaints like this and wonder if anyone has a solution. Please help!

    Thanks, Jerry

    • Mike

      Leave a shot shell in the gate over night.

  • Odiez1

    Odiez1responded to pricedo on May 11th, 2012 at 11:40 am

    See my response below. Too much to type again. 😉

    • Odiez1

      BTW, that website is

  • Mike B.

    If I sold my Rossi 45/70 for $725.00 would that be a good price for a good rifle……The Rio Grande 45/70? MB

    • Brian P.

      Haha! Good luck selling it for that much.

    • Ander

      I bought mine new for $670….Canadian, give or take a buck or two

  • Tim

    The better I get to know and understand my Rio Grande, the better I like it.. This is a BIG BOY and its a little finicky in lever action form ok.. This is NOT a gun for beginners that expect everything to be perfect… This is a 45-70 Big-loop lever-action rifle with a personality like all big-boy-levers do.. Me & Mine have come to an understanding now and we are having a lot of fun.. The moral of this story is “DONT BOOGER UP YOUR GUN” durring the break-in process and it will loosen up and purrrrr like a kitten. STAY AWAY from Hornady Leverlution Ammo in the beginning OK……..

    My Gun is smoking hot now that I understand what makes it tick…

    BTW: I cut my finger on the loading gate while loading the SOB today and I still love this thing..

    While in the break-in process you have to do a thing called “Shucking” ok.. Once you shoot the round you have to lever the gun really fast but only about 3/4 the way to pop the next round out of the tube . Very hard to explain….. If anyone needs any help with this rifle I would be glad to share what Ive learned ..

    • Ttownplinker

      I purchased the 410ss and the 45/70ss. I picked them up yesterday. The 410 looks nice, action feels ok for being new.
      The 45/70 is a different story. The loading gate is pitted and there I pitting around the opening where the shells are ejected. The barrel is actually sharp to the touch on the end, as if it wasn’t finished. And to add insult to injury, the keys that come with the gun had worked there way under the gun and put a dozen or so scratches in the stock. Also the lettering on the barrel is half sander off on both sides. The lower half of the letters are gone. (this is a brand new gun)
      When I put the 410 next to the 45/70, the 45/70 looks like a cheaper version of 410.

      • pricedo

        My advice is to send/take the POS of a .45-70 back and tell them to give you a decent rifle or your money back.
        I am willing to clean a new Rossi up and polish up a few rough spots but what you got is ridiculous and might not even be safe.
        If I received a new gun in that condition back it would go the same day.

  • Ttownplinker

    Well, I purchased the guns on I had them shipped to a local ffl. I’m going to contact the seller today and see what can be done.??

  • TimH

    Man I love my Rio Grande now that I understand that all 45-70 lever-guns are a pain in the ass… This is a gun that you have to come to and understanding with no matter if its a Rossi or a Marlin.. Once I got through the break-in process with mine it now purrrrs like a kitten..

    • Vince

      I’m looking to by a ROSSI 45/70 for my brother-in law. I have a Marlin 45-70 and I love it!!! It has been an awesome weapon and it has never been a pain to operate. I have killed several deer with mine, some were out as far as 150 yards, they all fell over died!!

      From reading your comments and others about the ROSSI 45/70 it sounds like its not dependable. I think I’ll spend the extra and get him a Marlin!!!

      Thanks for being honest about your ROSSI 45/70.

  • AKdodger

    When I moved to Alaska this year I saved up my money to buy a good all around rifle for bear safety and hunting moose and caribou. I thought the Rossi 45-70 Rio Grand would fit the bill well and bought one on May 1. After putting one round through it I discovered it was defective and wouldn’t feed. Since the rifle had a lifetime warranty I sent it in to get fixed. After about 6 weeks I began to contact the Rossi customer service. This is the only gun I have for bear protection and by this time bear season was in full swing. I was told it should be done 6-8 weeks after it was received. I thought this was a bit excessive but couldn’t do much about it. I continued to call the customer service every few weeks. After they had the rifle for 10 weeks a gunsmith finally looked at it. Apparently they decided to replace the barrel which has nothing to do with shells not releasing from the magazine. By this time hunting season is creeping up and my only rifle is still not back. Now I have been calling them every week and get the same response they are waiting for the barrel to arrive from Brazil. This week I found out the barrel is being shipped by boat and they still have no idea when they will get it. Last week I went on a caribou hunt and had no rifle which seems ridiculous seeing I bought this Rossi brand new on May1. Now I am going moose hunting next week and will have to borrow a gun again. I think this has got to the point of being unreasonable. I expect I will get back the rifle sometime after hunting season is over and it still won’t work.

