Like the Matrix, Only real. Threat Dynamics training simulator.

Andrew had the opportunity to train in the Threat Dynamics virtual training facility. “It was pretty much like being in the Matrix.”.

Manufactured by VirTra Systems, the simulators available at the Threat Dynamics facility included a 100 degree – one screen – system, and a 300 degree system, which utilized five screens and projectors. Hundreds of scenarios could be played out on either system, including responding to a school or workplace shooting, high-risk traffic stops, or simply a random encounter with bad guys in a dark place. In addition, virtual ranges can be set up – from single bullseye targets to a full duplicate of the Army’s rifle qualification course. Up to four shooters can use the program at once.

Steve Johnson

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  • Bob Z Moose

    Mr. Anderson, your stand was all wrong…

  • We had the opportunity to run the 300 degree system at SHOT Show but, unfortunately, VirTra was not allowing even photos at the time and requested that we did not publicize what we saw (apparently there were some licensing issues going on at the time.) I was extremely impressed with the system and especially liked the “taser” that hung from the belt to alert you to being shot…they had it set at very low power for us but I’m sure it’s a powerful reminder when turned up! They were pretty adamant that it was LE/Government/Military only at the time, hopefully they have softened that stance.

  • IARifleman

    I Participated in one of these at a Gander Mountain Academy. Most rewarding CC training experience I’ve ever had the opportunity to use. Everyone that engages in CC uses “What-if?” scenarios in their mind, the nice thing about this training is that you as the shooter no longer have access to the “Knobs and Switches” for the scenario. Gander did not have the interactivity aspect yet, but it would be REALLY desirable, from both a civilian and law enforcement point of view.

    Gander/VirTra should promote from holster training with this; as most ranges DO NOT like from holster shooting liberality, and the muscle memory of the exercise is most likely to save your life.

  • subase

    The technology isn’t really advanced at all. I’m surprised nobody has setup a homebrew version.