  • Ander

    I just bought a Rossi Rio Grand 45 70,yep dirty as hell new out of the box.
    No problem I can clean it.
    Sharp edges all over the place,o.k.emmory cloth.
    However upon further inspection(after puting 40 rounds down the barrel)
    I find that the screw that goes between the tube and barrel on the fore stock was drilled after the fore stock was slid on and they have drilled about half way or more through the barrel.
    Gentlemen CHECK YOUR GUNS.
    mine is going back to the point of purchase.

  • Gary Perkins

    I bought a Rossi Rio Grande in 410 Stainless. I love the gun. I took it out and shot a box of 2-1/2″ buckshot. It worked great. I saw one comment that was familiar as the loading gate was stiff. I’m hoping it will loosen up a bit as I use it more.
    My question is, “will a longer shell work in the chamber (2-3/4″ – 3”) and can I shoot a .45 Long Colt shell in this gun?

  • Wolf81tx

    I just picked up my Rio Grande 45-70. I read the reviews but the price was right so I decided to give it a try. After cleaning and oiling it (although truth be told it was pretty clean already it just something I do with any new gun I buy) I took it out shooting the Hornady Lever Evolution 325 grain FTX rounds. ( I know some have said the gun doesn’t like these rounds) The rifle shot flawlessly and cycled well. Never jammed once. I love this gun. It was cheap (compared to other brands) I picked it up for $450 after tax and a blast to shoot. The action is a little stiff at first but gets better after you put a few rounds through it. I would recommend this gun to any one that wants a hard hitter

  • Fred Hornsby

    The new ROSSI firearms repair shop in Quebec (Canada) has as of this writing had my new 410 Rio Grande for repair for over three months and I can’t get any satisfactory response from them as to when (if ever?) I am going to get it fixed or replaced. The very first time I attempted to eject a spent shell it didn’t – and I had to tickle it out. The ejector simply would not eject. So what I received for my $650 dollars is a singIe shot firearm. The repair outfit in Quebec is called “Snapshot” and they have had the gun since Jan 4th. I have e-mailed and phoned and after 3 1/2 months you would think a reputable outfit would have fixed, replaced, refunded or had a rep contact me to offer some assistance. The gunclub to which I belong is aware that I purchased a Rossi and are curious as to how I like the gun. All I can truthfully tell them is that 1) I fired 3 rounds of the correct amunition and could not get the spent shells to eject. 2) I took the gun to place of purchase and they sent it to “Snapshot”. 3) “Snapshot has had the gun for 3 1/2 months and no sign of it coming back. Can anyone suggest somethin – anything – to fix this mess. F.Hornsby

  • hornsby

    I purchased my Rio Grande 410 last Nov. It would not eject the spent cartridge case. Only three shells fired. I sent it to “Snapshot” the Canadian repair depot in Quebec – they acknowledge receiving it on Jan 4th this year. It is now May 22 and they still have not fixed the gun. I paid over $600 Can. Making matters worse I have received no email replies to the parent company and Snapshot keeps saying “…..we have ordered the parts but they have not arrived yet. After 5 months….Hey Rossi…fix it , take it back and give me a credit…or?….I’m disgusted…..Your’s is a lousy way to run a company. I’m just an insignificant senior who looked forward to the outdoors with my retirement gift to myself and am saddened by the fact that I chose a Rossi. F.E.Hornsby (

    • Mike Podhany

      dude im having the same problems with these guys ,, they tell me the same thing,,parts are ordered,, then when they come there 2 parts shy to fix my sr45,,been 2 months and some,,i told them they got tell end of the month and to return it,,now they say its shooting in full auto and they cant send back like that tell its fixed,,if they don’t send it back to wanstalls in BC when I say!! Im going to report it stolen and have the quebec police go and retrieve it from them and send it back to me